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Real Name: Unknown

Current Aliases: Nicole St. Claire, the Jade Warrior, Green Lady, Green Woman, Emerald Princess, Green Amazon, Jade Amazon.

Codename: Elite

Class: Hero

Identity: Secret. Any attempt to find out who she is will result in failure. Even if her identity as Nicole St. Claire is somehow discovered, it’s of a person that doesn’t exist. No Criminal record, no birth certificate, no medical records, nothing.

Alignment: Good.

Occupation: Secret Agent

Base Of Operations: Mobile

Affiliation: [Classified]

Citizenship: [Classified]

Place of Birth: [Classifed]

Education: [Classified]

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Unknown Father and Mother, both believed to be deceased but unconfirmed.

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 5‘10“ in human form, 6‘7“ as Elite.

Weight: 135 lbs in human form, 225 lbs as Elite

Eyes: Brown as Nicole, Green as Elite

Hair: Brown as Nicole, Black as Elite.

Physical Form: Athletic, strong and curvy as Nicole. Green skin with a 25-40% muscle gains as Elite.

Race: Meta-Human (Caucasian).

Universe: CVnU

Created by: ParagonxXx


Due to a blood transfusion from Elite, Apex and her both share similar power sets but with a few key differences.

Energy Absorption & Storage: With the exception of Kinetic energy, Elite can absorb almost any other form of energy so long as she is ready for it and if she concentrates on soaking it in. Other sources of energy can also be absorbed, such as the light emitted by light bulbs to name an example. Elite is also able to store any energy she absorbs like a battery for later use. If there is a limit to how much energy she can absorb, as well as store, she has not reached it yet.

  • Energy Emission: Elite is able to release any energy she has absorbed in the form of an energy blast either from her hands or from her eyes. She is also capable of releasing the energy she has stored in a radial explosion around her.
  • Enhance Super-Human Physiology: Elite can use any stored energy to enhance her durability, strength, speed, agility, reflexes and stamina depending on how much energy she has stored. Without any stored up energy, she cannot enhance any of her physical attributes.

Enhanced Senses: Elite can see objects as tiny as a mouse from many miles away and make out every detail. Senses of smell and hearing are also enhanced to the point that Nicole can smell better than a hound dog and can hear sounds up to a mile away that is as low as hushed whispers. The ability to see in the dark is also not a problem for Elite and she has been described by others to possess green eyeshine whenever she operates at night or in darkened areas.

Reactive Adaptation: Elite is only able to adapt to minor things, such as being submerged in water and growing a pair of gills in order for her to breathe to name one example. However, adapting to someone's powers is a little trickier. For example: If someone were to hit Elite with a blast of an extremely hot stream of fire, she'd only be able to partially adapt to the attack in order to help her survive, but she'd still suffer a certain degree of damage from it.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Elite can heal from almost any injury and even regrow lost limbs. The severity of the injury depends on how quickly, or slowly, she heals. Without enhancing her power using stored energy, minor and major injuries, like paper cuts, bruises and broken bones, take 30 seconds, or less, to heal. Extreme injuries, like losing a limb, take minutes to heal. Because of her healing factor, Elite is completely immune to every known disease, toxins, poisons, drugs and other harmful substances. Her aging has also slowed down considerably, making it impossible to determine how old she is or how long she will live. Thanks to her miraculous ability to regenerate, Elite is also able to resist powers like transmutation. Like her strength, the rate at which Nicole heals becomes faster if enhances it with any energy she has stored up.

Super-Human Physiology: Elite is a mutant blessed with incredible physical attributes that make her a powerhouse among the super-human community.

  • Dynamic Durability: Elite's resistance to physical injury is incredibly high. Using stored energy will increase his durability to varying degrees and she is completely unaffected by conventional blades and bullets. Although in some cases Elite has suffered damage from various types of attacks, she is still capable of withstanding the crushing pressures of 100 Gs, one million degrees Fahrenheit, nuclear explosions at ground zero, massive impacts, extremes of cold, extremes of heat, falls from orbital heights, pressure extremes, energy blasts, high caliber bullets, etc. There are some things, however, that Elite is more vulnerable to more than most and they are exotic metals, such as Adamantium and Vibranium, which are fully capable of penetrating her skin and causing damage.
  • Speed, Agility & Reflexes: Without enhancing herself with stored energy, Elite can run approximately 425 MPH (189.9 meters per second). Her reaction time is also impressive despite her size and she has been seen catching, arrows, missiles and mortar shells that were shot at her. She’s so quick she can even dodge bullets and fast-moving missiles if she desired to do so. Not to be underestimated, Elite’s combat speed has even impressed the likes of Zephyr since she’s been able to hit the speedster when they were fighting each other. While in the water, Nicole can swim up to 92 MPH (80 knots). Like her strength, Elite’s speed, agility and reflexes increase if she enhances them with any stored up energy.
  • Stamina: Elite’s body is resistant to the build up of fatigue poisons that build up in her muscles during peak physical activity and is capable of exerting herself for up to 24hrs before she begins to get tired. However, much like her strength, Nicole’s stamina increases when stored up energy is used to enhance it.
  • Telepathic Resistance: Due to her mental conditioning and trauma she has suffered over the years, Elite has repeatedly proven to be highly resistant to telepathic mind probes, mind reading, mind control and hypnotism. While it is not impossible for a telepath to control her in some way, it will prove a difficult task.

