3-D Movies

3-D movies have been being released all over 2010 and I personally find it ridiculous and unnecassary. What about you?



I am the Encrypter, a cybernetic genius able to hack any and all the worlds computers, phones, and consols. My main job was to design the firewall security for the CIA. After enough time passed as I continued to stay in the dark while others got the credit, I decided that if they wanted credit for my "unhackable" security system they were going to get it. I dissapeared for months erasing any evidence that I ever existed and assumed the title of Encrypter. I started small, home computers, laptops, Gaming consoles but nothing too big. Then the time came. I had to hack my own program, which I did easily do to back doors impossible to find to anyone but me. I hacked the CIA, the men who stole my work took all the blame and I realized, this was really fun. So if your interested in joining me in my next plot to take over the world, simply send me a message telling me you are interested.
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