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One of my personal favs 1

One of the beauties of Evil Dead 2 is that you don't really need to see Evil Dead 1. It stars Bruce Campbell as the lead character and witless protaganist Ash. The basic plot is that Ash (or Ash and his friends) have released evil spirits which kill and then possess them so they can kill the rest of them. Now  ***SPOILER*** Ash survived the last movie, and he is not doing well he gets possessed , starts going insane, gets beat up, fights more demons and loses his hand . This film was one of the ...

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alright bear with me 1

This is my first reveiw for Comicvine, i've been wanting to do this for awhile  but never got around to it so...ok. Any way  In this arc Spider Jerusalem is having a bad day. First his horrible ex-wife's frozen head is stolen, then his assisstant is running off to a nunnery, then his "journalist insurance" is canceled (apparently that's really bad) and someone called the cops. So Spider has to fight them off and escape his apartment to sort this mess out. Of course I couldn't mention this story ...

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