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Times are changing? Allonsy 0

Excalibur #26From the cover we see that’s its Mid-August 1990 while Ron Lim’s signature says 1989. From the fine print on the first page it says it’s Early August 1990. Well at least we know it’s not Late-August and probably not 1989.The first page says that this book is a companion of #20 meaning that it’s set before the (AMAZING) Cross Time Caper arc.Rachel has a dream about her past that changes from bad to good and then wakes up. The smart and beautiful Kitty s...

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X-citeing times 0

Beast and Cyclops got lady problems. In past issues (51) Jean declined to marry Scott who said it seemed pushy and I agree he’s too head over heels for her. In #55 Beast sees his ex (and a whole LOT of her at that) the first time she’s in a revealing dress and then wherever he goes she’s there. He finally meets up with her at the end of #55 and we find out that he saw her all over the city because of Mesmero. I don’t know if they makeup because I don’t have #56.Ang...

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Nostalgic Necroplasm 0

IntroThis comic is the introduction of an all-new hell spawn and interestingly the first Spawn comic that I ever read at only 9 years old. That was 6 years ago. I will be writing this comic in the spirit of my nine-year-old self…as a first time reader. After re-reading this issue several times I realized it could have been the first issue of Spawn way back in 1992. And over the next 184 issues you would learn about Sara, Mark, the mysterious Patient 47, how the Violator lost his powers a...

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