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DC Re-Imagined: Man of Steel #4

CONTACT PART 4 (Conclusion)

Parasite cackled with joy as he continued his rampage in Metropolis and the deaths of the cities police officers at his hands. He stood in the middle of a circle of police cars with a helicopter flying above and the officers and newly arrived SWAT teams all firing on him with their firearms.

The creature merely continued cackling as the bullets bounced of his bulletproof skin. Upon seeing the helicopter hovering just over his head, he jumped on and latched on the front glass of it with his claws. The helicopter began to spin in the air uncontrollably as the pilot tried to maintain control of it while fighting of the fear of the creature now standing mere inches away from him.

Pilot (panicking/afraid): Goddamn it! What are you?

Parasite merely smirked as he raised his fast and punched right through glass, grabbing the helpless pilot by the throat and dragging him out of the cockpit. The pilot pulled out his pistol and fire 10 rounds into his skull to no avail. The pilot continued too frantically pull the trigger despite being out of ammo. He then threw it at Parasite as the creatures grip on his throat tightened.

Parasite (annoyed): That wasn’t very nice.

The creature threw the pilot upward towards the spinning blades; his body was destroyed within a scant few moments. The chopper spun around erratically and slowly descended towards the ground below towards several of the police cars. The officers attempted to escape as the helicopter came closer towards them but it was no use as the blades sliced them into little tiny pieces, leaving only their mutilated bodies on the floor. Parasite jumped off the flying vehicle just as it crashed and caused the explosion of several nearby cars upon its landing.

The remaining police officers slowly backed away from the creature who was now snarling at them on top of a car, he was just about to pounce on them when Superman came up behind him and stabbed him in the back with a crystal from the Fortress of Solitude. Parasite roared in pain as he frantically tried to pull out the red crystal out.

Parasite (yelling/enraged): Wha-What did you do to me?!

Superman (angry/sarcastic): Nothing much, I just gave you a small token of my appreciation for what you’ve done to my city.

Parasite gritted his teeth as he just barely managed to pull out the crystal; he managed to gaze upon it for a moment before it melted in his arms and disappeared. He then scowled at a smiling Superman and tried to pounce on him. The Man of Steel was quicker as he had anticipated the attack and flew towards the creature, grabbed him and flew both of them out of the city at Mach 3 speed, shattering both the sound barrier and many of the glass and windows of the buildings as they flew out of the city.


After a few minutes of flying, Superman and Parasite had reached their destination, The Sahara Desert, Niger, Africa, one of the sunniest places on Earth. The creature had attempted to break free of the Kryptonians grasp by clawing and punching him but it was no use, and now he was helplessly descending towards one of the most God forsaken places on Earth at the speed of a rocket.

Superman released the creature and gave him a powerful kick in the head with both his feet just as he hit the ground. The sheer power of the attack caused the sand to shoot a kilometer into the sky and into several directions completely covering the surrounding area. Superman jumped out of the cloud of sand and scanned the area, awaiting his enemies attack at any moment.

Superman (nervous/thoughts): If T-7s estimates were right, all I need to do is hold out for a few minutes before the crystals effect kicks in.

At that moment he noticed two glowing red objects in the middle of the cloud, his eyes widened as he just barely managed to dodge the two beams that managed to cut his cheek. Superman wiped the blood away with his hand only to receive a punch to the gut by Parasite who just flew out of the sand cloud. The Man of Steel coughed and clenched his gut in pain as Parasite brought his foot down on his face and pinned him to the ground with it.

Parasite (ecstatic): I don’t know what you did too me, but im pretty sure it’s got something to do with that thing you stabbed me with. Heres a little hint for ya buddy, if you wanna poison some one, don’t give em anything that’s just gonna make em harder to kill!

Then his earpiece started ringing, Parasite sighed, as he knew his employer would be less than thrilled with his methods of luring out Superman.

Parasite (bored): Yeah, what is it?

Boss (enraged): What is it? What is it?! After the stunt, you just pulled you have the audacity to ask me what is it? I thought I told you too keep those urges of yours under check.

Parasite (annoyed): You paid me to get this bozo out in the open and take him down for you. How I want to lure him out is my problem, not yours. Besides you never gave me any crap during my last assignments so don’t act like you got any principals or morals.

