Beyond Good & Evil #7

Bane: Grettings Chancelor, you and I have a lot to talk about.

Palpatine: Who are you and what have you done to the Senat building, are you responsible for the power outage.

Bane: I am but a simple bounty hunter who is here to finish the job he was pay'd to do, and that is free the Hutt Ziro from custody.

Palpatine: I do not negotiate with the likes of you.

Bane: Ah but I have something you want. He shows the captive senators and the corpse of senator Pilo.

Bane: If you don't free Ziro within the next 6 hours, we will blow up this entire building and everyone in it, if it so much as crosses my mind that you called for help, Il simply blow it up anyway. The choice is yours.

John (thoughts): So, I have 6 hours to save Skywalker and the most important people in this galaxy for my first mission as a Jedi, no pressure. Id rather not risk anything, I need to get Skywalker, he should know this place better than me, but without his light saber im not sure how long he can last.

John, runs back into the building hallways, he closes his eyes and tries to use the Force to find out where Skywalker is, he sees him wounded but still alive running away from 2 sentinel droids and a mercenary. He doesn't have much time before they get to him.

John (thoughts): Using the stairs wont get me to him in time, but this might work.

John finds a window and jumps out, he uses a concentrated Force blast from his feet to jump several stories into the air, he grabs the wall with his free hand, and uses his other hand to cut through a wall with his light saber. He then hears the mercenaries outside and sneaks up behind them.

Sentinel Droid 1: Where do you think he is?

Sentinel Droid 2: I do not know, but judging by his injury he should not have gotten far.

Sentinel Droid 1: Roger, roger. John: Hey guys, whats going on?

The mercenaries turn around and immodestly identify him as a Jedi and start shooting at him.

John charges at them and cuts the droids heads off before they can even draw their weapons. The 3rd imp like mercenary tries to knife him but John punches him into a wall, the imp starts coughing up blood and sees a massive dent from where he impacted the wall.

Imp: What....are.... you ah. John grabs him by leg and hangs him over the hole in the wall from where he entered.

John: Start talking, who paid you to free Ziro.

Imp: The Hutts.

John:...Do you really think im that stupid? I know that Ziro tried to kill Jabbas son and he allied himself with the Seperatists to do so, but Ziro is a proven incompetent imbecile, so he must know something very important for the Seperatists to risk so much getting him back, what is it?

Imp: Youre smart kid, Il give you that, a lot smarter than the rest of the Jedi but im no rookie, you can't intimidate me.

John has a smirk on his face as he drops the imp and listens to him scream.


John, brings him back up with the Force, but doesn't let him back in just yet.

John (thoughts): Good, he's scared, he knows I don't play by the Jedi rules and I will go further to get what I want.

Imp: Pant, pant, pant the Seperatists have a factory on Geonosis, the Republic knows about it but they don't know where it is and what it's producing, Ziro is the last living person who knows, please can you let me go now AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Suddenly his head gets electrocuted, John tries to take off his communication device but he's too late, the shock from the fall and the further damage done to his brain kills him.

John levitates his body back into the building and turns around to find Skywalker.

Anakin: Pant, okay, I don't sense them but I hear some one walking up.

He grabs a nearby box and holds it up in the air. He sees someones foot and immediately tries to attack. John steps back and lets Skywalker fall. He makes a small chuckle.

Anakin: John?! What are you doing here? Where are the mercenaries?

John: The mercenaries are dead, I took care of them, I also know the reason as to why these guys are here, but first lets patch up your shoulder, Il fill you in.

An hour later....

John: Your shoulder feeling better?

Anakin: Yeah, so Ziro knows about this prototype weapon and the Confederacy doesn't want us to find out where it is, how did no one know about this?

John: Theres a mole in the Republic, some one powerful who could have access to Ziro 24/7. Oh and by the way, why does senator Amidala have your light saber?

Anakin: I um, um I must have dropped it, it can happen.

John (thoughts): Hes obviously lying but I have more important things to worry about now.

