Shameless Age 18

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I've seen today too many times, atleast three times now--I wanna say. The first time we were stirred awake by our parents, we immediatly ran to them only to find out that my perfectly normal sister wasn't normal at all--she was a mutant.

We thought it was cool, my parents didn't; it was as if this child they'd been raising their entire life no longer exist. It's happened two more times since then; first Diana, then Kent; now Liam. They're so mad, they've over looked the fact that I'm smoking...and have been for a while. Understanding what freaks my parents out about mutants may take years, but whatever it is; it's strong enough for them to disown their own children. What suck is...realizing out of the four of us--I'm the normal one. As the car pulls off with my brother in the seat, my parents are crying; but what for? They made this choice. They spent years lecturing us on their hatred towards mutants and metas; why would they cry? Why would I need to. Flesh or no flesh--they were ***** mutants.

I always thought it was funny, y'know sending away the mutants but not the god*** people that make them. Surely their to blame, I mean the first person to give birth to this disease should've been put down.

These mutants are no different from the ni***, Jews and Arabs; they're a disgrace to our beautiful country. Don't get me wrong, I loved my brothers and sisters; but t'way I see it, I've just jumped to first in line for college expenses. oh well.

Years later (Age 23)

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When they told me, I immediatly knew I was to blame. Even though I hadn't seen them in years; I couldn't hold back the tears. It was like my flesh was expunging the guilt . I'd helped in the killing of my own brothers and sister. There was a mutant compound underground, we'd been staking it out; watching their activites; when the time came ...they went in using flash bangs and semi-automatic weapons. Using a battlefield scheme I drew up. Here on campus there's parties and other celebrations going on, but how can I be happy knowing I killed my sibilings? How can I be happy knowing I killed someone's child? Is this what our parents wanted for us? to be bigots?

Years Later (Age 43)

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"STRIKE Is ready to proceed, the only thing stopping expansion is Ruby Gallagher. But we don't need to worry about her; we've already got someone on the inside."