Moment List: If a villian picked the right moment it'd be over for these heroes.

These are only the ones I really hate if any suggestions tell me and I'll add the when I can.

List items

  • To find out his Identity test him to see if he moves like spiderman. One man gets photos of him constantly,come on. Get him when he's with one of his girls. Kill Aunt may to get him scared for the women in his liffe. Kill JJJ to get spiderman a suspect or send a hit squad. Basically, get him so paranoid he doesn't trust his spider sense then end him. simple if not elegant.

  • He got lethal a great improvement in my book. He's turning evil and finally got rid of that idiot Bullseye.If you want him dead you must get close which is impossible thanks to the hand so mentally drive him to fight one of Marvel's golden boys. You know who wins, that or simply Quote the smartest thing Bullseye said or did"Put the fear in him" by getting a sound guy to kill him

  • Anthony should be put down no offense to his fans but I hate him. The thing he needs to understand is that in the Marvel Universe he couuld be it's Lex Luthor.To get to him easy bomb him,snipe him(Ghost),or even poision him(Madame Masque). To get in his head get Pepper or Rhodey or whoever is close to him(alot of girlfriends)!

  • If you want to take them out you must get rid of Sue. It will make Johnny mad and he'll come to you. Reed has Ben to even him out so thats what you do, you get someone to take him out maybe Victor Von Doom.You then freeze Reed and sell him to Dr. Doom. Then you proceed to sell their tech.

  • Will someone take that hammer away from him. Loki is the best at what he does and if you hate him you gotta respect him.They made him go out a hero weak!You get his squeeze to go up against Enchantress in a 1 on 1 fight. The winner and loser ends up dead thanks to a deal with the Frost giants. If one survives you get as many people with you and send them in. Even if they die who winds up with power Loki and you do. Because of a deal you made with him to start this for enough Asgardian power for a month.

  • His dad is easy slowly poision him with a elixir turning him mortal or kill him in the odinsleep while all the evil attack and bam next thing you know a CIVIL WAR!!

  • So many of them, man like roaches. You kill either Emma(recommended) or Scott and crucify Angel(hint) and then the others are picked off by a old enemy(paid). Then You go by their powerd down roster and pick them off one by one doing it anyway you want. Remember, The first three then power.

  • Your probably saying no you can't kill hulk he go beast. Nothing can stop him, he beats everyone even Wolverine(next). The thing to do is shoot him in head when Bruce (snipe)or kidnap Betty or She Rulk(shot of tranq or kill her) take her(body) and get the news attention and you'll bet the rulk/hulk and whoever comes and then you press a button to nuke them.(too much?) yes or no

  • Murasma Blade him like he did Sabretooth(messed up)or My suggestion Shoot in head with Adamantium bullets(again) or capture him and give him to Daken

  • The best spy whos filled with regret but it's covered by patriotism which lets him kill traitors with ease, Hellfire you were awesome. The thing is, he probably knows he's on this list so....Take him out with extreme prejudice he is a threat to all villains. You leak that he's got a list of every villians and heroes families and the job gets done for you BLAM!!...FURY!!!.....You missed!!

  • I respect him so I won't tell you how to kill him but he's a hero. To get to the punisher is pretty easy he is daring anybody t otake a shot. He may have some boobytraps though and if he's still a zombie basicly just bury him and no not in a casket I mean in something that will take time for him to get out. But finally I would just decapitate him like Daken did.

  • Former SS you must get him offguard by stopping his voice. You shoot him there or cut it or even poision him just stop his voice. Taking his artiffacts is up to you.

  • Just break his bow already. I mean seriously is that so hard, you could just cut the cord if you don't have strength. You just need a little hand to hand training and ding ding winner

  • Almost everyone knows kryptonite is his weakness so why not get bullets or whatever made out of it. You could make a deal with lex and then let the DC online trailer come to flourishin.

  • Bomb her. She'll get up then do it again. You get someone like Circe to fight her after she gets bombed. When she wins you put a spear through her chest as soon as the chance. If she moves have a back up plan You only get one from me.