John:If you say so, we should focus on getting the senators to safety, if we can get them out of Banes hands hes as good as done.

Anakin: I have an idea, the floor below the senators can be cut through with a light saber, if one of us can distract the mercenaries long enough, the other one can cut through the floor and saves the senators.

John: How do you know all this?

Anakin: I played a lot in this place as a kid, you find out a couple of secrets along the way.

In the senate meeting room....

Bane calls Chancelor Palpatine.

Bane: Chancelor, how is the process of freeing our friend going?

Palpatine: We are getting there but we need more time, if you could perhaps free several hostages...

Bane: Heh, just for trying to insult me Chancelor, your time has been cut significantly, you now have 45 minutes to free Ziro and get him over here on a transport craft. So please, try to hurry up before my associates get bored and start shooting out of fun.

He turns off communications to the Chancelor.

John and Anakin over hear the conversation, and decide who's going to do what part of the plan.

John: Have you fixed those droids yet? The holograms ready.

Anakin: Almost, you sure this'll work?

John: If what you say is true, the Chancelor will bring Ziro even faster here if he finds out youre a hostage, the droids and the hologram of the Imp should fool them long enough for me to cut through the floor and free you all.

Anakin: How are you going to find out the factories location?

John: Heh, trust me, I always have a plan.

The end of the second arc in the next issue...

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Beyond Good & Evil Upcoming Event

So now that the next issue of my ongoing Mass Effect Star Wars cross over is on its way some time tommorow, I wanted to let you guys know that with #8 the first major event will begin, it is called War On Geonosis, it will consist of 4 story lines that will further develop the relationships between characters and set up future story lines such as Death Watch. I cant say much for fear of spoiling it but the first 2 stories will be about the Republic attacking the former capital of the Confederacy, Geonosis, they will detail the hunt for the Geonocian leader Pogle while the other 2 story lines will be.... Well lets just say if you are a fan of zombies or the Aliens movies, then these last 2 stories will be right up your alley. Hope you guys enjoy this big event and keep reading the comic :)

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Beyond Good & Evil #6

John (thoughts): Its been 3 weeks since I joined up with the Jedi, Master Revan has been teaching me through meditation, through this ive been able to gain years of experience and knowledge through only a few weeks.

Revan: We are done for today, how are feeling?

John: Yawn, pretty good but don't you think its time for me to actually put my training to good use? I've been cooped up in this Temple for weeks now.

Revan: Master Yoda has already made plans for your first deployment, you will be going to Geonosis, the planet where the Clone Wars started.

John: I heard about that, do you think its smart going back there since they couldn't hold it last time.

Revan: That I don't know, but I believe you are ready for this, you can do this. I will see you when you return to Coruscant, good luck. He vanishes.

John: Thank you master, yawn....I need to get out of this Temple before I lose my mind.

He walks through the temple watching the kids play with a smile on his face, he reaches the Temples exist and looks out into the city.

John (thoughts): So, where am I going to go first? Skywalker did say he was going to the Senat building, so I guess Il go there. John, hails a cab and tells the driver to take him to the Senat.

Several minutes earlier at the Senat building...

A group of thuggish looking men and droids reach the Senats main entrance, they're leader is a blue alien with tubes going into the side of his mouth, his clothes are reminiscent of cowboys from Earth, they reach the entrance but are stopped by several Republic guards.

Guard Commander: Stop, the Senat is in session no one is allowed to enter without permission.

Bane: Of course officer...Let me just get my friend on the link and NOW! He and his allies draw theyre weapons and fire on the guards, most of them are gunned down but 1 wounded soldiers on the ground tries to shoot Bane in the back, he is killed when he is snipped in the head.

Bane: Good work men, the plan is to get into the building and hold the senators hostage, prepare the charges and make sure no one discovers us before everything is set up.

In the Senat building....

Anakin: Come on Padme, what do you say we run off to a nice tropic planet for a while?

Padme: I can't Ani, I have responsibilities here and so do you. But some one in this relationship has to be mature.

