Weird Science

Meet the Mads, All the science guys, The Mr. Wizards and the assorted (and questionable) "Doctors".

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Posted By Mr.Q
I feel like this could be longer. what about Curt Conners? Mr. Sinister? or am I missing the point?
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Posted By Emperor Gonzo Noir
@Mr.Q: Oh this list could be immense, I just keep forgetting about it, several of my lists are that way unfortunately. Just when I get going on one, I'm called away and forget about  it.
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Posted By Mr.Q
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: I know how that is. my mind is like a lazy susan. it will get back to what I was looking at but first I have to take a little trip.
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Posted By The Qu

Lessee... Dr. Death, Baron Bug, Dr. Tyme, Dr. Cyclops, Ira Quimby... Basically, all of the Science Squad from DC qualifies.
Rocking avatar, too. Toonami fans represent.