Heirachy of Power

So if there's one thing that i feel like DC has to do a better job of...it's the heirachy of power in their universe. I'm sry, but once u leave the Presence...you simply have no idea where everyone falls without much question. I mean it's implied, really it is. But i feel like DC needs to get off their butt an accomplish what Marvel has done such a great job of making very very sure of. Who outranks whom. Sure beings like Superman and the like can raise up and beat other's through plot device, perseverance, or PIS(Mostly their unstoppable powers of PIS), or some other interesting way. Now i'm not arguing power levels, i don't see many people who are gunna make a constant case for Black Canary against Supes, though people could put her up against Kon if they wanted too. Now I know we have this here on the site,  http://www.comicvine.com/dc-power-rankings/12-42222/, but I can't believe we don't have a better understanding of it in DC. Now Marvel has done a great job, what with their Odin, Zeus, Celestials, Abstracts, Galactus n ect ect. I'd love to see the same from DC. It's not all that hard.  Categories are easy to come up with for the most part. DC would just have to stick to them, and (as Marvel's had to do, though i'll admit they mess it up sometimes) It'd be nice if there was a more coherant idea of where people ranked for DC. Examples are easy to come by, take GL's for instance. Not many people are gunna argue that Ion is a High Level Herald, with Teambuster potential. Yet you can't get people who agree on weather or not Guardians are even Top tier Heralds, let alone the Mid to High level Skyfathers others believe. It's kinda pathetic. Especially since DC could use their already established teams to work with the lower ranks rather quickly.  

Heri to the Thrown 
Heri to the Thrown 
Street Fighters: Individuals who are not powered, they rely solely on their own skills with some help from technology. The greatest ability they posses is prep, knowledge which can allow them to defeat foes that out-class them greatly.  Example; Bat Family 
Low-level: Skills allow them to fight crime, and make them a threat. Mild tech available yet normally work with a partner of some sort. Examples; Damien Wayne (Robin),  
Mid-Level: More expienced and skilled than Low-level fighters, also have better tech and are over-all more effective. Better one are a threat even to Mid-Level Meta's. Examples; Mia Darden (Speedy), Tim Drake (Red Robin), Anarchy, Lynx, Stephanie Brown (Batgirl) 
Top Tier: Master's of their chosen skill. Have some of the best Tech around, and normally are great strategist and well versed in Prep. If prepared for a confrontation can potentially beat anyone, if they have knowledge of their weakness. Examples; Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson (Current Batman), Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), Ra's Al Ghoul, Ted Grant (Wildcat), Jason Todd (Red Hood), Talia Ghoul, Thomas Elliot (Hush),Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Lex Luthor 
 King of the Meta-Brawls
King of the Meta-Brawls
: Possesing a power of some kind, or something that makes them superhuman. They are capable of amazing feats, and threats to most other clases on their power alone.  
Low-Level: Possessing just one type of power, such as telekinesis. Though it doesn't have to be something truly amazing, they can also have access to tech that makes them superhuman. Based on circumstances can even lose to Mid-level or Low-Level Street fighters, being slightly higher than Mid Street Fighters, and a lil below or equal to Top Tier. Examples; Waylon Jones (Killer Croc), Poison Ivy, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Wonder Twins, Risk, Slade Wilson, Ravager, Kid Eternity  
Mid-Level: Having multiple powers, or a broader power-set, such as having Telekinesis and Telepathy or a higher level of Telekinesis. They may also have access to powerful artifacts in addition to their own abilities. Their more diverse power sets make them bigger threats. Examples; Terra, Hot Spot, Kid Devil, Hawkman, Blue Devil, Cyclone, Citizen Steel 
Prime Meta: Having multiple powers, they are almost planetary threats, though they either lack the power, or necessary skill to do so. Most could destroy a city if they cut loose. Examples;  Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl), Grant Emrson (Damage), Bart Allen (Kid Flash), Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Virgil Hawkins (Static), Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl), Jay Garrick  (Flash I), Red Tornado (normal)
Emotional Lords: Most Diverse Heralds 
Emotional Lords: Most Diverse Heralds 
: A planetary threat. They can change the world with some effort, and in some case many. Most have multiple powers, though some are only extremely versed in one. They are forces to be reckoned with being about half-way up the power scale. They are the more poweful heroes and villians.  
Low-Level: Quite powerful, they can challenge any of the Metas or Street Levelers on power alone, though sometimes a lack of skill or knowledge can loose them the fight.  This level normally has multiple powers at high enough levels to pose a serious threat. They aren't that much more powerful than a Prime Meta, just far more diverse. Some have powers that rival top Heralds, but it being their only power lowers their overall ranking.  Example; Wally West (Flash III), Barry Allen (Flash II) Kon-El (Superboy),   Obsidian, Jade, Professor Zoom, Doctor Polaris, Hercules, Carol Fenris (Star Sapphire)
Mid-Level: Stronger, or more skilled then Low-Level Heralds, they have a good chance of beating a High Herald if they don't hold back, yet can loose to Low-levels or even Metas and Top Tiers well preped enough. Examples; Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Zatanna,  Earth Born Angel, Kalibak, Lightray, Mantis, Brimstone, Rookie Lanterns and most un-named Lanterns (all 7 corps), random Kryptonians, Martians, 
High Heralds: They are definitely planetary threats, capable of facing colossul foes, most of them hold the potential for more power. In most confrontations with people weaker than them, they are walking away the Victor. Examples; Kal-El (Superman), Billy Batson (Captain Marvel), Black Adam, FreDdy Freeman (Shazam),  Veteran Lanterns (Jordan, Rayner, Gardner, Stewart, Kilowog, ect) Sinestro, Brainiac, General Zod, Martian Manhunter, Atrocitus, Larfleez, Orion, Apollo, Captain Atom 
Teambusters: These are individuals capable of taking teams of Heralds on at a single time. At their worst showings they are simply High Heralds, at their best they tear through them. They are capable of challenging Skyfathers, even defeating them under certain situations. Their power-levels are subject to the whims of the writers. Examples; Sodam Yat (Ion), Sun-Dipped Superman, Doomsday, Mongul I, Mongul II with Rings, Despero, The Doctor, Death Gods, Ominar Synn, Takion, Fernus, Swamp Thing, The Firestorm Eelemental (an his counterparts), Doctor Fate, Helspont,  Hourman III, Darkseid (Normal and Weak Showings) 
Skyfather Power unleashed 
Skyfather Power unleashed 

