Old bio- Blog

Name: Edward Arthur C Windsor "C stands for Century or 100"

Nicknames: Project Windsor, prince of power

Age: 25

Alias: Project Windsor, Iron Duke

Height: 5 " 9

Weight: 220 pounds

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Birth Place: England, London

Specialization:Speed Blitzing , Mind assault and general H2H/armed combat


My name is Edward. I am named after a father i never had, killed by terrorists before i was born. In his stead i was raised by the aids of my mother. I say mother I've known since i was a child that unlike most people i wasn't born i was made/manufactured for a purpose. This Purpose was originally a dark one, to seek out and destroy enemies of my mothers nation. A goal i refused to honor, i offered my mother and her nation my protection but never was willing to be its soldier. My body was made to serve my mothers kingdom and wishes, so i had to honor this is some way at least as its guardian.

I spent everyday of my life from the age of four till this very day working on besting myself in order to offer others the chance to live normal lives with their families. My home while lush with pleasantries was still a broken one , i had no real father figure just trainers and teachers. My mother saw me a handful of times a year mostly when she needed my protection or to make an appearance and check on the process my siblings and i where making. My siblings like me where all created all ninety nine of them, and we where often put against one another in various forms of testing to encourage competition and to improve our training. My brothers/sisters and i only came together for combat training and classes. The girls where stationed at Balmoral castle (see left) and the boys Windsor (see right).

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No Caption Provided

While to you i assume these Places seem magical and pleasant , they where essential nothing but a prison to myself and my siblings. From ages four to eleven i studied seven hours a day, and had martial arts and athletics for two hours a day. Then from eleven to eighteen i did physical training and ability based placement training for fourteen hours a day. The ability placed training regime consisted of like powered siblings sparing our skills till one submitted or was unable to spar any longer. Upon my 18th birthday i was selected by a board of trainers as the person best suited to protect mother, not because i was the most powerful or the most cunning or even the best technically. I was selected for one reason only i was one hundred percent loyal.


{ The following information below is stolen from my MI5 restricted files}

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File: Windsor , Edward

Known Abilities- Telepathy. Trained in mind infiltration and thought extraction as well as psi combat including partial brain paralysis attacks on multiple areas of the brain.

Telekinesis- Has demonstrated the ability to lift and crush objects with around 5 metric tons of force as well as complex tasks such as lock picking and sword fighting with great control.

Super Speed- Clocked at running mach 2 or 1522 mph, at full speed he creates a miniature sonic boom and is to fast to spot or hear until he has stopped or the boom reaches you.

Healing Factor- Can consciously repair any potentially fatal body injury within a matter of a day or so depending on severity. Reports of repairing from bullet and knife wounds are in the minutes and broken bones in hours.

Agility and Reactions- has years of performance and martial arts training enabling reactions and agility far greater than a normal human due to his superior genetics. Demonstrated the ability to perform advanced acrobatic combat maneuvers to dodge firearms from point black range and react and counter attacks within microseconds.

Equipment and Allies

Body Armour - State of the art made of a fine weave of man made spider thread. Is stronger than steel and capable to stopping multiple bullets and puncture wounds to the body with ease . Incredibly strong durable and can be stretched and shrunk to fit even to the extremes of body alterations. The suit is one piece gloves and socks in built on both sides. (Always wears)

Boots- Generic military grade boots customized , heel's contain a small emergency medication kit a GPS and small breathing apparatus(Always wears)

No Caption Provided

Ring Of Raphael- This silver ring is worn on right hand under the suit ,it remains beneath Edwards armor and always in contact with his skin. This Mystic artifact is empowered by Magic unknown rumored Avalonian in origin. According to folklore as long as this Ring is in contact with skin the wearer is immune to demonic possession control and their soul can never be claimed by hell. Rumors also that's it returns souls of the worthy back to the body for resurrection upon death.

Rumored to have been worn by several champions including King Arthur, Richard the lionheart and even Robin Hood. ( Wheres often as a keepsake)

No Caption Provided

Sacred Spirit Sword"alias the Blue Flame"- A potent magical sword that's infused with powers specifically designed to hurt and possibly kill angelic and demonic beings. The swords blue gem lights and heats up when threats are near. The magical blue fire that springs from the sword enables the person wielding it to attack not only the body of a target but their soul or spirit itself. A heavy strike will damage both body and soul, the fire is said to harm anything that has or has had a soul including souls themselves.

The second of the fabled swords of Avalon after Excalibur and before the more mysterious Dawn bringer Unlike the other two famous swords, this was forged by man and empowered by the Mage of Avalon. Its metal may not be as strong as the likes of it brothers but it handles all of their weaknesses and is considered the equal of Excalibur as a result. ( only carries when he feels he may need it)

General threat assessment of Edward Windsor to the British Empire is slim due to his continued allegiance, however several of the items/powers in his possession we see as possible threats to the safety of the nation if they fall into the wrong hands. Recommended actions include regular briefings and video surveillance.

General James Cannon Head of National threats department

Teams and history after leaving the UK

After a few years of serving his home nation as its solo guardian fighting off various threats from within and outside the kingdom, a truly horrible event happened that altered his perceptions of the kingdom itself. One of Edwards many siblings had gone rogue leaving in his wake a trail of devastation along with the bodies of most of his other siblings. The once many children of the Windsor Project where now down to only two Edward and his elder brother Arthur , one day of madness has wiped out 98% of the projects work and 98% of Edwards family.

This event dramatically damaged Edwards views on the kingdom and his remaining family. His mother made no comment about the loss of her " children" she never even informed Edward of the events that had taken place while he was away on a mission. This loss of faith in the system he was raised lead Eddy down a road to which he could see only one exit, leave and make a life for himself elsewhere doing as little as possible for the system which had once defined him. So he left and went to America in search of heroes like himself in order to do good elsewhere. After awhile he joined a team, then another once that team disbanded and so on to this day. Edward served as a member of the following teams

  • Vine Titans West
  • The CODA
  • Champions of Peace
  • Justice League

During his time in America Edward has been plagued by visits from Arthur his only remaining brother. Edward quite rightly loathed the very mention of Arthur and saw him as the cause of all the horrors in his life. Arthur having destroyed the family he swore to protect had made him loss faith in his family and himself and this lead to many battles whenever they came face to face. The conflict was brought to a head in the events of storm in a tea cup. Leaving Edward a changed man in more ways the one.

