https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9crTrlBvFs this is going to be exciting

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I need to know

Question: Without using "he's black or using Steve Rogers is only Captain America." Why is so wrong that Sam Wilson for being the new Captain America? Please feel free to invite other who could answer in better details.

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Hey all I hope everyone's having a kick-ass summer.

i know everyone excited with the dark knight rises and the amazing spiderman. plus ill be turining another year older on july twelfth. there has been a lot of news about marvel getting there relaunch in october, i want to know what many think will change what they hope to change. what stories will change for them and what issues will be read or stay the same and continue with their stories and will theu remember the ir past days. let me know whatyou think and how you feel about these future changes.

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Hey guys hope you all are ready for Thanksgiving I know I am.Apaarently It's been a crushing week for a lot of shows and for a few books cancelled, apparently my favorite hero War Machine has been everyone's punching bag and I' m kina tired of seeing someone i looked up to since I was a kid being bullied and taken kinda as a guy who wants to destroy everything. HE's a Superhero like any other,so why all the hate.Can someone anyone whose a War Machine fan out there give me an answer?


Will Silverbolt be in "Dark of the Moon"

We haven't seen any known information about his confirmation in the film, let alone his alt mode. The only information we have on him is that he will be voiced by James Avery who played Uncle Phillip Banks on the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". I really want to see and here this autobot in action

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