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755171 Ra's al Ghul Character Just added an image. 05/10/21 04:51PM 35 approved
755168 Ra's al Ghul Character Just added and updated Ra's Al Ghul achievements. 05/10/21 04:31PM 34 approved
755159 Scarecrow Character Added something about Scarecrow. The Comic was Superman/Batman issue 65. 05/10/21 03:54PM 9 approved
754294 Firefly Character Just updated, and presented a context of the comic. 05/09/21 03:27PM 10 approved
744450 Superboy Prime Character Superboy-Prime doesn't have powers of a Silver Age Superman, but a Pre-Crisis Kryptonian teenager. Most of these powers weren't displayed. 04/29/21 09:18PM 21 approved
744228 Gog Character Most of these powers weren't displayed by Gog. 04/29/21 02:50PM 14 approved
744102 Batman Who Laughs Character Batman Who Laughs doesn't have these powers. Their always would be a Batman Who Laughs in a Dark Multiverse. 04/29/21 10:18AM 12 approved
744092 Red King Character Just added image to powers, and abilities. 04/29/21 10:10AM 4 approved
743982 Superboy Prime Character Superboy-Prime was amped by Alexander Luthor's anti-matter powers. This explains the inconsistencies. 04/29/21 07:04AM 10 approved
743570 Ultraman Character Added weaknesses and vulnerabilities. 04/28/21 08:43PM 15 approved
743552 New Character Character This Superman appeared in Superman: Multplicity, and is Earth 50. 04/28/21 08:20PM 0 denied
743533 Kryptonians Team Red Superman Superman is a kryptonian. 04/28/21 07:45PM 2 approved
742839 Ultraman Character Added list of powers for Ultraman. 04/27/21 11:45PM 35 approved
742810 Ch'tok Character All Trench have the same powers. 04/27/21 11:25PM 10 approved
741940 Ultraman Character I updated Ultraman powers, and given some context. 04/26/21 11:28PM 45 approved
737969 Platinum Kryptonite Object Just adding information. 04/22/21 04:59PM 12 approved
735842 New Object Object 04/20/21 11:32PM 50 approved
735841 Kryptonians Team I added, and made changes to the kryptonians biology. 04/20/21 11:05PM 29 approved
733962 Brainiac Character Updating Stats for Brainiac. 04/19/21 11:30AM 12 approved
732318 Superman Character Superman admitted he travels at the speed of sound across the galaxy in Superman For Tomorrow. He also pointed out he dives in blistering star to increase his stats which includes his speed. If the mods have any questions I will be happy to show the scan of the comic for proof. 04/17/21 01:17PM 16 approved
732316 Darkseid Character I updated Darksed's speed. Darkseid is capable of blasting Pre-Crisis before he could react. Note: Pre-Crisis Darkseid is the same as Post Crisis Darkseid. He isn't affected by Crisis. 04/17/21 01:02PM 1 approved
731677 Darkseid Character Adding an image that shows his strength exceeds 1,000,000 tons. A lot of people downplay Darkseid. 04/16/21 09:52PM 0 denied
731663 Darkseid Character Pre-Crisis Darkseid and Post Crisis Darkseid are the same. Darkseid isn't affected by Crisis. Not to mention he isn't 100 tons. 04/16/21 09:42PM 20 approved