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The Truth is Revealed in The Conclusion of Kings of Earth and Sky 1

I just started reading this series and its been a lot of fun.  Our hero, the earnest but valiant Jack Frost is a joy to follow, carelessly taking on any challenge with the help of rational sidekick, MacDuff the owl.  I enjoy these type of characters who for the most part play the classical hero role without taking themselves so seriously.  This particular issue picks up Jack facing the scourge of the City of Landfall, the Empyrean.  Jack has been commissioned by Landfall's king to end the Empyre...

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Hornet Jr Grows Up in Smith's Hornet #3 3

I wasn't too impressed with the previous issue of this series, but I felt like the potential for fun that is evident with the Green Hornet warranted another try.  I did enjoy this issue as it was well paced and moved the story along quite well, but I still feel like its lacking in the originality department.  I can appreciate basic good guys and bad guys but there's always room to innovate in terms of presentation.  This issue picks up where the last one ended, in the all too common fundraiser p...

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Bras and the Family Hit the Countryside in Daytripper #5 0

Lately I've been trying to take a break for being a lifelong superhero junkie and expand my comic reading to other stories presented in this brilliant medium that we hold so dearly.  Moon's Daytripper is a great example of the brilliant literature that can can be presented in this form and why blending the art and writing enhance the experience.  This is only the second time I have read this comic, but once again I was impressed.  This issue centers around an 11year old Bras visiting his family ...

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Bucky and Steve share the Spotlight in an OK One Shot 0

As we reach the close of Marvel's spring blockbuster the Siege, Marvel has put out a few one shots this week focusing on some key characters.  This one focuses on both Captain America's against the back drop of a quick rescue mission of some irresponsible civilians near the battlefield.  I was looking forward to this, but I did not feel like it accomplished what it seemed to be building up to.  Compared to Ed Brubaker's masterful character studies, Christos Gage's felt somewhat like a trite imit...

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The Action gets Rolling In Smith's Green Hornet (sort of) 1

I walked in to my local comic store yesterday and saw this one up at the front counter, so I gave it a shot.  Kevin Smith, a nerdy icon, the Generation-Xers' Williams Shakespeare, trying his hand at writing Green Hornet.  I was excited about the potential for the movie, so why not give the comic a chance?  What you get here is something that is not completely bad, but its so cliche ridden that it fails to keep your interest.  The standard retired crime fighter, angry son with deceased mother, co...

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Nemesis makes Kick-Ass Look Like Kick-Ass 0

The creative evil genius Mark Millar and penciling wiz Steve McNiven reunite for Millar's newest potential blockbuster, Nemesis.  I saw the cover, I saw the creative team and I was ready to go.  What I got was something that really didn't move me like I was hoping it would.  Does it have an intriguing premise? Yes. Did it have the typical Millar bad-assery we've come to expect?  Absolutely.  Did McNiven's pencilling put the icing on the cake? Certainly.  The reason I only gave it a passable scor...

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The Flash reaches the Finish Line in "Rebirth" 0

 At this point I could almost literally just write, "its Geoff Johns" and give the book at least 4 stars, but that wouldn't be a very good review.  We've reached he finale of the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen's triumphant return and follow him in his race against (and through) time to stop arch nemisis, Eobard Thawne from taking the life of his beloved Iris.  It is made clear that Thawne's motivation is purely driven by the need to make Allen's life miserable.  He has already killed Allen's moth...

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For those interested in a Bizarro Zombie Batman 0

So the Batman resurrection thing didn't quite work out like Dick hoped and we have a problem.  Batwoman is near death and this not Batman is on his way to his not home to see his not son.  And not for for family time.  While Batman, Knight and Squire tend to Batwoman, Alfred tries his best to protect Damian form this demented not Batman. It turns out Damian is as proficient in wheelchair combat as his father was after getting his back broken.  Their assault on not Batman is exciting and I always...

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Blackest Night Enters the Home Stretch with a Thrilling Climax 0

Blackest Night is the hottest storyline arc going right now and the only bad part is that its coming to an end.  This epic, intense, and enthralling battle has further proven Geoff Johns as DC's "go to guy".  This issue, second to last in the main arc picks up with the uneasy alliance of all available DC heroes and villains, as lanterns.  So far, its not looking so great and Nekron has the upper hand.  Hellbent on destruction, his forces are getting stronger and he exposes a secret the Guardians...

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Kick-Ass and Hit Girl take the Genovese Gang in the Brutal Finale 0

Mark Millar's Kick-Ass has easily proven to be the hottest new property in comics and every issue is a simple, yet sadistically fun reminder.  This issue ends the first story arc, picking up with the title character as well as the recently orphaned Hit Girl getting ready to take revenge on the Genovese Gang for the murder of Big Daddy and the duo's own betrayal at the hands of former crime fighter, The Red Mist.  There's a little calm before the storm as both sides prepare for war,but from there...

