The END Bringers

Im BACK bn a LOOONNNGG Time. Sorry for not doin tht much but ths will b my 1st comeback List

List items

  • She is rhe END in Marvel and thy get props for making Death a woman. Honestly, I love women but the take u to the END way to soon.

  • God's Wrath Nuff said

  • He is to Darkseid what Grim Reapers is to us. He gets a standing ovation from me because he makes Darkseid and all the New Gods his B's

  • If you make a deal with him no matter what your END is coming sooner than you thought.

  • I had to put the planet eater on here if only for the fact he makes evry1 except Hulk, Blade, and Ghost Rider S themselves.

  • We miss you Apoc. Don't worry your "son" Genesis will follow in your steps. Very Soon.....I hope LoL

  • HE KILLED Superman 1 of the most overrated superheroes ever!! The reasons he's so low on my list is WTF HAS HE DONE RECENTLY?!?!?!

  • A wanna be Death but he reigns supreme against the Corps (except White)

  • You may b asking why is Raven here? Because she is a F'n Omen for her dad Trigun who will END this world.

  • I shoulda bumped it higher up the list but.... Its only Beat the Brakes off a Nova

  • Now your like WTH!! Why's the joke on a list of universal forces. Answer- He is a force of unbridled insanity and murder. He has filled cemeteries and tombs not counting the 1s he's dumped. He is 1 of my besr soldiers a Knight of The END.