Top 10 animated hero films

My personal favorite top  ten are

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  • In terms of plot and general awesomeness this is hard to beat.While its animation may not be dated its still a top notch watch.

  • The best of the new breed in my opinion covers the inroduction of Hal Jordan to the corps well and the animation and story are both great.

  • The second best of the batman animated creations. The most modern batamn solo tittle. Great action story and portrayal of characters.

  • TH bets of the Batman/Superman film in my opinion. Greta support cast for the big two here and the fights and general pacing is great nice plot is just the icing on cake.

  • Hellboy is aweosem, animtaed hellboys is also nothing but win. The first of the animated hellboy movies and probably slightly th more solid over all of the two

  • Superman becoming more powerfull, ok. Intrestingand nice story around the relationship of superman and louis when clark thinks hes days are numbered.Animation really shines on blueray.

  • The best of the bunch in terms of multiple characters , the main players of teh league are all here. The story is unque and cool also.

  • This is in intresting little animation. You will expect certai things you will most likely be wrong. Great story and interaction between charecters and thou animation style is alittle classic still fits well with current batman mythos.

  • THE big two at it again, This time with less univerasl scope just the two heroes avoiding the bounty presidnet lex has put on them. Nice to see grand scale of fights and interaction betwen various roques and heroes .

  • This is a small collection of differnet styled shorts. while the stories are short the various shorst are all really well made with some really nice touches in terms of animation style and story play.