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If you are following me because of my reviews than you will have to wait for next week reviews from me or I might not do them at all depending on when I can get my comics.  Where I live we might be hit by a hurricane so everything will be closed till Sunday at least. If I do get my comics in time I will be doing reviews of Green Lantern 54 and Wonder Woman 600 also I will take into consideration your guys opinions do you think that will be too late to do reviews, do you want me to do the reviews, or do you just not care let me know. just so you know I should be fine at the most the hurricane will be a category 2 which I have experienced all of my life so there is no need to worry for me because it does not even look like it will hit my town   but everything  shutting down.
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special day

today is a special day because not olny is it St.Patrick day but it is also ......... New comic day *cough (and my birth day)* 
hopefully you guy/girls won't get too drunk to forget any of those. I'll be putting up some new reviews up later today.  

variant for Green Lantern 51 and Green Lantern Corps 45

A few days ago dc showed off the variant covers of Green Lantern Corps 45


as well as showing the variant of Greeen lantern 51

do we get to see if the scarecrow pays a bigger part in GL 51 and why is there so much debris around kyle well we will find out later this month
are you guys gonna pick up these issues

rise of an old enemy

Today on DCU the source the variant cover for Green lantern corps 46 and it show an old enemy of the GLC resurrected as a black lantern.


what do you you guys think,will you be picking up this issue, are you still following blackest night


Iron Man's New Armor

Overnight at Marvel.com, the House of Ideas showed off their latest: an all-new armor for the metal Avenger, Iron Man.

This newest iteration of 'ole Shellhead's battle-dress features the familiar Red and Gold color scheme, but a streamlined look and redistribution of colors gives it a unique style.

According to Marvel's piece, the look was co-designed by now longtime Invincible Iron Man writer Matt Fraction and the designer for the Iron Man and Thor movies, Ryan Meinerding. Fraction is quoted as saying, ""The inspiration for the new design came from thinking about a sleeker, leaner, tougher Iron Man. If technology is increasingly getting smaller and lighter it seems like the Iron Man should do the same: ergonomic and aerodynamic." 

Marvel does note it will still be Tony Stark in the new armor, and the debut will come in April's Invincible Iron Man #25.