Anakin: Oh you don't think I take my responsibilities seriously, here. He hands her his light saber. This weapon is my life and I give it to you.

Anakin: Heh, oh Ani you really do think of crazy ideas sometimes but that's why I....

Bale Organa enters the room and tells Padme she needs to meet with the other senators immediately. She leaves but forgets to give Anakin his light saber back. The meet with the other senators but they are all loudly rambling about whats going on, at that moment Bane enters the room and his mercenaries place detonators around the senators in a circle.

Bane: Ladies and gentlemen of the Republic, I am Cad Bane and today we are your hosts, if you coöperate with us this well end quickly and pain less, if you don't well then hehehe my colleagues will have their fun.

Senator Philo voiced objections on being taken hostage, he attempts to leave but Bane casually shoots him in the back without a second though, he then orders all of the Senators to hand over theyre communication devices before they can call for help. The other mercenaries finished setting up the charges, they also cut the power to most of the building. Anakin notices this and rushes to the senators to find out whats going on.

At that time John reaches the building with his cab, he feels that something is wrong as there are no soldiers guarding the entrance.

John (thoughts): No one protecting the entrance, somethings wrong here, I should take a closer look at whats happened here. He searches the area and comes a cross dead bodies piled up and hidden away. He immediately identifies the wounds that came from a blaster and 1 from a sniper.

John (thoughts): Well I did say I wanted to put my training to good use, time to see what ive learned. He enters the building and sneaks up to find Bane and his mercenaries shooting senator Philo and taking the senators communication devices. John tries to pick up a frequency and calls Padme.

John: Senator Amidala, whats going on?

Padme: John?! Is that you? Oh thank good ness, these men are holding us hostage, theyre trying to bribe the Chancelor for something I don't know what, you have to make a distraction I cant let them find this light saber that Anakin gave me...

John: He did what! Why did he give you his light saber, look.... nevermind, im going to find him and then were going to save you, just hold on a bit longer.

Bane, over hears Padme talking.

Bane: What are you doing there senator, turn around. She does so but sees Anakin surveying the situation, Bane turn around and orders his men to fire on him.

Anakin: Oh no, agh....

Anakin is shoot in the shoulder, he falls to the ground but quickly picks himself up and starts running away.

Bane: You 2 droids and Krang, go after that Jedi, I want his head.

John (thoughts): Hold on Skywalker, I just have to get a nice look at all his friends and then Il be off to help you. John uses his omni-tool to get pictures of the entire group, he thinks its enough but Bane starts talking who hes here to bribe and why.

Bane: Well now that we've secured the area, if you would all be so kind as to wait a moment while I have a nice conversation with your boss. He actives his communication device.

Bane: Grettings Chancelor, you and I have a lot to talk about....

To be continued....


Beyond Good & Evil #5 Updated

John (thoughts): This is Master Yoda...I can already tell this will not end well for me.

Yoda: Is something wrong young one?

John: No, its you werent what I was expecting.

Yoda: Hehehe, decieving appearances can be, come, time to meat the Jedi High Council it is.

John: You two coming with me?

Anakin: Sorry, this is something youre going to have to do alone, me and Ahsoka have some other things to do, good luck.

John and Yoda enter the temple and walk through the hallways.

John: This place is amazing, it must thousands of years old. And so many kids here.

Yoda: The Temple home it has been for the Jedi Order through many troubled times. And soon you also will become a Jedi.

John: But whats so special about me? Why am I so important that you risked your most powerful Jedi to come after me.

Yoda: The Force is strong with you, I have not sensed such potential in many years.

John: But how is this going to work, a lot of these apprentices are trained since theyre 3 years old. How am I going to catch up with them.

Yoda: You are not the first older apprentice to rise through the order.

John: Skywalker, should have known.

Yoda: Do not worry, certain I am that everything will end well.

The two of them enter a elevator that takes them to the Council Chamber.

The Council Chamber....

Windu: This entire operation was a massive waste of resources and time, sending out Skywalker to save some boy we know nothing about who could also be a spy.

