Good and Evil Any Qs

Why does the world put on a facade about hating Evil and unjustice when we employ it every day. This world is hypocrisy that will only END when a higher force steps in to wipe away the one species that got a big ego. Human Beings... I'm getting off topic so let me go back to the lore of Evil. It is perceived to be a horrid thing ex Black Mass yet without it at this point we would kill each other. Lying is a Sin as is the majority of the things we partake of. Does that stop us NO it makes us get more pleasure out of it. The threat of being caught increases our drive to Sin. Know I do not judge but the Almighty knows our thoughts and we may say God made me this way or he knew I was gonna do it. But answer this "If God made you tht way or knew you were gonna fall short WHY would he have rules against WHAT U ARE OR WHAT U DID?!?! Reply for a discussion


Life and other quandries

Omnipotence is a thing to aspire for in the world of Business and Life. The thing people are most afraid to do is whats necessary in this world. I've wondered if that is the reason we dive into fiction so whole heartedly. We try to live out our lives through our heroe while we let the villains, anti heroes and other archtypes be what we hate. All those who believe what I d oleave a reply. Peoples lives are so short we try to leave a mark to say we were here by any means. We gain money and glory in the hope people will strive to be like us to push ourselves above people. I agree with this and strive to do it. Who doesn't have a dream and don't patronize me with comments that mock this ideal. This world is all about the betterment of ones own life and you know it. I got off topic , as I was saying we choose a person in comics that embody us. I've took the tests and came out as 100% joker and 95% Scarcrow but I percieve myself as a Combo of Lex Luthor and the Joker. Reply back for a discussion.

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