Worst Villians to meet in a dark alley.

In no special order just bad people to bump into on a a night walk. Basicly people whos pressenca long would freak you out, let alone the unspeakbale things they could do. Will add any recomendations.

List items

  • Crane enjoys installing fear so a bump into him would be truely nasty.

  • Clown prince of crime hismelf is never the best perosn to bump into especially if your just a random expendable non memember of the batfamily.

  • Psycho with a deforemd and scray looking head , also probably weraing nazi related gear.

  • Looks like a dmeon , would send a shudder to you very soul

  • Horrible ungodly monster of a thing to see in an alley.

  • He etas people nuff said about that.

  • Huge deformed rampaging monster , again nuff said

  • brutal and sadistic killer who is also a great fighter another nightmarish person to find.

  • Unlikely for him to be outside ihis dimension, but that just makes his potential pressence all the more alarming

  • A killer armed with a symbiote truely aweful concept to bump into.

  • THis si more of just a sight thing since he tries to be good at least.

  • Master fo the cenobites and all around creepy looking dude.

  • mentally handicapped sadist with a human skin mask and chainsaw is preety awesoem concept to find.

  • Not so bad if you no longer a teenager or young adult but his look and equipment would still be a shock to the system.

  • You see death anywhere and its bad times.