Various Events outside of main stream Vine universe

Alternative (Ninjan) Universe

Edward like everybody else has multiple versions of himself living throughout the multiverse. The Edward of the Ninjan universe is very different to his mainstream counter part. While his name and very much all of his powers and history are the same there are many vast differences. Due to his Father raising him instead of his mother he is much more competitive and has driven his powers in new directions. Thanks to this different upbringing and his training he is permanently shielded with a thin Telekinetic safety shield and has focused his telekinetic abilities well enough so he can sustain both his shield and have the ability to make himself fly. However the rest of his abilities are identical.

Edward of this universe spends most of his time protecting Britain and its allies from global threats, such as alternative project Windsors programs, military engagements and acts or terrorism. He is supplied with tech form MI5 which has accumulated some of the worlds best scientists in order to safeguard the nation and its friends abroad, with the best technological equipment on Earth. He Is known to be his worlds first Manufactured superhuman and has no secret identity to speak of. Being the first known Super on his planet as well as being the only son of the current king means, hes life is under constant review by the media. Hence he is also a much better public speaker and socialite than his mainstream counter part as well.

Very little else is know about Edward of this counter universe but more will be revealed when the information is available.

Non Rpg Vineverse

Lazystudent By Tonis
Lazystudent By Tonis

< This is a submission to the design a Lazystudent costume by Tonis. Here Edward Windsor the prince of power has been shown to be a bad ass cyber biker. This version of Edward is rocking head to toe armor and unlike his mainstream vine counter part has several style patterns on the go, including fire stripes union jack boots and awesome tron like under armor.

Lazystudent By Payno
Lazystudent By Payno

>This isPayno's entry to the same contest. Imagine if you will a young student part time hero part time study fiend mix alittle of marvels Cannonball in and you get this. And excellent design with sleek lines and colour scheme perfect as an under lab jacket student costume but also styled for battle.

Lazystudent By MSFeathers
Lazystudent By MSFeathers

< Mix if you will the sleek and casual style of Asian school uniform with the slight added geekishness of glasses and throw in some good demonstration on power and we have this Brilliant version of Lazystudent submitted byM.S.Feathers. "Love the touch of the glasses its quite me."

Lazystudent By DomDom
Lazystudent By DomDom

>Last but not Least is this smart casual superhero entry by DomDom. This Lazystudent mixes smart work clothes with a strong heroic colour scheme for the perfect all in in one outfit, why have a costume switch at all if you don't need to. A striking combination of jumpsuit and tie taht very heroes could pull off i think but this proves lazy can.

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Scouring the scorched earth- (Prime) Alternative future Open RPG

First there was the event, then the chaos and finally the fall. The event took us all by surprise the chaos was beyond our ability to control and fall was inevitable we where stretched to far and to thin. We all did the best we could but it wasn't good enough. The sky the sea and cities all burned the flames torching it all, leaving only this charred dust. The remnants of our civilization all but gone the survivors now more feral monsters than men our technologies spent and our resources near depleted.

It was now the time of every man for himself, former allies and enemies fighting for what little control can be had in these dark times, wars over scrap metal and murder for near spent batteries. And in the midst of it all was an old weary warrior king. His body beginning to fail him after years of valued service but he wasn't dead yet and he still had things to do, if he could hold out.

No Caption Provided

Now he had but one mission left in him try to make the east coast and see his homeland one last time. He's knees no longer able to handle the continued speed in which they once abused he would now walk the wastelands in search of a way home.


Agent 13 - Nobody does it better. (A CVnU origins)

" Dam and blast it, where's 13?" An elderly gentlemen sat in his high backed leather-bound chair, his frustration clear to see. His office oddly like a Victorian smoking parlour with its dull red paints and dark brown wooden furniture. This was the office of a person of power who could do what they wanted, the office was surrounded by 3 sides of bookshelves covered in rare and strange books from throughout the globe. Odd trinket'S sitting on the shelves between them. Objects that seem impossible or strange beyond comprehension. This was the office of the head of MI-X her majesties secret occult and supernatural defence agency which was affectionately called SOADA by the elderly man. Everyone one else stuck with MI-X mostly because it sounded cooler.


"Sir Godfrey ?, sorry i am late i was detained at my medical.The nurse required a sample" a rye smile crossed 13's lips as he approved of his own double entendre. Sir Godfrey sat up high in his chair and pointed at the vacant seat opposite his desk " 13, i hear your an outstanding agent and can look forward to long time working with one of the many agencies. But i have called you hear to day to offer you the change to get into the field now. I have a mission that we could use a man of your skills on. No more training,active service starting today?, are you interested young man." 13 considered his words carefully " Sir, i hoped to be stationed in 6 branch, i want to show those guys up in 6 that the gun toting megalomaniac approach they currently use can be bettered. I want to show that Craig fellow how spies should really work." Sir Godfrey smiled at the young agent " Your a driven man , that why we want you. I cant speak for 6 but i do know the bond project to which you referred is their bread and butter and it wont be changed by the likes of you or i. Here you have a chance to make your own name anyway rather than using that 70 year old label for top agent. What do you say will you join SOADA."

13 paused and contemplated the offer before him, a lifetime of wanting to be the next top agent at 6 crushing his mind as he tried to focus on the options in front of him. A sudden realisation came across the agents mind like a spark of electricity lighting his very own little thought bulb. " You said SOADA didn't you Sir Godfrey ? so this is MI-X ? i thought this division was science fiction." Godfrey chuckled to himself laughing off the comments of the young and naive agent " Your surprised that we actually exist?, i thought you where supposed to be the all knowing future star of the countries leading spy department. My boy you have much to learn and not much time so shall will take a tour? i will show you how little science has to do with our line of work."

With that the two strolled out of the room and into along white corridor.

