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All here 0

 (note I do not own a physical copy of this book I am reading it on comics.comixology.com and it is pretty cool and you should try it out.)  The GOOD    Judd Winick is doing a good job of capturing all of the characters voices with the exception of one but I will get to that latter I like the comedy in this issue it got me to chuckle ( I've never really laughed at a comic so this is how you know it is funny) the art was not anything ground breaking but it was really good for something that has t...

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amazingly and incredibility cool 1

  The Good  This is a short story that was written in the silver age and it is a team up and the art is good and it has a nice story that is mostly about the hulk. The Bad  It is really short only like 8 sheets of paper that gets reprinted throughout the entire roll and all of the colors are done in blue it would have been better in black. Overall  This is freaking awesome it is a comic on toilet paper and if you’re a fan of the hulk or spider man and  you can get it cheap you should it is a ni...

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Revolt of The Reused Plot 1

THE GOOD The art in the series has improved since the last issue while the last issues art was good it was inconsistent there was a moment where the art was terrible, this issue everything flowed the art was a lot better it was not on the par with Gleason but it was acceptable. On the writing it was good Bedard did a good job getting each character’s voice and he added to the character of John Stewart instead of just making him some sort of (pardon the Pun) military robot who just follows order...

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don't rush 0

THE GOOD  This issue has three stories none are bad the best one has to be the one by J.M.S unless you like silver aged stories if you did your favorite would be the one by Dan Jurgens the art looked great throughout the issue even tough it had three diffrent artist.  THE BAD  None of the stories felt like they were connected and none were that great with the exceptions of the story J.M.S wrote the issue felt off because it went from the present to the past and then the future it might have been...

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Booster Fold 2

   I’m going to be honest I am not up to date with booster gold I'm picking it up in trade and am waiting for tomorrow memories to come out in trade but I thought maybe I will start reading here and then I will be caught up. The opening sequence was weird because his suit was damaged and it never says why the suit was damaged I know that the last arc concluded in an epic battle but Rip would not just send Booster on a mission if his suit was not working. The comedy was trying to hard and did not...

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strictly business 0

   This issue was a disappointment when I first saw this I thought "Slade in a new ongoing this should be great I mean sure the only other character I care about is Osiris but it should still be good” I was wrong the only thing that I liked about this Issue was the two page spread and the ending scene. On to the issue it self I was disappointed by the art the each of the flashback scenes were drawn by different artist and the colors were weird even for flashback scenes the back story of the main...

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slowing down 1

   I know it is a little late to be reviewing this issue but I thought I should let you guys know my opinion I felt that this issue could have done so much more the fight scene in the beginning was played down and more could have happened but I did like the scene with the building it was a nice touch. The art was great but only when there is one central focus, when there are many different things/people on panel the art seams rushed. I agree completely with what harleyquinnhawkgirl said in his/h...

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What?! 0

  This was a good issue I like Matt Fractions writing but I still do not know if I like Salvador Larroca art or not because he does fantastic Anatomy but some time with his facial features can be hit or miss and the story seems kinda forced in this issue he attempts to license some of his technology  which is stupid because in the first few issues tony stated that it was one of his nightmares that his tech becomes as common as a cell phone and Invincible Iron Man has been going on for a little ...

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out of the gate and allready running 0

 This was a good first issue I absolutely loved the opening sequence and the characterization was great and the art was good the only problem was *sigh*(I know that I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this one) I really did not like Francis Manapul's pencilles the way he draws faces is simply fantastic but, I do not like the way that he draws the anatomy of people and the colors all seemed a little off. It might just be that I am not used to his style of art because I am more used to Ivan Reis style...

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Luca Klok Ner! Nok 0

 This was a great issue of blackest night but it was flawed in a few ways. First the is every where it moved to fast even though it had a high page count it seamed to go way to fast the problem was not with this issue but through out the entire event with the exception of the first issue this is the only issue to go past 30 pgs of none ad content the previous issues were way to short. The dialogue was the weakest of all of the issues in the first half but picked up towards the end. Ivan Reis doe...

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Not On My Back 0

This is the best issue in the entire green lantern corps series the colors are so great the pencils are fantastic it is to bad that this is tomasi and gleason's last issue. There is so much content for the price so much is going on here if you are not reading this issue I don't know what is wrong with you the best page of this issue is defiantly the web and something tragic happens in this issue you are not gonna wanna miss.  what happens is......  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden c...

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Fly, My Monkeys 0

This is the best issue of the event so far the art is simply fantastic Ivan. Reis' pencils combined with the colors of Alex Sinclair makes this one of the best looking books in my opinion Johns dose  a great job of writing each character the way he writes lex with a power ring is frightening and he truely does a great job with sinestro showing how arrogant he is and how big his ego if SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. you have not picked this up then what is wrong with you...

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One Purpose Only 0

Patrick Gleason will be missed once he move on from green lantern corps his pencils are simply fantastic and the colors which are done by Randy Mayor are so vibrant they are simply amazing my two favorite scenes in this book are not even splash pages. one is when miri riam makes her construct to use on guy and the other was something so simple it was a close up on guy’s eyes and one has the symbol green lanterns and the other has the red lantern symbol it was just such a nice detail. On the oth...

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One Speed And One Speed Only 0

This issue was a little bit disappointing but only because I thought it would show the origin of the phantom stranger now I know what your thinking “but EL, DC would never reveal his true origin” but I was hopeful, any ways the issue is great the art is fantastic the story was a little rushed but it did what it needed to be do you do get a glimpse of Phantom Stranger origin which was illustrated very well. This issue does follow the formula of a tie-in for blackest night. In conclusion it’s a g...

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This is hands down one of the best issues of Green Lantern Corps the art is some of the best that I’ve seen and two of the splash pages are frame worthy. There were some problems it follows the type of story we’ve all come to know and love (if you don’t know what I’m talking about BL shows up, torments then a deus ex machina happens) well at least the third part of the pattern but it is used to set up the next part of the story. With all of the set up for Red Lantern Guy Gardner you think he’d g...

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First thing frist this was an awesome this issue did some thing that no other issue of green lantern corps has done in a while it got me to think that guy gardner is bad ass. If you don't know about kyle dying in the last issue you should by now. It seamed a little  gimmicky. SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. well the gimmic continues because kyle is back to life after one issue which really botherd me because it really took a way from his sacrifice. A side form that   thi...

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tales of the marine corps 0

 This issue was a little dissapointing it just seamed like a way for the writers to say "here's John see we do care about him." it does not even try to futher the plot of blackest night in the green lantern story it does however give a back story of John when he was in the marine corps (not throughout the whole issue). The action scenes (though few) are kinda nice this issue did a good job of making John a bad ass but it still felt like an unnessary story. My bigest problem with the whole story ...

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getting started 0

This was a fun issue with some really good art and a very nice cover. It takes the whole super hero thing and gives it a new direction I enjoyed this issue and would easily recommend this who is looking to try something new in comics. I do however have some problems with this issue because it suffers from what I like to call frist issue syndrome which is when there is a little to much  dialog to get the reader to know the character but it is done well and does not fell as bad as some other books...

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