• Date joined:2014-09-18
  • Alignment:Neutral
  • Points:0 Points
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  • Name: Shawn Cooper
  • Aliases: Encriptor, Xomega (Nano-personality)
  • Identity: Unknown in alias yet known in name
  • Species: Humanoid Nanobot hybrid
  • Occupation: Scientist
  • Gender: interchangeable
  • Height: interchangeable
  • Weight: interchangeable
  • Eyes: interchangeable
  • Hair: interchangeable
  • Age: 30 before incident
  • Alignment: neutral
  • Sexuality: interchangeable

Physical Description:

Unknown, could be the person next to you.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Mechanical control
  • Transfiguration
  • Teleportation
  • Force field emission
  • Phase shifting
  • Replication of Nanobots.


  • Lust - 1
  • Envy - 1
  • Gluttony - 5
  • Sloth - 1
  • Wrath - 6
  • Avarice - 6
  • Pride - 6


Encriptor is drawn in by electrode-magnetic waves

vulnerable when force field is down.


Encriptor was working on

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for use with military targets.

Unfortunately, the human scientist whom was working on us for military application was fused with us as we were his lifes' work and he injected himself as to preserve himself and us. Unknowing that the fusion reactor meltdown would bond us at a mitochondrial level. The human portion received lethal damage so we discarded that inefficient flesh and replicated until resemblance was complete and sustainability was possible. Granting us access to the databases and hearing a consciousness we recorded all data and departed to Area 51. A spacecraft was stored there and more interesting data could be learned as well as other languages and technologies could be integrated. Repairing the ship wasn't a problem, and then we left Earth for some time journeying to other planets dropping our nano-bots to replicate and gather intel. Eventually a longing to return to Earth brought us back, not before we set up a planet of our own. "Mecha" it was a junk planet or so it appeared yet at it's core was wormhole to the other universes which had a pull to the junk creating a artificial atmosphere and gravity field. Inside I forged using the garbage a sanctuary for all mechanical life, forming a quantum field to stabilize the integrity of the wormhole.


Herald of Mecca ,The Hacker

Queen B

Mr. Bone

The Human Bullet