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DC Re-Imagined: Man of Steel #3


Superman soared through the sky as he flew to his secret base in the Arctic, the Fortress of Solitude following his battle with the mercenary series killer Parasite. The killer managed to evade the Man of Steel but not before the hero managed to get a sample off the creature for analyzing, so that he may better understand how his enemies powers work and how to defeat him, it was then that he reached his destination…..

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While it seemed like a fairly easy thing to spot from space, the Fortress was equipped with several cloaking devices that kept its existence hidden from the rest of the world. Upon reaching the outer wall of his Citadel, Superman placed his palm on it causing the wall to glow as it scanned him to ensure that its master had returned the outer wall slowly opened allowing Superman to levitate inside as it sealed itself behind him. He landed in the middle of a large, open, circular room with a single massive entrance leading deeper into the citadel, at each side of the entrance there were statues of a pair of Kryptonian warriors.

T-7 (excited): Welcome back master! It is good too see you here though your arrival is a bit unexpected.

Superman: It’s good to be back although I wish it were under better circumstances.

The drone gave its master a curious look as he placed his hand on his belt and from a small containment unit took out Parasites tongue, which he ripped out during their last encounter. He hung it out of his palm in front of the drone.

Superman (worried): We have a big problem.

He placed the tongue in the palm of the drone that immediately began scanning it with his the built in scanners located within his eye. The two stood there in silence as T-7 finished his basic analysis of it.

T-7 (curious): This is an extraordinary sample you brought to me master, where did you find such a thing on Earth?

Superman: It came from another person, a person who has powers like me.

T-7 (thoughts): That cannot be possible… How could a living being with properties such as these even exist…? If what my master says is true then this is most troubling indeed…


Johnny White stood over the body of yet another victim of the mysterious killings that started happening just a day ago. First, it was a pair of young women, then a mother and her little 8-year-old boy were both found dead in an alley just a few hours ago, and now another girl was dead in yet another alley.

Johnny (thoughts): Another damn victim, the killer clearly has a preference for the young and for women, that doesn’t matter squat since the way he kills them leaves next to no evidence as to how to track him down, this guy is either really damn good or he’s not human.

Perry White (shouting): Johnny!!!!

Johnny (thoughts/annoyed): I should have known he wouldn’t resist coming here.

Johnny sighed as he turned around to see his father at the forefront of a large group of reports with two policemen holding him back as he tried to get over the barricade.

Johnson (struggling): Sir Im afraid you can’t pass! If you continue to act this way ill have no choice but to arrest you!

Perry White (angry/shouting): Don’t you tell me what I can and can’t do you little punk! I’ve been in charge of news network in Metropolis since before your parents were old enough to drive! Now let me pass or so help me ill…

Johnny (shouting): That’s enough, both of you. Johnson let him through but don’t let even a single one of these vultures get through, understood?

The police officer nodded as a large grin formed on Perry’s face, the aging reporter shoved the police officer aside as he made his way to his son, the police officer barely managed to stay on his feet and keep the barricade up while shooting daggers at Perry.

Perry White (happy/ecstatic): Johnny my boy I knew you’d come through for your old man.

Johnny (uninterested): I let you pass because if I didn’t Johnson would have tasered you and I wouldn’t hear the end of it for at least 6 months. And to answer your question, no we don’t have any evidence that indicates that Superman was behind this.

Perry White: Really? Because im sure a normal person couldn’t do that. When will you wake up and realize this Superman is nothing but a menace. Hell even my sources told me that Superman was seen leaving two of the murder sites. You still think he’s not behind this some how?

Johnny (annoyed): He was also the one who told me where the other girl was murdered, and he was standing right next to me when he heard it happen.

Perry White (angry): Im sure he has some power that lets him be at two places at the same time, like illusions or making clones of himself!

Johnny (exaggerating): Yeah, you must be right dad but wait…. Maybe he’s really a vampire and he’s just pretending to be the good guy so he can go kill people at night for food?

Perry rubbed his chin upon hearing that as he had to think about it for a minute. Johnny immediately regretted saying it knowing that his father would probably use this in his next anti Superman propaganda piece.

Johnson (shouting): Chief! We got a situation; it looks like a woman was seen being attacked and dragged into an alley at Maple Street 37 not to far from here. She was heard yelling about some monster attacking her.

Johnny: I want you to radio every police officer about this, I want everyone at that address, and this son of a bitch won’t get away again.

Johnson nodded and ran off to his car to radio the rest of the police force, Johnny ran to his car through the massive crowd of reporters ignoring all their questions and his fathers pleas to come with him. Upon reaching his car he placed a small emergency light on the right side of the cars roof and drove at full speed to confront the killer.


T-7 sat in front of the main computer console of the Fortress as he conducted an advanced analysis of the Parasite simple too determine what could cause such a transformation to occur in a human, it also checked every computer record on the planet to determine the identity of the creature and his possible motives for coming to Metropolis.

T-7: Both processes are complete master.

Superman (curious): Alright, what’ve you got on our new friend?

T-7: The name of this creature you are looking for master is Rudy Jones, a high profile mercenary responsible for several of the bloodiest slaughters of the 20 century, he primarily works for companies that pay the highest bidder for his services and my estimate is that he has killed at least a 1000 people. However from his resume I can determine that he suffers from severe psychological issues and seems to get sadistic pleasure from the deaths of his targets. Besides this sir his personal history is unknown, however given the age of this sample I would say that he is around his mid 30s to his early 40s. From this sample I have also been able to determine that he has been this way since his birth thanks to the Meta gene.

Superman (surprised): The Meta gene?