Kit Fisto: Perhaps we should see what the boy can do before we judge him

Obi-Wan: His situation is no different from Anakins years ago, and he worked out well...for the most part.

Windu: I would not agree on Skywalker, true he has mastered the Force but not his emotions we should focus more on..........

He is interupted by the arrival of Yoda and John, Yoda takes his seat while John positions himself in the middle of the circle, the others stare at him and evaluate him.

John (thoughts): So this is the High Council, what are they waiting for and how are they going to test me.

Mace: To test your basic connection to the Force, I will display images on this datapad and you will using the Force tell me what you see. Lets begin.

The datapad shuffles through the pictures, after test is finished it reveals that Johns score out of 20 was 12. The masters are visibly not pleased with this, but Yoda remains optimistic.

Windu (whispers): Like I said this is a waste of our time, we have a war to deal with, we should focus on battlefield and not this boy.

John: Im not a idiot, I can hear you and how about you say that to my face.

Windu: And hes arrogant,I am Mace Windu, second in command of the Jedi Order and I suggest you keep quiet before I...

John: The only one arrogant here is you, I dont care who you are, I was brought here for a reason, once its decided that I livea Il leave, my training in the N7 prepared me for places like the Terminus systems or your Outer Rim territories, if you want another soldier to throw against the droids then how about this. We have a sparring match, I win I get into the order no questions asked, if I lose Il leave and youll never hear from me again.

Kit Fisto: Perhaps we should indulge him, he has a oustanding record in the Alliance military and Master Skywalker did vouch for his skills personally.

Obi Wan: Anakin is the last person we should be taking reccomandations from, but still he has potential and it would be a terrible waste if we could not develop it.

Windu (thoughts): This boy seems smart Il give him that, but still there is something dangerous about him that I dont like, still the others do have a point, I will test him out personally.

Windu: Very well, I accept your challange, we will settle this immedietly come with me.

John follows the other masters to the sparring ring, he finds the entire Jedi Council looking at him along Anakin and Ahsoka who just arrived.

Ahsoka: Whats going on why is John fighting Master Windu?

Plo Koon: John is trying to prove his skills in the ring, we must evaluate his skills.

The match begins, Windu charges at John with Force Speed, John immedietly targets for his knee cap to shatter it but he is blocked, Windu grabs his strike leg and upercuts him with both of his legs, John is sent flying the air, he rubs the spit of his mouth and prepares for Windus next strike.

John (thoughts) I underestimated him, his Force skills give him a massive advantage over me but still I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Windu once again strikes first, he tries to immobilize key areas around Johns body, but John counters everyone of his jabs and is able to get in a hit himself. He strikes Windu at the left shoulder, it leaves Windus left arm paralyzed.

Windu (thoughts): Hm, this boy is better than I thought but Ive played around enough its time to end this.

John tries to kick Windu in the head, instead Windu grabs his leg and breaks his knee cap with a kick, he then punches John in the gut, his mouth starts filling up with blood some of it even starts coming out. Windu then grabs John by the throat and holds him up in the air near a chasm.

Windu: You have lost boy, surrender before you get hurt.

John: Go ^%*& yourself!

Johns eyes turn red, he upercuts Windu which sends him flying through 2 stone pillars. Windu tries to get back on his feet but John grabs him by the throat and bashes his head into a stone wall.

John (possesed and to Yodas mind): I am Revan, the Xel Naga tasked me with training this boy and you will accept him into the Order! He has a greater destiny than even the Choosen One and you will guide him through it or the universe will burn. John quickly snaps out of it and all of his injuries are healed.

John: Huh, what happened! Did I do this?

The other masters look on in fear except Ahsoka, Obi Wan and Yoda.

The next day...

Yoda: Yesterday your full powers went out of control and Master Windu was grevously injured, but alright he is now. We have decided to accept you into the Order to properly train you in the use of your powers.

John: Who is my master then?

Revan: I am, my name is Revan, a former Sith Lord and now servent of the Force beyond the grave, I will teach you to be a fine Jedi.

To be continued...

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