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The Green Lantern Takes Desperate Measures in The Blackest Night 1

The Blackest Night continues to shock and terrify the DC universe in this intense 50th issue of Geoff John's Green Lantern.  The book picks up in the battle-ravaged Coast City as our team of Lanterns, deputy Lanterns, guardians, and other allies, heroes and villains alike, fight for survival against the growing forces of the Black Lantern Corp.  Their biggest problem is the possessed Spectre who is battling most of the team single-handedly.  Hal Jordan knows they're running out of time and he ne...

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The Darkest Night Begins in Morrison's Batman and Robin 0

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that this is the first book of this series I've ever read, but it certainly exceeded my expectations.  Grant Morrison does Batman, and storytelling in general, very well, so I had no trouble picking up right where the book began.  This issue starts with our current Batman, former Nightwing, Dick Grayson, across the pond being aided by his sidekick's  British doppelganger,  Squire, teaming as a bomb squad to prevent disaster at the hands of Old King Coal.  This w...

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War Machine Continues His Struggle Against The Dark Reign 0

I actually hadn't read any War Machine since this new launch, but Jim Rhodes was always an interesting character to me and I figured he'd be a good one to watch this Dark Reign saga.  Greg Pak provides another strong title to his resume with excellent storytelling with these character.  This particular issue picks up with a rough combination of Ares attacking the attacking the Aquirian capital, Dr Sandoval, the woman (and old friend and wife of War Machine's repair/weapons go to guy) War Machine...

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Old Wolverine and Blind Hawkeye Continue Their Journey 0

People are going to get tired of me professing the awesomeness of Mark Millar, but I'm having a great time with this storyline.  The concept of this torn world that Wolverine is trying to survive in is a great way to show him in a new light.  Its not easy to pull off believable vulnerability with a character like Wolverine, but that's probably why he's just Logan right now.  This issue picks up with Hawkeye and Logan  being chased by a venom symbiote who is hosted by a T-Rex of all things.  An e...

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Millar Delivers a Delightfully Twisted Package With Kick Ass 1

I think everyone would agree that Mark Millar is one of top writers in comic books today.  If I see his name on the cover, I assume its worth a read.  I picked this particular comic book up on a friend's recommendation and I was quite impressed.  Kick Ass tells the story of two regular guys who want to be crime fighters.  We've seen many takes on the flaws of vigilante justice, especially in recent years with the Civil War and the even more recent screen adaptation of Watchmen.  What Millar does...

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The New Captain America Takes Time To Reflect 0

Ed Brubaker brings us the 50th issue of Captain America with a great character study on the current Captain America, Bucky Barnes.  From the outside you can assume that its hard to keep a title like this going without Steve Rogers, but Brubaker has made Barnes a flawed but worthy successor as he struggles with is past while defending freedom.  This story mostly consists of Bucky (I'm not ready to call him Captain America) reminiscing on past birthdays at different major turning points in his lif...

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Skaar Makes His Grand Entrance on Planet Earth 0

Seems like the past couple of years, giving a major superhero a lost son has been the thing to do.  Batman, Wolverine, movie Superman, and the not so jolly green giant, The Hulk have all had sons added to their character roster in recent years.  After Greg Pak's mostly brilliant Planet Hulk storyline and pretty good World War Hulk arc, we were left with the knowledge that Hulk's unborn son survived the destruction of his home planet.  Transported away from his planet, which was next on the menu ...

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Deadpool Stays On The Run 0

Everyone's favorite merc with a mouth is still doing his best to stay out of harms way after a routine job became a double cross.  This issue picks up with The Punisher, Frank Castle (another victim of Hollywood's abuse of cool Marvel characters) posing as a detective to get clues that will lead him to Deadpool's whereabouts.  Thanks to a tip from disgusted waitress at a "popular family restaurant", he gets to Deadpools apartment and that's where the action really picks up.  This is a ridiculous...

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Lindelof's Ultimate Brawl gets Less Violent and More Confusing 0

In the penultimate installment of Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk, we get a series of small stories that somehow combines for a mildly entertaining but sometimes irritating read.  We begin with conversation between Wolverine and a panda (!?!), one between  Wolverine and Nick Fury that gives new (gimmicky) insight into Wolverine's power, a flashback to Ultimate She Hulk's contribution to the skirmish,which includes a reference to the first issue in the form of an empty voice bubble,  and the final cli...

