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Collect This Series!

Good Ass series, that haven't been collected into trades, or they have but they haven't been collected properly.

Former entries that have been collectedIncomplete Collections
The Question Resurrection Man
Two Step Shade the Changing Man
Chase H-E-R-O
Major Bummer Plastic Man
Flex Mentallo Suicide Squad
Hitman Young Justice
Hard Time (vol 1.) Hardware


Joe Landsdale's Jonah Hex stories

Swamp Thing

Gordon's Law

Gordon of Gotham

Batman: GCPD

Harley Quinn

Codename: Knockout



~Upcoming former entries~

Deadshot by Christos Gage

The Question by Rick Veitch


Only when a series is fully collected will it be added to the former list.

If it already had a collection and I didn't know it exist (ex: Superman/Gen 13) it will just be deleted.

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