Super Strength: Elite’s upper strength limit is unknown but she has stalemated the likes of Superion himself for an hour. She can easily uproot trees, crush concrete, rend the strongest of conventional metals and decimate mountains with her immense strength. Perhaps her greatest asset, however, is the fact that when Elite uses any stored up energy she can cause her strength level to increase in direct proportion to how much energy she uses. In essence, the more energy she uses, the more her strength increases.

  • Leaping: Elite is able to leap up to a distance of 3 miles from a standing still position and her speed has been recorded at 473 MPH while jumping. As her strength increases due to how much stored energy she uses, the longer the distance she can leap and the faster she travels through the air.
  • Thunderclap: By slamming her hands together, Elite is able to create an extremely powerful sound wave that travels through the air. The sonic vibrations that result from this are powerful enough to cause debilitating damage to those who possess enhanced, or super, hearing as well as dispersing certain kinds of attacks.
  • Tremors & Shockwaves: By punching or stomping the ground, Elite can cause the Earth to experience violent tremors in order to inflict damage, making it difficult to stand or even destroy structures by causing a mini-earthquake.

Transformation: The true mechanism in which Nicole transforms into Elite is currently unknown. She can also exercise this power at will to change into a human or into her giant green alter ego anytime she wants.


Adamantium & Vibranium: Although Elite has proven to be vulnerable to these exotic metals, they have proven to be less and less effective as her durability increases upon using more and more stored up energy.

Advanced Technology & Extreme Conditions: Sufficiently advanced technology has proven to be an effective weapon to varying degrees against Elite. She can also be hurt or killed by other beings who possess similar levels of strength to her own. Finally, under some conditions Elite can be mind controlled by extremely powerful telepaths who possess the extraordinary willpower to subvert Nicole’s mind and bend her to their own.

Gas Inhalation: High doses of knockout gas have proven to be effective at knocking out Elite. However, it must be noted that this is not guaranteed to work since Nicole is able to dissipate the knockout gas with a simple thunderclap. On occasion, Elite has also been able to resist such attacks depending on how high the dose is of the knockout gas being used.

Elite in her human form
Elite in her human form

Human Form: Elite can transform into a giant green warrior or become totally human. As a human, Nicole loses most of her powers and is subject to the same laws that all humans follow. In human form, Nicole is vulnerable to disease, injury, sickness, etc, the same as any other human. However, if Nicole is injured, or is in danger of dying, then she will automatically change into her giant green form as an automatic defense mechanism.

Magic: Elite is just as vulnerable to magic as any other human. This can be used against her to great effect. However, magic doesn't seem to be able to outright kill or destroy Elite, suggesting that she may have at least some resistance to it.

Strength Increasing Factor: Elite must absorb energy before using it in order to increase her level of strength and sometimes this takes time depending on the opponent, threat level and circumstances. Without absorbing any energy, an opponent can achieve victory if he doesn’t give Nicole the time she needs in order to absorb energy and enhance her strength to match her opponent’s own strength level, especially if it happens to be superior to Elite’s own.


Education: Weapons Specialist: Guns all varieties, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Weapons Master: Oriental Weapons, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Thrown Objects, Sharp Weapons, Swords, Blunt Weapons, Law-Enforcement, Marksman: Guns, Leadership, Psychology, Detective/Espionage, Law, Criminology, Thievery, Sleight of Hand, Escape Artist, Intimidation/Interrogation, Strategist/Tactician, Disguise/Actor, Ventriloquism, Resist Domination, Computers, Electronics, Computer Engineer, Kit Bashing, Pilot: Helicopters to Jet Fighters, Horsemanship, Driver: Motorcycle & Cars, Underwater Diving, Medicine: First-Aid, Anatomy, Physiology, Forensics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, History, Occult Lore, Archaeology/Anthropology, Survival, Tracking, Stealth, Blending, Demolitions, Engineering, Basic Math, Seduction, Computer Operation, Computer Programming, Multi-lingual: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Filipino, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, German, Latin, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Thai, Vietnamese.

Martial Artist: Elite is an expert in hand-to-hand combat being very skilled in martial arts under a private instructor. Nicole utilizes Boxing, Grav Maga and wrestling along with her gymnastics ability creating a style that suits her strengths and enables her to use her knowledge to the best of her ability. She can also utilize pressure points to paralyze limbs, but only as a last resort.


Body Suit: Nicole always wears the suit she has as Elite underneath her regular civilian clothing. This suit has state of the art micro-circuitry installed that is so small that it is completely undetectable. This circuitry enables Nicole to pass through undetected in any area that would normally be able to detect a Meta-Human biosignature and/or super abilities. Watches and other devices that can detect the Meta-Human gene are also ineffective at detecting Elite as she passes by. The micro-circuitry in her suit also has the benefit of making Meta-Human power dampening powers, devices and technology ineffective. This allows Elite to keep her powers even when exposed to technology or powers that would normally de-power her. Nicole’s bodysuit is also made from unstable molecules so that it will not rip or tear when she transforms into Elite.

