My CaVs and Tourney matches

This is just a list of the different CaV and tourneys I have participated in


Cinematic Tourney vs Super_Saiyan_DevilVictory through votes
Cinematic Tourney vs NfactorVictory through votes
Cinematic Tourney vs BuildhareVictory through votes
Cinematic tourney final Victoy through drop out.
CaV Gladiator vs Beta Ray Bill (MasterKungFu)Victory through votes
CaV Sentry vs Goku (BurningMartian)Victory through votes
High Tier Tourney vs JusticethorpsylockeVictory through votes
CaV Snake Eyes vs Batman(Lubub55)Victory through votes
CaV Thanos vs Gokent(The_man_with_questions)Victory though votes
High Tier Tourney vs Comic_book_fanVictory through votes
CaV Injustice Superman vs Superman Blue(Ouroborik)Victory through forfeit
Manga PYP vs purplehermitVictory through votes
High Tier PYP vs MideastVictory through votes
High Tier PYP vs JusticethorpsylockeVictory through forfeit
CaV SSG Goku vs SSJ4 Goku(Queen Marceline)Victory through votes
CaV Beerus vs Gorr(Asgardianbrony)Victory through votes
Tourney Match vs RebehVictory through votes
CaV: Piccolo vs Garou(God_Vulcan)Victory through votes
CaV: Boros vs Thragg(Major_Hellstorm)Victory through votes
CaV: Hal and Hulk vs Clark and Diana(Darthjhawk)Victory through votes
Corporate wars tourney vs The_Red_ViperVictory through votes
Low High Tier Tourney vs Battle123axeVictory through votes
Corporate Wars Finals vs DeathheroVictory through votes
CaV: Naruto vs Saitama(VSW)Victory through concession
CaV: Super Buu and Beerus vs Thanos and Adam Warlock(Kevd4wg)Victory through concession
CaV: Goku vs Superman(Lvenger)Draw
Street level Tourney vs HigormDraw
Tournament match vs MoreleericksDraw
CaV Thanos vs Larfleeze(Seeffis)(Thanos vs Larfleeze)Loss through votes
Elite Street Tourney vs SirfizzfizzLoss through votes
High tier tourney vs HigormLoss through votes
High tier tourney vs Cosmically awareLoss through votes
CaV Jirou vs Wonder Woman(Lvenger)Loss through Votes
High Tier Finals vs Sly_141Loss through Votes.