5 years later

COUGH , spit. " Look i have already told you i was just looking for the bus station"

"SILENCE!, we know who you are agent and we know because you where stupid enough to tell at least a dozen women at the hotel your registered at, your incompetence doesn't end there either you liaised with one of our operatives and you told her you where here for the tooth of Cerberus (spinning it around in his fingers). Now how about you tell me your little plan and what your government wants with it"

It was at moments like this the thought crossed the young agents mind that womanising had its cost, painful costs in this case but he remained resolute that he did the right thing. "Which one was your agent?, i "talk" with alot of women. Was it the ridiculously sex pun named Swedish one? the waitress? the cleaning lady?." smiling at his captor antagonising him that much more. " I will ask again, but this time i will use my interpreter , i feel something of the nature of my question has been lost in translation." reaching for a long piece of knotted rope.

Shuffling a little in his bound chair the agent turned his head as much as he could, twisting his wrist to see just how much slack he had for movement he laid out his plan in his head."

Reaching his right hand over his left wrist he felt out looking to see if he still had his watch on. He could feel the imprint on his skin but the timepiece it self was gone. "Looking for this?", one of the guards smugly parading the device under his nose. "Yes actually, can you tell me what time it is in London right now please?. If i'am going to die shortly it would be nice to know what time it is at home." the guards looked at each other one nodded and the second began to speak "how do you see this?" , " Press the small button on the left hand side of the watch twice". Closing his eyes and rolling his head away from the guards suddenly a burst of fire like lit up the room burning all in its path, the guards scattering from the impact hurtling them like flaming skittles in to the nearest hard object.

Rolling with the blast 13 managed to use its force to slam into his captor. A complex and extremely lucky result in this case. The force of the collision shattering the chair across the man's chest causing his to cry out in pain as his ribs shattered beneath the blow with freed the agents arms. Reaching out for the captors belt he grabbed at the mans pistol and placed the barrel under his chin " Give me the tooth , NOW!"

COUGH, Spit of blood "BANG"


Broken Britain

February 14th 2037

No Caption Provided

"Your highness our forces cannot withstand this assult for much longer. They outnumber us 10-1 and with your orders of capture and detain we are losing more men than we can pull out of the fight. We must use Lethal force or soon we face total defeat." .

"Thats enough! , dont presume to tell me how best to rule my country and watchover its people. Need i remind you the people your up against are our own citizens. I will not become a dictator and i will not support lethal action against my people."

" We need action your majesty, your sence of honor and fair play will see us crushed beneath them. Chaos will reign and your house will not."

"So be it, fetch my armour. At exactly 21 hundred hours you pull every man you have back into the palace. You guard every brick wire and bolt of this place. My family are your one and only priority. I will deal with this situation myself."

"Sir there's hundreds of thousands of them!"

"I only need to deal with one of them and the rest will no longer be a problem. Where was it my son was last spotted."

August 21st 2036

"My friends, the problem we all face is nothing short of total defeat here. We cannot place the source of the ongoing attacks on our nations capitals, we cannot source the apparent contagion that is spreading through the populace and we cannot be seen to harm the infected." Edward Windsor stands for a second looking around the room at the last of his remaining allies " We are beyond our capability to deal with this without the correct intel, and gathering this intel will only keep us from trying to slow the spread." Sitting back down his head fell into his hands. "Eddy we have a duty to our people to come up with a contingency plan to preserve as much as we can now." looking out through the gaps in his fingers Edward shakes his head "We save it all, heroes are supposed to save it all. if we cant do that we arent doing our jobs right. Call me when this nonsence is through and your serious about getting the job properly done. Untill then dont waste what little time we have." with that the former prince and now King of the British Isles shot from the room.

"Outbreak riots approaching London, cordons expected to fail within months without greatly increased man power. More tonight on the 9, oclock news"

"Kids come on its dinner time"

Sitting at the stately oak dinner table surrounded by the finer things Edward watched as his family came to join him. Arnold his straping son all jawline and dark features like his father , a promising young leader and respected keen mind also from his fellows at Oxford University . Followed by the unmistakable brown haired blur of Annabeth Windsor the six year old speedster all curls of hair and pink faced from her usual high speed games. "Annabeth Windsor !, what would your mother say?" Edward winked at his son who knew what was coming, looking up through the mess of curls Anna replied " No running in the Palac,e it wears out the Carpets. Iam sorry daddy." " Its ok Annie just remember its dangerous to use your abilties indoors, lets not forget accidents do happen and i dont want to see you getting hurt". Arnold smles at his father as he remembers his parents both telling him the same when he was her age. The Windsor's sit and enjoy their eligant meal and with its conclusion Edward walks to his his daughters room hand in hand with his youngest.

"Daddy do you still think about mummy?, i do. Do you miss her?" Lifting his daughter up he looks her in the eye as he crryies on walking " Every day Annie, every day. But i have you and your brother to take care of, and mummy would want me to focus on that" placing his youngest down in her bed he kisses her forehead smiles and leaves her " Goodnight Anna" heading back downstairs he hears the sound of cascadinging shattered glass as it shatters further still on the marble floor, turning towards the noise the king of England is greeted with a solid fist to the jaw. "You are not safe , your family isnt safe we can harm you or them any time we want. This is your one and only warning. Submit to us or be destroyed." Anger fills the king as he pulls himself up towards the intruder swinging his head at his opponent he shatters the unknown mans nose and lets his body drop to the floor unconscious. "GUARDS! GET HERE NOW!!!!" looking down at the body laying in front of him it takes every fibre of his being not to crush the life from it. An audiable sonic boom fills the air as Arnold appears in front of his father.

"Arnie take your sister and go to Champions City we still have a few friends there. London is no longer safe for you the battle is on our doorstep. Take my sword and my rings. Give the blue one to your sister." Handing arnold the silver ring from his finger he looked at his eldest son " it will help protect you, once you get to champions city use this device and it will lead you to a safehouse." after handing his son his former champion communicator. Hugging his children one last time Eddy looks them both in the eye " Stay safe , blend in and dont use your powers unless its life or death. Do you hear me Annabeth Windsor. Now go its not safe here."

No Caption Provided

BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM the sound of the explosion travels fast and before his kids have even left the former champions eyes he spots the pillar of flame from the enbankment. Big ben was ablaze the war was really here in london.

