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Power card
Power card

Name: Edward Arthur Windsor

Nicknames: Prince of power

Age: 30

Alias: none/known identity

Height: 6 " 3

Weight: 220 pounds

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Birth Place: England, London

Specialization: Speed Blitzing , Telepathic and Telekinetic combat. Multi faceted attacks.


In troubling times when the future is uncertain and the safety of a nation is no longer safe and conventional means of deterrent no longer hold your enemies from your door. Drastic and unconventional methods are the only option. A collection of the the UK's greatest mind gathered in secret at a nuclear bunker and the unthinkable become reality and project Windsor started. After years of tinkering with genetics and manipulating the ideal of a perfect physical specimen the sample known as Edward was declared fit for further testing. Years of training and continued testing leading to an individual of extreme capability in any engagement but with strong political ties and allegiance to the british isles themselves. A new ultimate deterrent to the nation's enemies , a soldier that could nullify an army a nation even in the name of their own.

Raised in secret and trained by the best that the UK could offer professors black operatives and powered individuals before finally being deployed as a covert operative for the SAS via a handler at MI5. After a decade of ops with a one hundred percent success rate he was declared fit to be outed as a national icon and personal defender to the nation. At the age of 28 he entered the public domain as a myth of a unstoppable and unbeaten military asset a nations personal superhero. Since that day he has continued to defend the nation's assets and aiding their allies.

Power set

Telepathy. Trained in mind infiltration and thought extraction as well as psi combat including partial brain paralysis attacks on multiple areas of the brain and invasive body control.

Telekinesis- Has demonstrated the ability to lift and crush objects with around 5 metric tons of force as well as complex tasks such as lock picking and sword fighting with great control. Creating walls of telekinetic energy and manipulating them for various purposes, redirection of forces dampening of impacts etc.

Super Speed- Clocked at running mach 2 or 1522 mph, at full speed he creates a miniature sonic boom. Traveling well beyond the realms of a normal human vision and well ahead of his own sonic boom making deetcion by sight or sound is well beyond any normal person.

Super Strength - Can lift and move at maximum speed a weight no more than 15 tonnes. Has shown striking power far greater than maximum lifting weight when combined with his raw speed. Exact numbers for striking force where incalculable with modern testing equipment but gathered to be more than potent enough for any threat.

Healing Factor- Can consciously repair any potentially fatal body injury within a matter of a day or so depending on severity. Reports of repairing from bullet and knife wounds are in the minutes and broken bones in hours.

Agility and Reactions- has years of performance and martial arts training enabling reactions and agility far greater than a normal human due to his superior genetics. Demonstrated the ability to perform advanced acrobatic combat maneuvers to dodge firearms from point black range and react and counter attacks within microseconds.