Empire Falls/untitled

Original Concept ideas for the World and characetr of Edward Windsor
  The world remains virtually the same but due to the fall of the british empire never happening England remains the worlds largest superpower " yet to conclude effect on ww2". England like during the empire is the scientific/technoloical center of the world where all the best scientists an technicians aspire to work creating a think tank society of great minds in the nations capital.  
The city is modern metropolis with quirky victorian kick backs in style to pay homage to the origins of the empire,  clothes are equially simular in terms of style retro looking modern designs, people look backwards equally as much as fowards , which is why the city is the powerhouse that it is.
Maintaing the empire is a constant strain on the government's time and resources with small scale rebellions still occuring throughout the claimed lands, rebels have placed the british royal family top of a list of  targets to take out ,followed by senior political and scientific figures within the empire. Fearing that the attacks may one day strike the queen reluctantly allows experimentation  into preserving the royal blood line.  Many ideas are brought foward , cloneing, tranferable conciousness advanced armour and holographic decoys to protect the royals.
The idea that gets the most backing is storing a sample of the royal dna and using advanced gene altering techniques in order to create either clone body doubles of the royal family or a secret police force with a family tie breed in for extra loyalty. The results of these programs would have the best training the empire could give with the SAS/MI6 and the best education money can buy.  
The hero " as yet unnamed" gets schooled and trained in  an advanced growth state meaning he ages two and half times faster than a normal human, so hes ready to fight quicker but still has long enough time training to be effective. Hes abilties would include  superhuman speed ,agilty ,strenght and healing factor with slight mental abilties such a telekenis and telepathy " all parts of his body are enhanced to well above peak human", using his power to actively causes an age spike meaning he will age at a higher rate for a couple days " the more he is used the harder hes pushed the shorter his life span"
certain powers age and effect him in different ways. Prelonged usege of certain powers make his other less affective due to tiedness , booster serum shots can keep him at peak for a further 30 mins after being completly drained of energy but cant use the serum  often due to dependancy of addiction, serum will cancel the ageing spike as well.
Alt origins
Nephew of the queen is infected with a virus when hes parents ae killed in a terrorist attack against the empire killing the prince regent and the childs mother. The queen demands the scientists do everything they can to save the chid with what they have availble to them , the gene altering controls and remoevs the virus but not before its corrupts and mutates the childs genes , giving him  new found power but at a cost.