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The Cheesy Hope Dampening Powers of the Cliche 0

When I heard that Gage was taking over this title, I wasn't scared: I was also sad. I dislike Gage, his writing is unoriginal and utter tripe at the best, be it Avengers: The Initiative, Astonishing X-Men, Thunderbolts, and following this epic stint from Carey, I predicted a "fall from grace" situation.I wasn't far off.With 260.1, I was more accepting of Gage: it was a stater issue, drawing the blueprints yadayadayada. With this issue, it didn't improve. His dialogue and ideas within were as cli...

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Before this, I didn't believe Fraction could write a good X-Story 0

Emma Frost.  Adored by many.  Hated by just as much.  But, it has to be admitted that she is a very intriguing character and in that vain is also a very compelling one, with her tough crap attitude and blunt dialogue are just two of the several things that make this character in my opinion.  I never really had the chance to see her be fleshed out in Generation X or New X-Men because they were before my time but they are on my list of stuff to buy, but this offered a really cool, original insight...

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The biggest fall from grace. It's disappointing... 0

The slow production of Astonishing X-Men has been a major concern regarding the series since the beginning, but the past few months have basically been ridiculous.  With Whedon and Cassaday's run, at least the story was coherent.  Somehow, it just flowed easier and it was a bit more straight forward, so it was easier to remember what happened in the previous issues.  Ellis' run sadly hasn't been as memorable, which is disappointing because Ellis is a fantastic writer, and I'm so glad he brought ...

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Commercialization and prejudice, but I love it! 0

It's obvious this new series has been created after the character's inclusion in the epic blockbuster, and I was a little disappointed when I heard this would basically be replacing Ms. Marvel.  This feeling of loss was quickly replaced after I saw the film, and I was amazed by Scarlett Johansson's performance and became instantly obsessed (seriously, I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona and He's Just Not That Into You within two days of going to the cinema), so I may be slightly prejudiced there....

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It was okay (SPOILERS) 2

Well, I really didn't like the first issue, but this one was a bit better, and unlike the new Cable series, it actually has moved somewhere.I'm happy that charcters such as Blindfold are getting more attention and I like the whole mystery person. And when Ink smacked her with the gun at the end was hilarious. One thing Guggengheim has managed to do is write Rockslide really well. His dialogue is really good and everytime he speaks I'm waiting for another line that will stay in my memory and m...

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