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Stat of something special? 7

Batman has a very special place in comic and general folklore. Even people who dont read comics can probably tell you how he got started and except for the likes of Spiderman and Superman thats a rare thing. The people who do read comics and watch the various Batman cartoons and movies have seen his origins numerous times and can state the film that young Bruce and his parents where going to see, the name of the mugger etc. So you may ask why another origin? I'am getting ahead of myself so i wil...

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Bright new tittle for the Dark Knight 5

Before i get to the nitty gritty of the actual review let me explain where iam coming from so people can better understand my view point. I have read quite a few batman novels but never bought a continuous series before, due to a combination of a wide array of tittles and never catching the boat fast enough when i new series starts. Howeveer today i arrived early and have bagged myself an #1. Enough about me lets get the the review.The GoodI was drawn to the art and having heard good thing about...

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An X-force Collection? 4

For those of you who have read any of my other reviews you will probably know I am a big X-Force fan,  with the previous (before the Uncanny series) being my favorite series for sometime. So when this newer team of artists/writers and characters came together I was both intrigued and slightly dubious about it. Living up to the previous run was something I thought would be very hard to do especially with introducing a new team dynamic and losing a few fan favorites from the roster. However, in at...

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Xforce once again best second coming book 1

So far in the second coming rac the real major big hitting issues in terms of actual arc plot easily fall into the last two xforce books. Twenty six "the previous issue" had the very well handled and widely predicted death of Nightcrawler and this issue once more kicks the fighting up another notch and brings some real tension and emotion to the second coming arc.  The Good Once again the xforce team combine both steller visual work with excellant writing , this issue even has a prelonged sectio...

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Disapointing 0

So i picked this up looking for alittle lighthearted  but intresting story. But while the lighthearted behaviour i was looking for was present, the stories contained in this issue mostly just didnt cut it for me.  Having Marvel writters/artisst etc appearing in a comic is nothing new and very rarely when they do appear does it come with a seal of quality. So when i got past the first couple of pages i was concerned, having what can only be discribed as a  F or lower list person interacting with ...

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Surprising 1

After Reading the start of Second Coming i decided to look into Hope more. Finding this one shot issue i thought why not ?, could give an intresting look into the character and how Cable has watched over her. After reading this issue however i feel while it offers some intresting insight into her relationship with stand in father figure Cable, it feels alittle disjointed to read.  The issue is broken into 4 mini stories  ranging from Hope being quite young till mid teens. These time gaps while e...

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Wow 1

So everybody knew that this issue was gonna play a major part on the second coming story line, so something big or at least relevant was expected. I have to say this issue for me didnt disapoint in slightest, the implications of the events in this issue could have a lasting effect on the xmen as a whole not just the black ops team.  The fights where awesome in there staging and representations of character, i  particularly liked rogues brawl and the team work manouver from x-23 and pyslocke. The...

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