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Name: Einmyria Firestorm

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Whatever need calls for.

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Sinmara (Mother)

Place of Birth: Muspelheim

Physical Appearance

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Age: 18

Eyes: Bright Green

Hair: Blood Red

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 143 lbs.


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Einmyria was was born in Muspelheim to Sinmara, the wife of Surtr. Raised by Surtr and her mother as a Princess of Muspelheim, she was taught the art of war from a young age. Smaller then most of the Fire Giants, Einmyria felt the need to constantly prove herself. This need drove her to excel in many areas such as her control over flames, swordsmanship and marksmanship. Surtr spoke of the Ragnrok often and how flames would one day rule the 9 realms. As a girl, Einmyria would dream of standing by her father's side, bloodied sword in hand as they watched the flames grow. Alas, these dreams would die shortly after her 18th birthday during a training session. While sparring with Hrinmeer, she grabbed his greatsword in her hands, turning the blade into brittle ice. Sinmara saw this occur and took her daughter deep into the depths of Muspelheim where she tells Einmyria that she must leave.

Powers & Abilities

Strength: Stronger than man but not as strong as most Asgardians, Einmyria is capable of lifting up to 10 tons.

Agility: Einmyria's reflexes are second to none. Due to her affiliation with flame, she is capable of movement nearing the speed of sound.

Durability: Fire is apart of Einmyria being a fire giant, therefore she is resistant to any and all flames and capable of consuming fire to help boost her own strength. Recently it was discovered that she also has an affiliation to ice and is capable of resisting temperatures well below the freezing point. These affiliations make her body resistant to most physical damage.

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Stamina: Having trained all her life, Einmyria can push herself past the limits of many a warrior. Unbeknownst to her, the temperatures provide a constant source of energy, more so the higher or lower they get.

Master of Twin Blades: As a child, Einmyria learnt quickly how to adapt. Her stature being less then average and her strength levels not as high as many of the Fire Giants, Einmyria found that dual weapons gave her an advantage. She is capable of wielding two greatswords, one in each hand but prefers to fight with a longsword and dirk.

Master of Fire: Einmyria has always been one with flames and had a beyond natural affinity for fire. She is more adept with wielding flames then even Surtr.

Frost: Einmyria has recently discovered that she is able to manipulate ice as well as create it but is still trying to learn how to control this talent.

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Master Archer: Being of a smaller stature and having less brute strength then most, Einmyria trained tirelessly with a longbow. She is capable of hitting targets with near-perfect accuracy, firing multiple arrows at a single target within seconds, hitting multiple targets in rapid succession, and hit minute targets in the greatest of distances. Proficient in the use of regular bows, longbows, compound bows, and crossbows.

Manipulation: Einmyria has been known to use her female wiles to gain the advantage on numerous occasions. She is not beyond using it as a weapon and very easily can sway man or woman to her whims. Her prowess at manipulation extends beyond sexual as she is capable of convincing almost anyone of anything.


Quick to temper, Einmyria's foes are able to incite her to drop her guard. Her emotions often get the better of her. Her inability to control her powers over the cold has also been known to cause grief during battles.

Weapons & Equipment

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Lævateinn: Sinmara gave this sword to Einmyria as she left Muspelheim. To Einmyria, it is a simple longsword.