My X-force team

Having lost interest in the new Uncanny X-force team i thought i would make a dream team of sorts made up from the previous rosters of the killer X-men.

List items

  • Team leader and probably the most capable and natural members to the team. Has shown the ability to do what many others could not for the greater good.

  • Some say shes just the female wolverine, but she isn't. When she was on the team it added a nice dynamic's with Elixir and Wolverine. Add the raised as a weapon and trying to be more like a "regular" person aspect and shes a great development/interaction character as well as being kick ass.

  • His inclusion to the Uncanny roster was at first said to be "not another book with Deadpool" by a few people. But he introduced some comedy and some interesting development with his team mates. Look at his recent turn with Genesis for example.

  • Quite simply hes a cool character and hes under used. Was a solid member of the first wolverine lead x-force and was bad ass in arcs that included his zombie brother and sacred spirit/totem animals.

  • Genuine bad ass female characters who can hang with the boys club are few and far between in the X-force series. Along with Psylocke and X-23 she has the chops to kick ass and bring that much needed female presence to the team.

  • His inclusion is a no brainier for me. He paid for the cave they use he has been an active member for ages and his relationship with Psylocke was a plot point.

  • Probably the most evolved character from the Uncanny first run. Her love triangle with Angel and Fantomex caused major changes in her personality and her dynamic with the team and her family.

  • Some would say this is an odd choice considering the other options available. But He is a double edged character he can bring a innocence to the team but also his abilities have more than there share of uses. Remember the team recruiting Vanisher? . Gold skin healer dark skin killer is a an awesome and underused aspect of the character who is now lost in limbo he would be a great addition to the team once again.