Chapter 2 London Re-vamped ( ongoing work)

Amongest the damp and decaying decore of an undisclosed underground station two figures sit talking cloaked by the shadows of the forgotten station. "How will the cattle realise it is us behind these attacks if we dont show our faces". "Silence you muppet. If the elders say we keep quiet , we keep sodding quiet. Its all part of some grand scheme .You know how they are, just go with it and save yourself the trouble." The smaller of the two shakes his head " Well perhaps i think the elders need a new attitude, i will be dammed if iam following some ancient idiot because its just the way things are done. Idiots follow others,people with the facilty to think lead.". The larger of the two waves his hand in a downwards motion signally his friend to pipe down "Sure you run your mouth now while its just the two of us dont you Johhny big bollocks. Yet once you see an elder you toungue shrivels up and its brown trouser time. You need to realise that this plan isnt supposed to be rushed its the fucking end game, we are playing for keeps. the elders are just exercising the element of suprise. They expect the old blood and guts routine and thast why this plan will work." The smaller one smiles " i wish i had your faith, they still outnumber us and have their champions who are just as strong as anything we have."

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Fictional Influences

The Rules:

Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen fictional characters (television, films, plays, books, etc.) who've influenced you, and that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall . Try it yourself below because I'm interested in seeing what characters others will choose.(To do this, go to your Notes tab on your profile page, paste rules in a new note, cast your fifteen picks, and tag people in the note.)

  1. Fox Mulder- Very Admirable Character, extremely dedicated to his causes and open minded enough to except all options avalible to him.
  2. Edward Hyde- At first he was a rampaging monster but later he gained focus and was able to achive great things " refering the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen version"
  3. Indiana Jones- The combination of intellgenge and motivation. Has a strong drive and abilty to follow his thoughts through.
  4. The Crow - Hes a bit wrath of god like but hes does what he de does because of love.
  5. Connor Macleod- Hes kind of bad ass but also a good guy. Studied hard for centuries to be a great fighter.
  6. Batman- Both hugely clever and emotionaly complex. Bruce has many layers and is clever in what he shows to people.
  7. Doc Brown- the dude invented a time machine twice! including once with only steam power. Hes crazyness is alittle like mine.
  8. Egon Spengler- I love science and wear glasses , people think i should be like this guy. Awesome though he is i have slightly better people skills thanks to my (dont be like Egon mantra)
  9. Shadow - Very likable character from American Gods. Reminds me to pay atatention to whats going on around me so i dont get as confused as he does.
  10. Lancelot Du Lac - Very honorable warrior who's heart is both in the right and wrong place at the same time. Oh lord have i been there.
  11. D'Artagnan- Bravery and arrogance ar a bad combination unless your truely gifted. Confidence is a good thing, but carefull this guys confidence nearly kills him a few times.
  12. Jason- When your dads a god and your set an epic task you would do well to ease through it like Jason. Cool headedness made his trials realitively simple unlike his cousin's Hercules trials.
  13. Jareth the Goblin King -Hes methods maybe alittle questionable but he did everything that Sarah asked of him out of love. And the dude can sing lol
  14. Yoda- Focus and morality are a strong theme for me. Yoda is the a very strong example.
  15. Mr Lazy- Inspires me , if your Lazy live will pass you buy, in the case of Mr Lazy because he is sleeping.

Quite a weird mix some may say , but hey iam quite a weird guy. Look foward to seeing what you guys come up with.


The many Looks of Lazy (Blog post)

So basicly  i thought it would be kinnda fun to make a blog dedicated to showing a sort of time line of the last 6 years of my life in terms of how i have changed apperence wise/ i also helps me alittle towards my picture upload quest lol. I warn you in advance I was at Uni during this peroid and that peroid was bascily my personal 1980s in terms of style, retro is cool thou right?. Lets begin

No Caption Provided

^This was taken the day before i left for  Uni notice the short styled hair and tinniest ammount of stubble lol. This did not last long, also no glasses i could see properly lol!

No Caption Provided

Fast Foward almost a year of uni and bam long hair, and yes i wore an alice band all the time i feel i carried it off.  One of the best photos of me i reckon. A pic of me in a shirt an tie is rarer than Asguardian hammers.

No Caption Provided

The growth Continued  i even allowed a friend to plat it as you can see , thankfully i didnt have this for more than the afternoon. The pink band to much?

No Caption Provided

Not happy with already having a mop for hair i started the beard project , a most unwise move but i pressed on. Sadly that Ghostbusters poster was destroyed i ripped it when i was drunk and fell down the wall lol.

No Caption Provided

This was the Begining of what was known as the messiah phase by my friends , and the what was i thinking peroid by me lol.  I was rung by the archbishop of Canterbury when i looked like this afetr my mate Mat entered me  in a contest to be jesus in an easter parade thing i politly declined.

No Caption Provided

Thankfully i got the razors out eventually, thou i had to use scissors first before i could use it. Funny story was actually garden shears since we lost the scissors ah student living.

No Caption Provided

With the beard gone i felt i was missing something, so i trained my eyes not to work so well and so the glasses came in. For some reason we apperntly had an orange light in my studnet living room i obviously didnt notice till after this.

No Caption Provided
Becoming slightly more presentatble again i once again chopped the locks down. The permistubble started to come in as well,  You will also noticed this is when the lazystudnet persona began along with my psn account of the same name.

Tux tshirt
Tux tshirt

Before finally Getting to this my current and  Start of comicvine look , i have changed alot no?  shame i didnt time it right could of been an extra in Thor with the beardy look . Hope you enjoyed the random journey of the Looks of Lazy and this hasnt been just  a sort of vain  quest seeking blog of randmoness, comments below  guys cheers for checking it out.