His employer gave him no response but a long silence, Parasite chuckled upon proving his point but his joy was cut short when two blasts of red energy shot right through his foot and cut off his ear. He screamed in pain as he fell on his back, clenching both his foot and his bleeding ear.

Superman got back on his feet and flew over to Parasites cut off ear, grabbing his communication device. He noticed that the creature was preparing to fire another blast at him so he kicked a large portion of sand at him, the sand managed to fall into his eyes temporarily blinding him and making him miss his shot entirely. Superman flew into the sky as fast he could, as his enemy would soon come after him with a vengeance.

Boss (curious/nervous): Jones, what’s going on over there? Report!

Superman (angry): Im afraid Jones isn’t available right now but im sure he can call you back from prison once im through with him. You and your pet have a lot to answer for you know that.

Boss (annoyed): You have only your self to me blame for the deaths of those police officers Superman. Your kind is a cancer on this planet and im going to make sure you don’t leave that desert alive. This conversation is over.

Suddenly a small spark came out of the earpiece followed by smoke. It was damaged beyond repair.

Superman (annoyed): Damn, T-7, were you able to track its signal before it was destroyed?

T-7: Im afraid not master, however I was able to determine that the signal from that device is being used to monitor your battle via satellites. My hypothesis is that his employer wishes to study you should your death no longer be an option. I have already begun the process of halting their plans. It will be completed shortly.

Just as Superman was about to respond to his droid he nearly blacked out when Parasite flew up behind him and struck him over the head with his elbow. As he descended to the ground below Parasite continued his relentless assault at the near unconscious Man of Steel.

He clawed, bit, stabbed, punched and kicked his enemy in blind fury as and sheer bloodlust. The crystals effects further augmented his power leaving Superman damn near helpless against him. Upon reaching the ground Parasite grabbed the Kryptonian by his cape and bashed him against the sand, quickly covering the surrounding area in it.

Parasite swung his arms in the air and roared causing a shockwave that dispersed the sand and could be heard for dozens of miles in the distance. He pinned a broken and bleeding Superman to the ground by placing his foot on his throat, while the other on his right arm.

The Kryptonian tried to get the leg off his throat; Parasite simply chuckled, grabbed his left hand and twisted it until a loud crack was heard. Superman cried out in pain as Parasite continued to twist his arm until it was completely dislocated, he looked at his snickering enemy and attempted to fire another blast from his eyes at him.

Parasite immediately noticed this and slowly reached for Superman’s right eyeball with his thumb and index fingers extended out, the Kryptonian fired the blast at his enemy but it had seemingly no effect on him as he continued going for Superman’s eye as if nothing was happening. He placed two fingers on the Kryptonians eye and smirked.

Parasite (pleased): You ripped my tongue out in Metropolis, time for me to repay ya buddy!

He plucked out the eye out of its socket and laughed manically as Superman screamed at the top of his lungs in agony.

Parasite (ecstatic): You have no idea how good it feels to hear you scream, after all the shit you’ve put me through im gonna enjoy making you-

Suddenly Parasite starting hearing voices, at first they sounded like a couple of faint whispers barely noticeable whispers, however they quickly grew in number, tone, and overwhelmed the creature. He could suddenly hear every person, every animal, every vehicle and every sound on the entire planet.

Parasite (desperate/yelling): What’s going on?! Stop it… SSSSSSSSTTTTTTTOOOOOPPPPPP IIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!

He walked away from Superman and placed both his hands over his ear in a attempt to make this horrendous noise stop but it was no use. They sounds kept on mounting and mounting until he roared at the top of his lungs and drove his claws into his ears in a last ditch effort to make the noise stopped.

It was still no use as the noise simply kept mounting, Parasite pulled his claws out of his ears causing blood to pour out of them, and he turned around to see Superman on his feet, his broken arm fixed and covering his empty eye socket with a smirk on his face.

Parasite (enraged/yelling): You… WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME?!

Superman (exhausted/pleased): That little gift I gave you enhanced the abilities you got from me; once I studied your tongue, it was a simple matter of just changing your already altered genetic make up to suit my needs. Now you have access to all my powers only increased a 1000 times over and you don’t have a clue on how to control them. For example you can now hear literally every sound on the entire planet, at this distance my voice must sound like a horn blowing right next to your ear, although is much more likely you don’t understand a word im saying right now do you?