Energy Conduit Belt: Elite's belt collects all the ambient, leftover, energy all around her so that she can absorb a burst of it in order to increase her strength and her other physical abilities when she needs to. The belt must recharge in between uses, however, so she must wait for this before using it again.

Money: Elite’s finances are unknown, but it is suspected she socked away quite a bit of cash in case of a “rainy day”.

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Spy Car: Elite’s car is completely bulletproof and it’s windows as well. Equipped with inflatable tires, it can also go from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. It also has a top speed of 245 mph and could possibly go even faster if a 7th gear were installed. It is equipped with retractable twin mini-guns, but rather than firing bullets, the mini-guns fire armor-piercing lasers that do almost as much damage as a rocket launcher. Since Elite hates guns, she only uses these as a last resort. The car is also equipped with an EMP to knock out any electronics and a remote hacking device to get enemy drone weapons to fight for her. Just like it’s namesake, Elite’s car is also equipped with the best surveillance technology money can buy. A state of the art ejection system is also installed to ensure a fast exit. Lastly, the car is also equipped with a power wench with a 50ft titanium/steel cord that can be used to anchor to objects or buildings. The car has many hidden features not mentioned so it remains to be seen what else the car can do.

Other Equipment: As a Secret Agent, Elite is given access to weapons and equipment that may be suitable for the mission at hand.


The woman who is Nicole St. Claire is not who she really is and not even the woman herself knows her true origins. The bits and flashes of memory suggest to her that she was some kind of lab experiment that finally escaped her captors. While this is true, there is far more to the story.

In truth, Nicole fell in with the wrong crowd and became a petty thief in order to help with her sick mother. But after her mother died, Nicole became even more enmeshed into her criminal activity. But then the father that walked out on her life years ago had returned and wanted to reconnect. Thinking this was the perfect opportunity to steal valuable things from her own Dad, she pretended to be interested in whatever her prodigal father wanted.

Nicole’s father was a scientist that found a way to detect what powers a mutant and meta-human would gain before their powers manifested themselves. And when he performed the test on his own daughter, what he found in Nicole scared him to death. Taking action, the scientist had his daughter taken away to a lab and put in suspended animation against her will. Unable to bring himself to kill his own daughter, the scientist experimented on her instead. Taking Nicole out of suspended animation, she was subjected to all kinds of horrific experiments, all in an attempt to take away her latent mutant powers before they emerged. Years passed without success until one day, the worst possible scenario played out.

The moment Nicole’s father dreaded for years finally came to pass and she transformed before his very eyes into a giant green-skinned and muscle-bound Amazon of a woman. The security of the place was no match for Nicole’s fury as she swatted them away like flies and in her rage, the green amazon very nearly killed her father who was begging for his life. Although she almost did it, Nicole did not kill him but instead dragged him into a cryogenic chamber and forced him into suspended animation. And there he remains to this very day...

So much of her life is missing and Elite can barely remember what she has, nevermind recalls the types of experiments her father ran on her during those years she was his captive. All she knows is that most of her childhood memories are gone, most of what her father did to her is also gone and she has no illusions that she has amnesia. Unfortunately, Elite cannot even find out her real name, who her real parents were, where she used to live, nothing. All Nicole knows is she escaped from a lab and destroyed it before getting hired as a Secret Agent for a top-secret organization. Since her recruitment, she has had no trouble forming new memories and keeping those. But the memories of her past remain as elusive as ever. Every single night, Elite has horrible dreams about what happened to her and most of the time she can only half remember those dreams.

The truth is, Elite has been brainwashed without her knowledge and her memory wiped of her past. That organization she works for has installed a keyword that will enable anyone who speaks it to control her. So far, this keyword has not been used because Elite has not stepped out of line. Nicole herself has no idea about this or what the word may be. She does not even know that when her mind was wiped clean of her past, she was brainwashed with a completely new personality. The people who did all this to Elite know exactly who she was and what she is capable of. But rather than destroy her, they use her as a weapon to fight the good fight and for the security of not only the world but the United States of America.

If Elite ever finds out the truth about what has been done to her, the people who did it will wish they had destroyed her when they had the chance.


  • Elite escapes from the organization that programmed her or so she thinks.
  • Helped fight off an invasion in Moscow.
  • Tricked onto a space ship and crash lands on an alien planet. Helps an alien native called Mother and liberates an entire planet. Escapes from that world and crash lands on the next one.
  • Elite and Mother go their separate ways and then she ends up on a space station where she takes a job as a bodyguard along with her friend, Jungala.
  • An alien infestation forces Elite and Jungala to battle their way off the space station.
  • Elite ends up back on Earth, becomes separated from Jungala and tries to take down the organization that sent her into space many months prior only to fail. Elite ends up on the run.
  • Elite joins the Department of Super-Human Affairs in order to be protected against those who are hunting her. She becomes the combat instructor, training would be agents before they go out on the field.
  • Elite quits the DSA and strikes out on her own again.
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