Real Men of Genius


Today we salute you.........

List items

  • Mister Pissed off Journalist Guy.

  • Mister Fishy Sidekick guy

  • Mr. Chicken head voodoo cultist guy!

  • Mr. Geometry based reality bender

  • Mr. Embodiment of everything that was wrong with 90's comics guy

  • Here's to you Mr. Half-assed Axe wielding vigilante guy

  • Here's to you, Mr Flaming Nipple man

    It Batman is the hero we can all be with enough dertimantion, training and cash, then you are the villain we can be with a knowledge from shop class and a trip to Home Depot.

    You should have been a Darwin Award winner, but instead you gained your own level of costumed infamy

    Here's to you, Mr Fiery Nipple guy!