It's all a lie. Every single word, every memory. All a lie.

Einmyria shot out her hand, sending flames bursting forward in an attempt to release her frustration. She sighed as she slid down to ground, her back resting against the side of a volcano, surrounded by the rubble from her tantrum. Staring out, her eyes roamed over the volcanoes and fire pits of her home.

Is this even really home?

Angered, her body ignited in fire, melting the rubble around her to molten rock. She raised her hand and fire burst forth from her palm. Staring into the heart of the flame, she felt moisture begin to gather behind her eyes.


Snuffing out the flame, the heir apparent to Muspelheim slammed her head against the volcano, causing it to erupt in a burst of sulfur and lava. As the magma poured over her skin she began to wonder just where she went from here.

And then she laughed.

"I have no home," she said aloud as she began to rise. "So I shall make one." Tying her swordbelt around her waist, she placed her hand around the hilt of Lævateinn. "I will watch the nine worlds burn," she stated as she turned her back on where she once called home with dry eyes.


And so she left Muspelheim behind her, venturing forth with the sole purpose of watching her flames engulf everything.