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Twists Continue in the Mystery of the Ghost Box 0

The X-men in Warren Ellis' run of Astonishing find themselves in China on the hunt for the killer of a mysterious mutant-like being. This issue picks up after the fierce battle battle between the team and a group of mutants after a friend of theirs: Forge.  The story takes an interesting twist as new light is shed on the origin of these hideous mutants and how it relates to Forge.  The strength in the storytelling lies in the dialogue as much speculation arises as to what Forge's true role is in...

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The Dark Reign continues in Dark Avengers 0

Brian Michael Bendis brings us a continuation of Norman Osbourne's secret dealings with Dr Doom.  It picks up directly from the last issue with Doom and Osbourne (as Iron Patriot) heading back in time to take on sorceress Morgana Le Fay who destroyed The Sentry and turned Aries to stone in the last issue.  We get to watch the nefarious Dr Doom try to outsmart Le Fay while the rest of the team just tries to fight off her hordes and a couple of them try not to kill each other.  This is a decent st...

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Spider-Angst 0

The amazing J Michael Straczynski continues his run on the Amazing Spiderman with a new heavily hyped storyline called "One More Day" which will cross over into the 4 main Spiderman titles. When we last left Spidey he was back in black and hot on the trail of the men responsible for the assassination attempt that left his Aunt May wounded and now barely clinging to life. Now he's waiting patiently, with his wife at his side, feeling more powerless than he's ever felt. While her life hangs in ...

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He's Still Mad 0

World War Hulk is this summer's comic book blockbuster event. All the fans of the Green Goliath nerded out when they heard he was on his way back from his bittersweet, mostly bitter, tour of the cosmos to take revenge on those self righteous know-it-alls, The Illuminati. I must say that the experience overall has been underwhelming. There's been an overall lack convincing characterization to make you care about any of the parties involved and the story, which for the most part is explosive mi...

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The Students of the Initiative Enter World War Hulk 1

So far I've been a fan of Avengers: The Initiative. The whole concept provides a fresh spin on the idea of the new, government sponsored super hero. We've followed this group of students through Tony Stark's development program. With this issue we see our heroes in training lending a hand in the efforts to aid the Earth in the time of crisis that is World War Hulk. This issue is worth checking out, but certainly not a must read. I gave it a middle of the road rating because it is a middle o...

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Spidey Does Guest Spot on Silver Surfer's Farewell Tour 0

You simply can't be a Marvel fan without loving the master storytelling of J Michael Straczynski. His brilliance has delighted readers on every title he's worked on. The most notable would probably be Marvel's iconic flagship character, Spiderman, so its no suprise that one of Marvel's other icons, the Silver Surfer, met up with Spiderman as a part of his final ride around Earth. This book almost felt like a Spidey comic with the Surfer guest starring, but it works as Straczynski's characteriz...

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Readers Reap the Rewards of "Faith in Monsters" 1

Since Warren Ellis has taken over Thunderbolts, every issue has been a must read. This issue picks up with the Thunderbolts taking on a trio of unregistered superhumans out in Arizona. This intense battle pits Sepulchre, American Eagle, and the Steel Spider against, Thunderbolt members Radioactive Man, Venom, Penance, Songbird, and Bullseye. At this point it seems like the teams is splitting at the seams and it'll take some work to get them back on track. Throughout the story you start to ask yo...

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The Punisher Continues His War on Hate 0

So far Matt Fraction has done an excellent job with what some are calling the best Punisher title ever written. The level of depth to characters especially the ones other than Frank Castle really sets this title apart. This issue is certainly not bad, but could stand to have better development of the events occuring. We pick up with Frank, now a prisoner of the white supremacist The Hate Monger and his storm trooper like minions who are "protecting" the border from illegal immigrants. The st...

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May I Have a Story, Please? 1

Until I'm convinced to do otherwise, I will never read another issue of All Star Batman. In theory it sounds like a flawless title. Frank Miller, an excellent writer, known for his classic Batman stories, joining forces with Jim Lee, one of the most popular pencilers of last 20 years, to make Batman, one of the most popular comic book characters ever. Initially I was impressed, but over time the book has gone from mediocre to just bad. While the art remains good enough to make the book worth ski...

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The Sub-Mariner is on a Mission in His own Limited Series 2

Marvel has really been on fire lately. After the Civil War I thought I wouldn't read anymore comics regularly for while, but a year later, The Initiative continues this time with a miniseries focusing on Namor, King of Atlantis, mutant and Member of the Illuminati. I've never really followed Namor or the work of Matt Cherniss and Peter Johnson, but I'd say this is a great introduction to all three and an awesome way to kick off what should be thrilling and satisfying storyline. It opens with ...

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