https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9crTrlBvFs this is going to be exciting

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Unstoppable 0

So many things have happened for Rhodey in this series, he's been beaten, almost died...again, but he will not stop when it comes to threatening his family. The Iron Patriot is prepared to stop this "Mystery Villain" and to to save his nation, with the help of his family. Somethings you will see may sadden readers, I will not give Spoilers to anyone about this issue, I can only say that there was a reason why I chose War Machine/Iron Patriot as my favorite superhero...

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It's A Brand New Start 0

Iron Man and War Machine, now he down dons a new Red, White, and Blue suit as the Iron Patriot. I give the writers two thumbs up on my Hero's new series; I hope it's long than his previous series. Once and again, Rhodey will prove himself to others as a hero of military background but also to a Superhero level. I believed in War Machine, now I'm going to believe in Iron Patriot. I have hope that this series will be interesting. I hope that we see more of the characters develop out more into thi...

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I have faith in this Lantern 0

Simon Baz: the Fifth human Green Lantern: has started his introduction to the DC New 52 with a Bang, he had few troubles in the beginning with the Law and the JL, but he has made full amends with his sister in a Huge way. I'm going to leave it at that must read to understand what he does, we also know happens when Lanterns are done charging their ring because they don't carry them in battle or leave them behind for them to get stolen.We also get the full message of both Hal and Sinestro unscramb...

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