 Pantheon of Nature
 Pantheon of Nature
: Beings of Immense cosmic power. In many cases they are responsibly for empowering Heralds, or are responsible for controlling entire corners of power in the DCU. Such as Magic, Elements, the Emotional Spectrum, or the 4th/5th World.  
Gods: While Demi-Gods, or lesser Gods are limited and normally rank among Heralds and Teambusters, these are their much more powerful bretheren. They have a multitude of abilties and are immensely powerful. Examples; Zamarons, The Controllers
Pantheon Lords: The more powerful members of their respective groups of Gods. They have access to much greater abilities and powers. Can overcome Skyfathers if work together, normally a small magnitude weaker. Examples; Guardians of the Universe,Dr. Fate (fully powered), Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, Aphrodite, 
Skyfathers: Rulers of their respective sphere's of influence, or most powerful and influential member. They have the greatest share of abilities and are truly something to be wary of. Examples;  Ganthet, Athena,  Darkseid (fully powered), Lord's of Hell (Neron, Satanus, Lady Blaze) outside their realms,  Highfather Izaya, Lord Marvel, Shazam the Wizard,  Archangels (Uriel/ Raphael/  Sarauquel / Raguel/ ect)    
Elder Gods: They predate the Pantheons currently in power. They are a magnitude above them, thow their downfalls/defeat/banishment/abdication led to the current rule of Gods. Examples;   Old Gods, A rzaz (heroic Old God), Balduur (heroic Old God whose atoms formed New Genesis), Yuga Khan, The Dreggs (the undead), Lokee (god of evil), Nameless One (evil Old God), Wotan (ruler of the Old Gods), S'ivaa the Destroyer and Dark Elements, Maggedon, Clockwerx, King of Tears (Outside it's realm)  
(From here on I'll be relying on the info already available on Comicvine, but hopefully my point is made. This didn't take much work to do, or find. Maybe an hr...hr n a half Tops. So why can't DC do the same...pass it around the office,  heck even make a comic out of it for fans to purchase...and stick to it....)