Almighty Beyonder's test with MAN-kind

Pre retc Beyonder has come to earth once more and he comes to you with an offer... He will grant you the same power as any char that isn't more powerful than he is...but its under one condition.... He takes away your *blank* If you make he deal....So whose powers are good enough to make the ultimate sacrifice?


Most Athletic (video Game)

Me and my brother were in an intense argument about who is the most athletic video game character... Only game play feats count!


you have to be humanoid ( no sonic like char )

You cant have superpowers of any kind (I.E Alex mercer, Cole McGrath )

Running fast, jumping high, climbing, rolling, swimming & parkour are athletic feats that are smiled upon


I said Abe ( Oddworld ) was the most athletic

My brother said Nathan Drake from (uncharted)

We were also talking about

Laura Croft (tomb raider)

Unnamed protagonist (Tron evolution)

If you have suggestions or would like to indulge or argument between drake and Abe please feel free!!