Ultimate Superhero Police force

Bascily  a team of people who would make the best polcie force that the world would ever see. Will add recommendations.

List items

  • He is the law, would be alittle agaisnt other peopel morals but the law would be upheld thats for sure.

  • Aside from his awesome anti-criminal handywork hes also a fine detective and forensic investigator.

  • Very little would phase him , would be a tough cop thou.

  • Morally driven wanst to sreev country would make a fine officer.

  • Much like cap his strong morals would lead him to be a fine inforcer of the law.

  • he was built to do it.

  • His methods maybe alittle off but he would get results.

  • Hes a cop , he has an axe and hes bad ass nuff said.

  • Private investigator training would help him as a detective, would aslo be great for manpower.

  • Was basicly a mutant police officer so he knows the drill.

  • Bruces best trainy and a fine assest to any police force.Previous Experience also

  • Super speed cop, for usefull member of the force.

  • Being a Green Lantern is essentially being a space cop, and Hal is the best earth has had to offer in my opinion.

  • he would make a Ploice Chief and has a wide raneg of skills that would be usefull in the force.

  • the ultimate interpreter , essentiall for cross language/species questioning.

  • evidence storage , special witness and tech crimes devision. Due to her technpath skills.