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Hellraiser Inferno, spoiler heavy review 0

This was a very dark story, not bad, actually quite good, but dark.It basically centers around a more then slightly corrupt police detective, who snorts cocaine, cheats on his wife with prostitutes, and is competitive to an extreme, he is called to the crime scene of a murder, the victim being someone he knew from high school, the "weird" kid he bullied off the basketball team, there he finds a child's finger and "The Box".The detective plays with the box, and it activates...But unlike the usual...

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A great issue, but don't let the cover fool you 0

OK let's just get this out of the way right now, Spidey and Sabretooth don't fight in this issue, yeah the covers more then a little deceptive in that sense but read the issue and you'll be happy you did.  This issue is the second to last part of the Assassin Nation Plot story arc and may be one of the arcs best chapters. Spidey continues his reluctant alliance with the ultra-violent anti-terrorist Solo as they fight a group of terrorists, Captain America and Silver Sable have tracked down the a...

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The bugs dont bug me, the writing does 0

OK as a huge SST fan this close to the trilogy was something I highly looked forward to, sure the 2nd film was a little bit of a let down to me, not because it was bad, but because it tried to be a little bit more of a horror then a sci-fi film, and I knew Marauder was going to get back to basics with more giant bug fighting action... it did... but that's one of the few things it did right. Casper Van Dien returns as Johnny Rico, who (along with Jolene Blalock's character) was one of the only tw...

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Not the best of the series but not the worst either 0

OK lets start this off by saying Edward Furlong and David Boreanaz were awesome in this, David especially as the villain of the film was superb. And it was nice to see Edward Furlong again, though I do have to say his acting feels as though it went downhill since T2 and American History X while watching this, but still a good job. Tara Reid also does a good job in this movie. All that said their performances are the shining roles among a D-List cast. The plot was a bit convoluted at times, mainl...

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Simply Incredible! 0

Yes there was SO much that could have been messed up about this movie, but no thankfully the end result was one of the best, if not the best Marvel animated feature thus far (Death's Head was kinda a wimp in it, but aside that great stuff) So the Hulk is captured and launched into space by the Illuminati, this is all done in the films start, how the Illuminati captured him is not shown (read the comics) But Hulk is supposed to land on an uninhabited world, but after throwing a rage filled tantru...

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A fitting end. 0

While this movie completely goes against the established Death Note lore, Manga or Anime, it serves it's purpose well as the close to a trilogy of live action films. L finds himself with 23 days left to live after writing his own name in the Death Note in anticipation of Light Yagami's actions, and now even though Kira is dead, and L has given his own life to stop the man who thought himself god, L is trying to solve as many crimes as possible in his final days on Earth, and despite Ryuk's attem...

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Something Something Something LMAO! 1

A short time ago in a studio apartment far far away, or very close depending on wher you live, I laughed my bleeping ass off! As much as I liked Blue Harvest, Something Something Something Darkside is way funnier, much like every pretentious SW fan (myself included) will tell you ESB was the best of the films, so too am I sure Family Guy fans will call this the superior parody. From the first scene with the Wampa (as portrayed by the Cookie Monster) attacking Chris Skywalker to the final scene w...

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It was made for kids, not die hard fans... OH WAIT A TIC.. 0

OK people love crapping all over this movie, but lets be real here, this movie was meant to be kid friendly (more so then the animated series even) and we die hard fans hate that a show we grew up on as kids seems so childish... wait WHAT? Yeah the DB/DBZ/DBGT anime series have a huge built in audience who wanted to see this film stick with the source material 100%, and yeah they rewrote it completely, but lets be real, three big gripes are: Goku in high school, or any school really, Bulma with ...

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The best movie of 2009 0

Blood The Last Vampire is a non stop thrill ride that puts every other blockbuster this year to shame with heart pounding action, intense special effects, an outstanding plot, great acting, oh and lots of blood & gore too! The story centers around Saya, a 400 year old vampire with a human soul (who is far more bad ass then Angel BTW) she has been sent to a military school where she is enrolled as a student  to investigate a string of unsolved murders that the council believe are linked to va...

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Guy humor at it's best-plain and simple 1

My Name is Bruce is a great film for guys... But your wife/girlfriend will probably hate it. The film stars Bruce Campbell playing himself (or more accurately a broke womanizing hasbeen boozer coward version of himself) The film starts like many horror films before it, Teenagers drinking and making out in a graveyard decide to vandalise the hollowed grounds and release an ancient demon-Guan Di, the god of the dead and... bean curd!?! (remember the bean curd thing it turns out to be a big plot de...

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Death Note-a must see 0

It seemed to many fans of the manga and anime that Death Note could never work as a live action film, thankfully this Viz film is proof we were dead wrong. Now I am reviewing the English language version, so I can't critique the Japanese acting as I only understand every other word, but thankfully the voice-over actors who did the english dubs are the same cast who dubbed the anime into english, making this an easy adjustment  for American fans. While Death Note is not a gory film, mostly focuss...

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