Blood on the soul, but not on the hands


Centuries have dropped by my ever woken eyes like drops of rain in the storm of life. My mind a collection of velvety black still life photos interspersed by violent crimson explosions of lust and wrath. Visions of their faces forever stalk my peripheral vision, lurking just in my sight constantly the forever growing armies of the ghoulishly white undead. The many i sent to an early grave for my own selfish needs haunt  my every waking moment , is this my pennance for the life i have chossen to live ?. Should i have ended  the reign of terror before it begun ?, are the people i killed the collateral damage that inevitably comes from war?. Will the countless of my kind i have likewise sent to their graves mean anything in the balance of my crimes?. Is my existance as the man that i now am worthy of the prelonged life i have been given?. Pulling his head up Leon looked around his meager apartment,  no pictures nothing that comforted him just cold hard surfaces and his weapons littered the dull lines and curves of the furniture. Standing up  and walking over to the window a crack of light shines throught the tiny gap between the curtains. The sun was rising, soon he would have more control over himself. But with control there must be a purpose and Leon  had  only an impossible goal, the totally eradication of his kindred sleepless and soulless stalkers of mankind.

Daylight to sight , Night to fight

The city though bathed in the warming light of the sun still flet cold as ice to Leon, the city was just constant shades of metallic grey broken up by tiny sections of equally grey tinted glass. The city was souless both lacking the colour and variation of life.  The city was a reflection of himself once something beautiful and vibrant with the zest of life flowing through them, spreading  bright and colourfull sights as far as the eyes could see.  Now the city was a mass of monotonal buildings and streams of robot like people who just moved from home to work and back again, like a group of mindless worker ants for their various fat queen like employers. Leon was sickened at how the world had changed from his boyhood. Granted time changes things but wasnt change supposed to be for the better. This city was now full of shadows and the unmistakable hand of the deathless had obvioulsy been involved in making it this way.
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Neighbourhood Watcher

Part 1

 Every neighbourhood is a brotherhood of families, and like some siblings not all brotherhoods get on. But in the spirit of community families often come together and look out for each other and the places they live. This story is of one such community,  a small country side town simply known as little bridge. The town was a quaint and tranquil place filled with paranoid and fearfull people  who deeply mistrusted anyone who wasnt "local". Their fears  lead them down a dark path in search of protection from the great evils the paranoid see in all shadows and the dark nights. In search of safety and to ease the fear that stalked the town,  they set out to find a unique insurance policy to ease the troubles of the populus.
After many months of studying all the lore of magic, science and the occult that they could get hold of . The towns librarian came to the conclussion that in order to save the town from the untrustworthy they should seek protection of a sinister means. A town meeting was called to which the heads of all the families where to attend. The meeting itself was on a seemingly innocuous summer evening, in the church hall at the center of town. The attendance never spoke of the long discussion, or of its dark and demonic nature. Any who quizzed them on the subject where swiftly silenced, some via the back of the hand and others by more brutal means.  After a few months the meetings subject was still very much a hot topic amongest thoose not in the know. But the subject that  many where discusing was of an equally sinister nature, the sounds that filled the nights air and then smell on the east side of town every morning.

Part 2

Summer came and went and the town was as peacefull as  it had been for along time, but only a few knew what to attribute the new found peace to. The keepers of the towns biggest secret become less and less reliable workers and  family members,  they became further and further retracted from their former selves shadows of the men they once where. The only member of the fabled meeting who didnt seem to becoming a ghostly visage was the librarian, who strutted around town with an air of new life and confidence. People began  to talk and after awhile the heads of the families started to fall morbidly ill. The towns doctor was puzzled none of the men showed any bodily marks of any kind and the only common ground between them was the infamous meeting and the town itself.
By November the heads of all the major families where either dead of dying of the unknown affliction which plaqued them. The librarian himself claimed to have found a potential cause to the epedemic, all the men where smokers and he claimed the illness was based on an affliction of the lung. The towns doctor noted that while it was true that all the men where smokers,  younger and female smokers remained healthy at least for now. The night still held terror around the town and the morning still held the foul smell upon the breeze, but upon the deaths of the family leaders they grew weaker until they  where far fainter than the peak of summer. In a combination of fear and simpleton logic the town once again held a meeting of the eldest heirs of the families. The following night  the noises returned with guster and the morning breeze held an awefull scent as potent as it had ever been.

Storm in a Tea cup Part 1


Part 1

Edward awakes to the sound of his phone ringing, the shrill automated tones boring into his mind like a drill. Rolling over in his bed he outstretches his hand and pulls the phone to him using his telekenis like an invisble string to link the two together, its a London number what could they want. " Edward  we need you to attened a meeting here at HQ as quick as possible we have some important news for you , its in your interest to be prompt. Alert the desk when you arrive and we shall talk." Then the sounds of a dead line, must be important  Eddy gathered they didnt even say who they where. The wording sounded military and strangely familiar , getting up out of bed puting on some clothes when finally the thought dawned on him. The call was from Dr Blackman the Queens personal and countries best physician, something big was up he hadnt spoken with this Dr since he was a teen and was having his regular growth and health checks.
Deciding there was no time to waste Eddy started to run towards England as fast as he could muster, the phrase " its in your own interest " bouncing round his head like a cheap screen saver , what did he mean.  After a few hours of runing Edward  is in London and stopping at his appartment for a quick change, smelling of sea water and a bit sweaty isnt a good way of attending any meeting after all. A quick dash later Edward is now at MI6 HQ and makes his pressence know to the staff at the desk , who waves him through the doors ahead of him and then making the sign for 4 . Continuing his walk down the corridor  and reaching the lift Edward walks inside and selects 4  and waits as the lift moves down to the designated floor.
Walking out of the newly opened doors Eddy is greeted  by the sight of Dr Blackman talking to a few other white jacketed doctors  whom upon noticing that he had arrived disperse and head in various off shot rooms, leaving just himself and the good doctor alone in the bright white clinical corridor. " Ah Mr Windsor please come on through, you still prefer being called mr  and not buy the royal title i pressume. Its been some time Edward my boy ", Eddy smiles and simply replies " Mr suits me fine  still doc". Blackman smiles back at Edward but with the hint of uneasyness, the smile looked hollow as if if he was trying to mask something.  " Edward i dont know how best to say this so its best i come right out with it , we need to test your blood asap. We have reason to think you health and life maybe at risk from an unexpected further mutation of your genes." Looking up at Edwards face and witnessing the shock he continued  "This mutation was brought to our attention by one of your many siblings, who is now in one of our wards. The mutation is causing the body to no longer repair itself and thus with your already advanced life cycle your lifes duraition could be affeceted even more so"
Edward consents to a blood test, feeling weightless and floaty as the heavyness of the words are to much for him to deal with. What if he was also at risk , how could he fulfill his many lifes ambitions and goals , how long would he have left. Sitting in a stunned silence looking at the floor in front of him Edward awaits his results 