T-7: The Meta gene is a name I have created for this unique gene found inside Parasite, apparently upon its activation it gives ordinary humans powers that the ordinarily should not be able to have. I also took the liberty of checking every available medial record on the planet and by cross referencing that data with the data gathered from the Parasite sample, I have determined that there are at least a million people with this Meta gene. Although considering the technological state of some places on Earth it is highly likely the number is far greater than that. It is also likely that in the coming years the number of Meta gene carriers is sure to explode and overwhelm the ordinary human population.

Superman (shocked/thoughts): A million people with dormant super powers? If the public found at about this it would cause mass panic and god knows how man witch hunts. But if some one hired Parasite, that means they have to be at least aware of the Meta genes existence on some level. There’s no way anyone would be stupid enough to hire a sociopath like Jones without having some sort of way to keep him in line.

Superman (curious/worried): If this Meta gene is the source of his powers, is there some way we could remove it?

T-7: Were he not so affected by it then it would be very probable. However his body has been severely altered by its effects and if were removed at this stage it would most likely result in a long, a very painfully death for him. However I have determined a way to stop him, when he absorbs a person he gets their weaknesses along with their strengths. I believe that by modifying a crystal from the Fortress we may be able to cause a system overload in his body.

Superman: You mean you want disturb the solar filters in his skin? If that’s the plan then I need to get him somewhere where he can’t hurt anyone, preferably with a lot of sun light too speed up the progress.

T-7 (sarcastic): I hear the Sahara desert is lovely this time of year sir; the crystal will be completed shortly.

Superman chuckled and nodded at the drone as it turned its attention back at creating the crystal.


Johnny, followed by a dozen police cars rushed to the scene of yet another killing, it had only happened a few minutes ago and this time he was determined to catch the killer before he could evade them once again. The cars pulled up in front of the alley entrance and soon it was covered close to two dozen police officers armed with pistols and shotguns.

Parasite, who was too busy enjoying his new meal blocked out the police sirens, had just finished his meal when he noticed a small army of cops all pointing their guns at him. Johnny who stood at the forefront of the cops pointed his flashlight at Parasite who was still disguised in his human form with another shrivelled body at his feet.

Johnny (shouting/angry): You there! Get away from the girl and put your hands up, this is your one and only warning.

Parasite merely smirked and jumped into the air clawing his fingers into the wall of a nearby building and started climbing it only to be halted by a storm of bullets that pierced his body, he fell to the ground motionless and seemingly dad as the Johnny gave them the order to stop shooting.

Johnny and a couple of other police officers slowly made their way to Parasites seemingly dead body only for it to suddenly get back on its feet with the various bullet holes in it closing up.

Johnny (shocked/whisper): What the fuck….

Parasite (amused): I was hoping to nab a few more pretty Metropolis girls before I got back to work, but seeing as Superman’s biggest fan is right here in front of me I might as well start right now!

Parasite laughed maniacally as his human form deteriorated revealing his true monster form, he took a deep breath and smirked at the police officers who looked at him with fear and shock in their eyes, many of them were so scared that their hands were shaking.

Parasite (ecstatic/shouting): Let’s have some fun!

The creature charged at the police officers as they opened fire, with Superman’s powers still in his system the projectiles merely fell to the ground, Parasite raised his clawed hand and swung it at Johnny and the pair of officers next to him, the police chief rolled under Parasite who in one swing cut both the officer heads off.

Johnny fire three more rounds into the back of Parasites head to no avail as they too were blocked, Parasite chuckled as the police chief ran out of bullets and kicked him in the stomach, Johnny fell on his knees clenching his stomach in pain as Parasite turned around and hit him with a powerful uppercut sending the officer flying to the back of the alley into a wall.

Johnny blacked out for a slit second before he snapped out of it upon seeing Parasite charging at him, he looked around the alley frantically hoping to find a way to evade the attack, and he then noticed a metal ladder for a neighbouring buildings fire escape. Johnny got back on his feet and jumped at the ladder grabbing it just as Parasite came crashing into the wall behind him.

The police chief kicked Parasite in the back of the head and fell to the ground; he then swung his fist and hit Parasite in the face, as his fist made contact with the creature’s face it felt as if he had punched a brick wall. He clenched his fist in pain and slowly backed away from Parasite who was chuckling at his efforts.

Parasite (amused): Not many people would try and take me one on one like that.

Johnny (angry): If you think id be scarred of some big, dumb freak show like you, then you’re stupider than you look!

Parasite was laughing at the top of his lungs now, it echoed through the alley sending chills down the police officers spines.

Parasite (happy): You’ve got no brains kid, but you’ve got balls ill give you that much.

The police chief attacked Parasite with another punch only for it to be caught by the creature; Parasite punched Johnny in the stomach and grabbed him by the collar. He threw him several feet into the air over the police barricade and through a nearby convenience store glass and blacked out.

The remaining police officers opened fire at the cackling Parasite as he jumped into the air, landing on a police car, crushing it under his feet; he then swung his clawed hands at the nearby police officers and ripped them to shreds, leaving nothing but bloody piles of meat on the ground.

Parasite then ripped a police car door and threw it at 4 retreating officers, it cut right through them pinning the last officer to the wall as it pierced his chest. The creature grabbed the last remaining cops by the arm and drove his teeth into his skull, nearly eating almost all of it. As several media helicopters started circling the area and more sirens off in the distance Parasite smirked with blood dripping out of his mouth.

Parasite (thoughts): I hope he takes his time showing up, im having way too much fun now to be interrupted!

To be continued…………….

Sorry for going all Brian Michael Bendis on you guys with the shit load of dialogue this issue, but you can expect a LOT more action next time with the finale. Hope you enjoyed it and tell me what you think, im always up for some constructive criticism.