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DC Re-Imagined: Man of Steel #2


The creature started laughing sadistically as the struggling Man of Steel was desperately trying to break free of his grasp. Superman could feel his body growing weaker and weaker with each passing moment and he knew that he only had once chance to break Parasites hold over him, he closed his eyes and focused all his remaining energy in them, as they opened they glowed blood red and unleashed a powerful laser blast that hit Parasite right in the chest and sent him flying across the alley, he fell on the ground and laid there motion less.

Superman was on his knees with his arm shaking and his entire body aching as if he had received the worst beating of his life, he just barely managed to get back on his feet when he heard some one laugh, Superman’s widened as he saw Parasite chuckling and back on his feet as if nothing had happened to him.

Superman (shocked/thoughts): That’s not possible..... That blast should have knocked him out cold.....

Parasite (amused): I gotta say that last attack would have probably taken me out, that is if your powers didn’t save me of course.

Superman (curious): What do you mean my powers saved you?

Parasite simply chuckled a little more before answering.

Parasite (amused): Now why would I tell you how? Its much more fun seeing you standing there all battered bruised and confused little a little kid. But I gotta say Man of Steel, if having your powers is always gonna make me feels this good, I might actually let you live just barely so you don’t cause me any more trouble.

The purple monster roared at the top of his lungs as it flew head first into Superman with its clawed hands stretched out as he once again attempted to grab his target and begin taking away his powers, Superman merely ducked under him and gave him a powerful uppercut to the chin that sent him flying right into the air. Superman immediately flew to Parasite and the two started exchanging blows, with each one releasing a small shock wave.

At first they were evenly matched but Parasite had the clear advantage as his adversary was still recovering from his last attack and was slowing down considerably. The creature smirked as he kicked Superman in the chest causing the Kryptonian to cough up blow, he then grabbed Superman by the hair with one had and started punching him in the face and gut with the other.

This went on for a short while until Superman’s eyes once again started glowing red as his temper grew, Parasite launched yet another punch at only for it to be blocked, before he could react Superman gave him a powerful strike to the stomach with his knee causing Parasite to clench it in pain. Superman then got behind his enemy and gave him yet another strike to the back of the head with his elbow.

Parasite (coughing): You... you son of a bitch.... if you think this is gonna do me in you better uff!!!

Before he could finish Superman caught his serpent like tongue and ripped it out of his skull, Parasite immediately placed both his hands over his mouth as the blood started dripping out of his injury.

Superman (pleased): You talk too much for your own damn good and besides if you really do have all my powers your tongue should grow back in no time.

Parasites left eye twitched in frustration as the tide of the battle had turn in favor of his target, he scowled at the Man of Steel, before he could continue the battle Superman flew towards him gave him a drop kick to the face which sent him plummeting towards the ground below creating a crater upon impact. Superman immediately flew towards it so he could keep him from getting away.


Parasite lay on the ground within the newly formed crater and moaned in pain, with his enhanced sound he could hear Superman coming and coming fast, he managed to get back on his feet and transformers into his human form and exited the crater as a crowd of curious citizens formed around it to see what had caused it.

Superman then appeared above the crater and started scanning the immediate area to see where Parasite went too, he looked at the crowd and scanned them all with every type of vision at his disposal to no avail, unbeknownst to him that his enemy was right there hiding in plane sight in the crowd.

Superman (thoughts): Looks like he had one more trick up his sleeve, good thing I have a sample of him so he won’t be hiding from me for long.

He placed the tongue within a small containment unit on his belt and flew away so the drones within the Fortress of Solitude so that the drones within could study it and hopefully give him some answers as too what Parasites really are and how to counter act them.

Parasite (exhausted/relieved): Damn….. good thing I left this little trump card hidden away just in case, still this guys tough and Il need to be smarter next time I fight him.

Using his heightened hearing he heard police sirens off in the distance and quickly exited the crowd to get away from the crater as fast as he possibly could. Still he was injured and needed too rest or feed to speed up the healing process. He then noticed that he was receiving a call from his employer and answered it knowing that he was not a man whose patience should be tested.

Boss: Mister Jones! I see you’ve been quite busy as of late, tell me, how did your little bout with our little ticking time bomb go?

Parasite (angry/whisper): Not too good, this Superman guys pretty powerful but he’s just as weak against my powers as any ordinary human, I should have no problem killing him next time.

Boss: I don’t want you too kill him Mister Jones, I merely want you to test the limits of his power and reveal to me what they are, I assume you can keep your….. Tendencies in check?

Parasite (amused): I assure you sir that im a professional and ill keep me tendencies in check. I wouldn’t be one of the world’s greatest mercenaries if I didn’t know when to be patient.

The creature then remembered it needed to feed, he didn’t know when Superman was coming back and he needed plenty of energy too fight him, two girls wouldn’t be enough this time. It was then he noticed a small child waiting for his mother who was too busy getting money from an ATM.

Parasite (happy): Listen boss you’ll get your full report on Superman by tomorrow, just be a little more patient and I promise ill get you results. Bye, bye now.

He ended the call and turned his attention to the little boy; he walked up to him with a large smile on his face.

Parasite: Say kid.

Tommy: im sorry mister but my mommy told me never to talk to strangers.

Parasite (curious): Even if that stranger happens to know Superman?

Tommy (excited): You…. You really know Superman?!

The creature smirked as he caught the boy hook, line and sinker. He placed his hand on the boys shoulder and the two started walking to a nearby alley.

Parasite: Sure I know Superman, it’s just a shame you won’t live too see him!

He transformed back into his Parasite form, pounced on the boy and started sucking away his life force. As the boy was turned into nothing but a shriveled corpse much like the two girls before him, Parasite heard the mother calling out for her child.

Mother (worried): Tommy? Tommy where are you?!!

Parasite (Tommy’s voice/shouting): Im over here mommy!

The mother walked into the alley hoping to find her son, she then saw the corpse of her only child on the floor and a large purple monster with blood red eyes and a large grin on its face looking at her. Tears started coming out of her eyes as she turned around and tries to flee from the alley only for Parasite to grab her by the leg and drag her back in.

Mother (scared): Please! Some one help me! Anyone!!!!

He put the mother on her back and placed his hand over her mouth to stop her pleas for help.

Parasite (Tommy’s voice/whisper): Don’t worry mommy… You’re about to join me in hell!!!

The mother eyes widened in shock with tears streaming from her eyes as Parasite started laughing sadistically and drained her life force with a single thought crossing his mind.

Parasite (ecstatic): Who ever said you can’t have fun on the job?

To be continued…….

I know the part at the end has no relevance to the plot but I thought closing out the issue with a scene that shows just how much of a monster Parasite really is would be a great way to end it. Plus I love writing Parasite as this sadistic monster that loves to screw with his prey before he finally kills them and I think this scene really shows that.