Part 2

After a internity of  waiting for his results another thought dawned on Edward, namely which of his siblings was the one that MI6 had on site.  Edward  Walks to the front desk and addresses the receptionist " Hi where is my Sister/Brother located please, i want to check up on them" calmly and not without a certain sence of authority the lady behind the desk swiftly replied " i am sorry you dont have clearence and your health would be at risk, we cant allow you to see them at this time." Edward was puzzled by this statement and repeated the question slightly differently " Let me rephrase, where is my brother or sister?, i have top level clearance and i will take all precautions needed. Lets not make this any more difficult then it has to be." The receptionist looked back at him , looked around scribbled something down on a piece of paper and pushed it towards him. Edward walks back towards the lift opening the paper as it travels up to him, there in rather neat but hastly written note the words ( floor 5 room 7) .
Getting into the lift and traveling down to the floor Edward realises that the room was probably being monitored and he strickly didnt have permission he had to be fast and as careful as possible. Finding a spare lab jacket on the back of a chair with name tag attached edward picks it up and stashes it  under his suit jacket, so it remained hidden to any cameras and staff about . Finally reaching the room Edward opens the door swifttly and closes it behind him. Looking directly into the room now he could see somebody in a plastic tent ahead of him wired to several machines, whomever it was they where clearly in a really bad way and since this was a problem he could possibly later face it was a sort of mission of mercy come self realization of what could possibly be coming. Putting on a  surgical mask that was hanging on the wall nerest the door he approached the bed.
"Hello brother , i senced you coming." said the voice from under the plastic, in a tone that went straight through Edward like a blast of ice cold air. "Arthur, i should throttle you right now for what you did to our family. How dare you , you single handedly detsroyed all of what was good in this family, and now you use it to get you help.  I would rather die than be in your debt." the anger was building in Edward he turns away from his "brother" only to be cut through again by his voice " You think i want to help  any of the  loved children of the program , they found me and they are using me as a guinea pig  before it affects somebody they do care for, such as the likes of you." Turning back around to face Arthur , Edward  replies " Who brought you in?" Edward picks up some charts at the foot of the bed  all showing worrying trends showing Arthur wasnt improving. " Brother surely you dont think i would give away that juicy piece of info for nothing, like the pictures ( pointing at the graphs)  they look good to me." Edward knowing his brother was trying to antagonise him just replied " you must be holding them upside down then, but they will sadly probably fix you. On the positive side least it means i get to escort you to nearest prision for you crimes in the not to  distant future."
The door starts to open behind Edward, who quickly checks the room for cameras, spotting two he realises the disguise he had hidden would be useless.  Placing the jacket down on a nearby table he  turns to view whos entering the room, It was Dr Blackman.

Part 3

" Hows our patient today , uuhh Edward howd you get in here"  fumbles the doctor.  Edward smerks and simpley replies " You honestly think i wasnt gonna check up on a relative  that was in the building, tut tut doctor. Why wasnt i informed he was here? and i hope you have some results for me now since you not in my good books " Arthur sneaks in with a sour comment from his bitter tongue  " do tell me brother dearest here has to join the plastic tent club, that would make my day  actually make that  my month" Edward Quickly turns to Arthur stares right into his eyes and remarks " i swear one more outburst like that and the next thing you will be doing is being fitted for a pine box ,you get me " Arthur mumbles " Spoil sport " Eddy was back facing the Dr now waiting expectantly " well ?"  he says in an inpatient tone. " You want the good news or the bad news first?" the doctor replies, Edward gestures for him to move it along. " well then, you do have the same genetic deafult as your brother" Arthur mubbles something, Edward gestures his hand in his brothers direction covering his mouth with a small telekentic shield ." Do be quiet for a few minutes brother, continue doctor". Dr Blackman started up again " while you have the same problem as your brother , your abilties are slightly different and we believe with you focussing enough energy into  grouping these renegade mutations together we can oust them from your body and allow your healing factor to repair the damage. However we are not sure this will work 100% the stress on the genes could cause the mutation to accelerate at an exponential rate till your completly altered on a genetic level." 
Edward stunned by the information loses his focus and releases Arthurs gag " Oh my its like the best soap opera ever " he giggles. Eddy is clearly annoyed by the comment and is about to do  something rather un heroic to his brother, when a skull shattering pain races through his mind like  barbed lightning. Edward shouts out as he crumples to the ground , cluthcing at his head. Dr Blackman hits a red button on the wall and in comes a flood of nurses and doctors who pick Edward up and wheel him out of the room much to Arthurs amusement who sits clapping under his tent " bravo , bravo give that man an oscar oncore, oncore". The trolley comes to rest in a room down the corridor with various doctors performing multiple tests on Edward who was now clearly out cold. Dr Blackman shouts over the chaos " get me another blood sample stat , i think the mutation has started we havent much time. We need to get the alpha and beta vaccine samples here asap"
Edward unconscious at this point was now  seeing himself in what appered to be some kind of prision , shouting out Eddy waited to see if he could get anybodies attention and find out what  was going on.  Soon as edward let his head dip in fatigue  a figure appeared ahead of him wearing what appeared to be some kind of ancient style suit of armour. " hello Edward iam the man you fear to be , after years of using your powers at safe levels you havent moved on or learned anything. I'am what you could and should be, and iam taking this chance you have given me to force my hand." You think a minor health problem like your currently experiencing would affect me ?,  i have mastered my genetic abilties  as you to should of have by now. Your genes are controlled by your consious mind Edward surely the best tactic here is to fix yourself correct?. Wrong let your  subconscious mind take over, its primal actions are far more instinctive and require no focus to be achived they just do as they know." Edward looks at this person standing in front of him studying his stance and looking over his armour. " If your truely me and the master of (our) genes why the armour? surely there would be little for you to fear in terms of damage." The armour let out a small laugh which was both eerie and familiar  before replying " your not ready to see me as iam just yet dear boy, soon thou soon."
The figure ahead of Edward dissapers as quickly as he appered leaving Eddy alone in his cell , contemplating what was really going on.

