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My New Graphic novel is in print!

I wanted to let you guys know about my new Graphic Novel;

Princess Lucinda-Book 1: Black Rose of the empire

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You can purchase it in print or Kindle format here

If you are a reviewer and would like a review copy please let me know.


Art Upload 3/11/2012

A Lot of people tend to post your typical Marvel and DC art. Theses are characters published by the company I work you can find out more at www.channelm live.com and www.princesslucinda.com also check out the Princess Lucinda Face book page for more information

Lucinda and Millicent. A Filler pic I did for Princess Lucinda issue 0
Lucinda and Millicent. A Filler pic I did for Princess Lucinda issue 0
Millicent Nightbane. The big sister overshadowed by Princess Lucinda.
Millicent Nightbane. The big sister overshadowed by Princess Lucinda.
Princess Lucinda.
Princess Lucinda.
Ashley White, Start of the comic, My big sister is a witch.
Ashley White, Start of the comic, My big sister is a witch.

More art!

Yes More art

First a request on DA, Princess Lucinda vs. Captain Planet (With the requester's favorite character doctor blight)

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My Redesign of Storm. I went more African I think and less silly X-costumer.

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Sersi, My favorite Ex-Avenger and Eternal. She needs more love in Marvel.

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New 52 , Names of Shazam concept.

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The Concept-

The wizard Shazam went to several Pantheons of gods to create the several champions. Alas before he had the chance to create them al Teth-Adam (Black Adam) went to the dark side and the plan for a family of heroes was laid to rest along with the powers, sealed in a series of castes.

When the first new Caste is discovered by the Albrecht Krieger (Captain Nazi) to enhance his powers with the power of the Teutonic Gods The Wizard orders Billy (Captain Marvel) to find the other Castes and Champions for them to Counter Albrecht and his Caste champions. And as the forces of light and dark gather their armies the sometimes Villian, Sometimes Hero Black Adam gathers his own castes for his own hidden agenda.

Billy Founds four Champions, his Lieuient Marvels (Though they would never refer themselves as that) Each one a kid like Billy who despite a hard life seeks justice.

Malcolm- Former Drug lord Look out from the streets of Dakota City. Smart Street wise and Head strong.

Shango Power

Anansi Guile

Babalu-aye Loyalty

Eshu Speed

Ogun Strength

Agayu Stamina

His Name of Shazam- SABEOA!

Thomas Longshadow- Puny and sickly Navajo Student with a genius IQ and a love of his dying culture and the culture of all native peoples.

Utset- Bravery

Nagaitcho- Power



Hemaskas- Speed

Achi- Stamina

His Name of Shazam- UNEKHA

Alice- Dour goth girl with a love of the occult and music. Is actually recuited by “Captain Nazi” but changes side when Billy appeals to her better nature.

Athena- Skill



Yemaya- Connection

Isis- Power

Kali- Darkness

Her name of Shazam- ACAYIK

Seamus- Son of an IRA hold out who raised his son to be a Warrior . Seamus has anger issues and dosen’t trust Authority,

Morrigan: Warskill

Aine: Compassion

Dagda: Strength

Danu: Vigor

Ogmha: Wisdom

Creidhne: Skill

His name of Shazam- MADDOC

Each Member is an equal to Captain Marvel in their own way but lack his skill with the powers and see him as a friend and mentor. The Wizard Shazam see them as his Children even though a few of them (Seamus and Malcolm) dosen’t trust the wizards motives.

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My Character Selene

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Luna and Celestia (Humanized)

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Princess Lucinda and friends Having fun like the witches they are.

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Names Of Shazam cover. My stab at a new 52 shazam

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