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STRICOM: Fort Academia (Incomplete)

Special Tactics Recon Infiltration Kill Enforcement Team
Special Tactics Recon Infiltration Kill Enforcement Team

In a perfect world STRIKE represents fear, omnipotence and fanatical control over the community. In a perfect world STRIKE represents the big brother, lack of freedom and punishment; this however is not a perfect world.

Forged in a world that lacks a vigilant hero presence, as well as a solid human front; The Special Tactics Recon Infiltration Kill Enforcement Team adhere to the motto โ€œFor the greater goodโ€ More than just a team, they are a family that will defend each other and fight for what is right. They are a group of humans and heroes who know that being a hero is more than just theatrics, they will protect the innocent and fight the evil that plagues these lands.

Fort Acadamia

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The Official ground command HQ for S.T.R.I.K.E. rest in the German Bavarian Alps. It is the Central Command Center for all operations, and serves as the primary training center for all would-be agents.

Having been cleared by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; to maintain the peace within the NATO protectorate, STRIKE recruits come from across the world to protect and serve. With an area is 1,700 square miles, Fort Acadamia is the largest of all S.T.R.I.K.E establishments providing a 1,500 square mile of restricted air space for Air Defense Missiles. Because the area is so massive, the German populace is welcomed to trek through the unrestricted areas of the base (pending German Citizenship clearance) The Base breaks down into several small areas which assist operations in planning and personnel movement. The Main Office of the Fort is actually an air vessel which will allow the key opertives to flee in time of need.

Hollins Training Complex

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Named for Commander Stacy Hollins, The Hollins Training Complex is the initial traning ground for new recruits. At the Hollins Training Complex Recruits learn basic marksman skills, survival skills and rudimentary First Aid Skills.

The primary trainers for new recruits at Hollins are Agents with level 5- 6 Clearance. After recruits have passed the initial phase they are forced into more advanced situations with real-life implications (Such as Spy Missions). In the advanced stage STRIKE Agents are taught how to employ tactics to neutralize a target, how to infiltrate, how to kill and how to enforce the law. They are also taught more complex situations such as neutralizing a threat in the air.

After graduating from the Hollins Training Complex, Agents are given a level 1 clearance and are released to their respective STRIKE post.

Tyrus Airfield

Named for Former S.T.R.I.K.E Director Tyrus, The Tyrus airfield is home to over 300 F-22 Raptors, which sole purpose is to protect the area around the Fort. The Tyrus Airfield is also home to STRIKE's air-defense system, which employs powerful deterrant missiles to neutralize aerial threats. The Airfield also serves as a "parking" area for several medical, attack and utility helicopters that normally sit along the STRIKE hellicarrier.

Unlike the Hollins Training Complex, those brought into the Tyrus Airfield are brought in for their expertise in aerodynamics. They airfield are equipped with aircraft mechcanics and technicians that ensure safe flight of all S.T.R.I.K.E pilots.

Cato Outpost

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Cato Outpost is a STRIKE Blackout site composed of level 10 Agents that specialize in Infiltration and Killing. There tactics are not in accordinance with any STRIKE Law or Decree and most senior leadership have no knowledge of their existence. These STRIKE members have served under a number of regimes and support the entity of STRIKE rather than the "Body" meaning, they often find themselves at odds with their own STRIKE agents. The Agents in Cato Outpost have no clearance level within the actual STRIKE organization, nor are they listed in STRIKE's database. They routinely practice torture interrogation techniques and missions in illegal parts of the world. Cato Outpost Agents will do anything to preseve the STRIKE name.


STRIKE clearance is measure in levels from 0-10. 0 Being Agents that are in training at Hollins

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and otherwise have no rights within the STRIKE Organization.

Level 1-4 Agents: Are Recent Graduates who have access to STRIKE facilities and post, but aren't able to access the secret information. They are the bulk of the STRIKE Organization regardless of occupation.

Level 5-7 STRIKE Agents that have secret clearance to classified information, and are often involved in the executing of Operations. Levels 5-6 are often used as trainers at Hollins Training Complex.

Levels 8-9 These are the most respected members of the organization, many come from different countries and actively plan operations and assignments. They have the authority to move entire STRIKE units.

Ruby Gallagher

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Ruby is the "Commander" of STRIKE, a title that was once called "Director" during hers and Tyrus' Initial stints. As the Commander, Ruby is the only known level 10 Agent and has the Authority to override any plan of action of those under her. She is a long time CIA/FBI Opertive that rose to the leader of STRIKE. Thanks to Former President Stark, she was able to finance and reform STRIKE.