Part 4

Back in the MI6 building 
"Where the hell are thoose serums! " shouts Dr blackman in a voice mared with anger and confusion  , whilst looking franticly for an answer from his surrounding colleagues.  "If we fail to save this patient  you might as well kiss you jobs goodbye, the queen will be furious." A nurse runs into the room with a sheet of paper "doctor the blood results from the second sample", "what? this makes no sence, are you sure this is the right sample? "  the nurse sharply replies "100% doctor i took and ran the sample myself.".The doctor pauses for second,  his mind trying to compute an imposabilty. The results showed  no spreading. The status of the genes where stable. Why was the patient  outcold then? he considered to himself. Finally a man entered the room armed with a two vials one with a strange metallic liquid simular to mercury in apperence and the other with a black liquid which looked thick and almost tar like.  
The Doctor picks up the first vial ( the silver looking one) and prepares to inject it straight into Edwards neck. As the needles approaches his skin  reaching minimeters before contact a sudden burst of telekentic energy fills the room, pushing everybody back from Edwards still movement less body. His body starts to vibrate at such a pace the bed starts to rattle and shake apart leaving a now floating body in the middle of the make shift E.R. After the body seems to calm down and the dr had managed to pull himself up from the previous blow, he approaches Edward. As he approaches he starts to hears two voices but not in his ears, like they are being broadcast straight into his mind.  " Blackman leave me be, i have this under control i know what iam doing" clearly said the voice of Edward Windsor followed by another voice which sounded almost like an echo of Edwards "This is for his own good, no harm will come to him." The doctor couldnt believe what he was hearing who was the 2nd voice ? how was Edward in control if he wasnt concious ?. Stepping towards the body once again intending to inject edward with the same vial he had tried seconds before, he reaches out and again trying to inject Edward. This time the needle hits the skin but cant puncture it no matter how the dr tries, as he tried for the 4th time he heard another outburst " Doctor i have this under control" said the Echo like Edward voice.
Meanwhile inside Edwards cell he is once again talking to the man in the armour suit.
"How can you be helping me if you wont let me leave here and try to fix myself"  says Edward in frantic voice. " I'am showing you that you dont need their help. You have spent you entire life doing stuff the way your mind tells you, listen to your heart for once. If i had ment to harm you would i have not done so by now?" Says the suited man in a calm but slightly sinister tone.  " I think you need some motovation to change you ways fair enough" The suited man starts to remove his helmet. Edward watches and waits as the man reveals his identity to him, " Arthur" Edward shouts as his face becomes clear.  " Appereances can be deceiving Edward, I'am you. Where one way in you life you went left i went right and this was the outcome."  Edward thinks for a minute " so your saying you an alternate me ? . Come on Arthur you dont expect me to believe that."  Edward's double ganger simply replies "rather than just tell you, i will show you " he reaches out and touches Eddy head, revealing a flash of memories which race across Edwards mind. Just as the information starts to overload his sences. it slows down to reveal an image that stuns Edward to his very core. An image of himself and Arthur laying in the ruins of a burning building with tatters of the flag of Windsor burning on the nearby flagpole. " That was the day i stopped being you and became me "  said the double ganger. Edward stuned by what he just saw simply utters " what happened? ".