Parasite fell to his knees and closed as Superman’s seemingly loud voice only caused the ruckus going on in his head to increase, suddenly from his eyes came two gigantic beams of red light that blasted clean through his eyelids and into the sky.

The creature tried desperately to stop the beams but it was no use, they only grew larger and more powerful. Suddenly his eye started bleeding profusely due to his overuse of the heat vision, he tried to stop them with his hands but even his Kryptonian enhanced skin was no mach for the beams as they burned right through them as if they were paper.

He screamed in agony causing a massive sound wave and released a breath of his from his lips. The pain from his bleeding eyes, ears, scorched hands; enhanced heat vision and hearing grew and grew until it slowly subsided. Superman looked at his enemy and saw a horrific sight before him.

Parasite was kneeling on the ground, his hands were pitch black from the burns, his eyes had melted off from the excessive use of the heat vision, his ears continued to bleed and his earth shattering scream along with the excessive use of the ice breath left him without a voice. He fell to the ground motionless; Superman cautiously approached him knowing this could be another trap.

Superman could hear that helicopters and army vehicles like jeeps and tanks were approaching the area, no doubt attracted the battle going on in the desert. He then noticed that Parasite had grabbed him by the cloak and immediately prepared himself for another attack.

Parasite (exhausted/whisper): P-p-ple-eas-e… M-me-rcy….

Superman (angered/thoughts): After everything he’s done, after all the people he’s murdered and tortured just for his own sick enjoyment, he has the nerve to ask me for mercy…. I should just kill him right here and now, it’s not as if anyone would miss him… Id be doing the world a favor by killing the bastard…

He looked at his defeated enemy with disgust and clenched his fist. He took Parasite by the throat and held him by it off the ground tightening his grip on it with each passing moment. Superman’s eye glowed red as he prepared to fire one last blast clean through his skull when he remembered what happened last time he crossed the line and what the result of it was.

He put Parasite over his shoulder and flew away just as the military reached his location.


Superman and T-7 watched the unconscious Parasite as he lay on a table within the Fortress of Solitude, he was being examined by the other sentry drones too see the full extent of his injuries.

T-7: Master, you know that I have never once doubted you or your judgment on any matter. However, I feel that this is a terrible mistake.

Superman (stoic): I have no choice, there’s not a single prison on the plane that can contain him and I want to make sure he never hurts anyone ever again.

T-7: While I agree with you that Earths facilities are terribly unequipped to deal with the likes of him, but to keep him inside the Fortress? This place is the legacy of your people master and it is your home. You would truly allow a beast such as him to stay here? How many more like him will you bring? How many more will you be able to bring before they overpower you or the people lose their faith in you?

Superman (annoyed): That’s enough T-7! He isn’t some random punk who goes around mugging women at night; he’s nothing but a wild animal and he’s going to be treated like one from now on. The people might not like that im taking this even more into my own hands, but if it keeps them safe then it’s worth it.

T-7: Would it not be simpler to just kill him and be done with it?

Superman (determined): You know why I can’t do that…. And why im forbidding you from even trying it. Just get him to his cell as soon as you can. I want him monitored and guarded at all times, understood?

T-7: It will be done as you wish master; I shall go make all the necessary arrangements at once.

Superman nodded at the drone as it bowed before him then walked away to complete the tasks assigned to it. He took the destroyed earpiece and looked at it, remembering the person on the other side who blamed him for all that happened.

Superman (angry/thoughts): I don’t know who you are, or why you did any of this. But I promise I will find you and im going to make sure you pay for everything you’ve done to me, and to all the people you killed using bastards like Jones here.

The Man of Steel crushed the device in his hand, and continued watching the drones operate on the injured Parasite in silence.


Goddamn was the ending to this one hard for me too pull off but I think I accomplished what I set out too do.

1)Setup a world where people hate superheroes and particularly despise Superman

2)A genuinely evil, bad guy with no remorse

3)Foreshadowed many things to come

4)A Superman that’s not just a generic boy scout and has a personality (for a change)

5)And hopefully wrote a good story that didn’t totally waste your time