Part 5

Deep inside a memory,  in a  world not to different from his own. Edward began to her the story of what he had just seen. " The last image you saw was the day i had to make the toughest decision of my life , to do what no hero should for the greater good. While you see two bodies i assure you its not what you think. I gave  what i thought would be my life, to take down the Arthur of my my world once and for all. It turned out however that  while i sacrificed my body my consciousness had other ideas. This body isnt my original form as you easily spotted. The evil Arthur set lose destroyed all that i/"we" love. Combining his powers with some technology of unknown origin he was able to wipe out Windsor".  He takes a breath and continues, the weight of the word clearly  nearly overpowering him. "The guards, our family all but myself  where  killed in one burst of  hellish flame. It moved like a pack of animals seeking out all that would suffer in its extraordinary heat leaving only ruins and death in its wake. I stood ablaze both literally and figuratively in his manifested anger and i realised that he would not rest until i to would be dead. So i confronted him. After a long and brutal fight  i finally saw away to end it . I entered his mind and i shut it down it, i killed him." The doublegangers voice begain to wobble before again finding its stealy  authoirty once more. " I did it not for  justice, not for honour but for pure and uninihibited vengence. I poured every last piece of me into making his mind fry with the same fire he burnt my hopes and dreams with. This moment was both my greatest truimph and my greatest failure in one tight bundle. While i ended Arthurs threat i also ended my original form."
Edward stunned at the apparent honesty of his alleged doubleganger sat in awed silence. Yet his mind raced with a thousand questions he couldnt think how best to phrase them. The person in fornt of him knew suffering far beyond any of his own,  how could he relate to that.  Before he could form a question however the man in suit continued " My pressence here is to make sure you and any other Edwards i can contact will not share my fate. I will do my damnest to make sure that the threat of other Arthurs never  achive what my brother did. Its already cost me my family, my body, and my home and i will give everything i have left to make sure others wont have to be like me. This is why iam here, this body is just a vessel of my soul,  we are the same. I know you, i am you.   I'am here to make sure you are better prepared  and ready to do what has to be done like i wasn't. You need to kill Arthur now,while he is weak. There is no honour in it, but you will save everyone you care about i assure you it is for the greater good."
Edward looks at the man in front of him and can clearly see that the sincerity on his face and in his words, but the prospect of killing somebody let alone a person in a hospital bed was somewhat beyond him at the moment. The alternate Edward once again spoke " i know its against everything we stand for but he will never let you rest. I have seen into your brothers heart just like my own brothers the same fire is there, and it will consume your world if you dont put it out." The prision bars ahead of Edward fade away. "this place is a meeting place a shared part of both our minds, i have created it in order to help you if you need me and to link your mind with any other Edwards i find through the multitude of the universes i'am now searching. Now contact has been made i will realese your consiousness back to your body thou i have altered it somewhat for your own good."  Edward looks puzzled at this statement " your powers blocked my advances hence i had to knock you out to do waht i had to do." Said the alternate Edward as he continued. "Since your DNA is the same as mine i used our genetic abilties to alter your form for your own good. I have removed your aging blocks you power must not remain limited by your genes for it will certainly kill you like it did my body. Your powers will know be focused in your subconscious mind and will allow greater responce time and protection to you. However your powers will now be limited by your drive and desire, your limits will be down to your willingness to make things happen, you will still feel drained by heavy useage but your body will not suffer as much from it. I will be here in this place whenever you need me , your body is now once again your own and you can contact me by willinging yourself into this palce anytime you desire. I implore you to do what i asked and await any further contact. Go forth back into your world and hopefully do a better job protecting it than i did my own." 
Edwards body begain to stur in the make shift hospital room his body was rushed to. As he stirs he  begins to contemplate the stories he had just been told and remembers the events that took him to this "meeting place". Was it a figure of his imagination brought on by the passing out? was the alternate version of himself a part of him ?. Before he was fully awake however he heard the voice in his mind  one last time " fairwell for now my brother, good luck" Edward now fully aware that  the events he just witnessed where in fact at least partially real, realised so must be the mission he was set.  Standing up and shaking his head Edward to losen the cobweebs he could feel that his body was indeed different. it felt alive with untold energy as if he had been supercharged or filled with some kind of new fuel. Deciding it was time to get out of this room he re-dressed himself in his suit and begain to walk along the corridor towards Arthurs room.  The visions of the possible things Arthur could do burning in his mind ,and the words of "wisdom" of his alternate self ringing loudly like a church bell in his mind. Edward enters the room of his Brother looks him in the face  sees that he is sleeping and simply says " good bye brother, iam sorry it has to be this way" and with the end of the sentance all the machines come loose from Arthurs body as Edward sits and watches his body fall into lifelessness. Edward wipes a tear from his face , picks up his brothers lifeless form and carrys him to the lift. Edward walks past a small selection of puzzled nurses and summons the lift no words whre exchanged, Edward strolls out the lift and through the main lobby to the desk, his brother still in his arms he approaches the desk " I will not be back, this is the last i will haev to do with MI6 farewell" he say to a confused women at the desk, before dashing out of the door.
Edward runs with a focus and new drive unlike any he has had before, reaching the fringes of  the scotish highlands he comes to a stop.  He pulls the ground  in front of him apart with surgical precision  and places his brother in the newly made grave. Pushing the ground back together Edward fubbles through a short farewell " I know you and i never saw eye to eye and you have caused our family nothing but pain , but i always believed i could help you brother. I didnt want it to end like this, we could of been allies. I will use your memory to remind me that not all actions  for good are heroic, my only comfort is that i know you where suffering. And that your suffering would certainly lead to that of others. Fairwell Arthur." Edward forms a small memorial out of some nearby rocks before once again turning and running away.  
A few hours later
Edward finds himself two thirds of a way through a bottle of strong scotch , when his old CODA wrist communicator begins to beeb and vibrate with a ferocity that is currently unwelcome in Edwards pressence. Picking up his communicator Edward is greeted by the form of Mistress Redhead " Edward Windsor i am here to offer you a position in the COPS, we know of your former expliots and could use you if your still available." Edward mummbles a responce through his slightly alcoholic haze " Sure why not" before dipping his head into an alcohol enduced sleep. Mistress Redhead  replies " We will send you details to you  reguarding your  introduction meeting, see you soon." The communicator beeps for a second time, ending the transmission. Seconds later the communicator lights up with the contact information this would be the begining of a new life for Edward.

Empire Falls/untitled

Original Concept ideas for the World and characetr of Edward Windsor
  The world remains virtually the same but due to the fall of the british empire never happening England remains the worlds largest superpower " yet to conclude effect on ww2". England like during the empire is the scientific/technoloical center of the world where all the best scientists an technicians aspire to work creating a think tank society of great minds in the nations capital.  
The city is modern metropolis with quirky victorian kick backs in style to pay homage to the origins of the empire,  clothes are equially simular in terms of style retro looking modern designs, people look backwards equally as much as fowards , which is why the city is the powerhouse that it is.
Maintaing the empire is a constant strain on the government's time and resources with small scale rebellions still occuring throughout the claimed lands, rebels have placed the british royal family top of a list of  targets to take out ,followed by senior political and scientific figures within the empire. Fearing that the attacks may one day strike the queen reluctantly allows experimentation  into preserving the royal blood line.  Many ideas are brought foward , cloneing, tranferable conciousness advanced armour and holographic decoys to protect the royals.
The idea that gets the most backing is storing a sample of the royal dna and using advanced gene altering techniques in order to create either clone body doubles of the royal family or a secret police force with a family tie breed in for extra loyalty. The results of these programs would have the best training the empire could give with the SAS/MI6 and the best education money can buy.  
The hero " as yet unnamed" gets schooled and trained in  an advanced growth state meaning he ages two and half times faster than a normal human, so hes ready to fight quicker but still has long enough time training to be effective. Hes abilties would include  superhuman speed ,agilty ,strenght and healing factor with slight mental abilties such a telekenis and telepathy " all parts of his body are enhanced to well above peak human", using his power to actively causes an age spike meaning he will age at a higher rate for a couple days " the more he is used the harder hes pushed the shorter his life span"
certain powers age and effect him in different ways. Prelonged usege of certain powers make his other less affective due to tiedness , booster serum shots can keep him at peak for a further 30 mins after being completly drained of energy but cant use the serum  often due to dependancy of addiction, serum will cancel the ageing spike as well.
Alt origins
Nephew of the queen is infected with a virus when hes parents ae killed in a terrorist attack against the empire killing the prince regent and the childs mother. The queen demands the scientists do everything they can to save the chid with what they have availble to them , the gene altering controls and remoevs the virus but not before its corrupts and mutates the childs genes , giving him  new found power but at a cost.