I was introduced to Carol as Ms Marvel so that will always have a primary place for her for me. But I’ve liked her…

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The Stuff I’d Like To See Done With Carol Danvers

I’ve created this thread before but given things happening for the content of the last thread being erased and the current run by Kelly Thompson sadly coming to an end soon. I decided I should revisit this topic and explore some things I’d love to see for Carol in the future.

The Lore:

It seems decisive for some in terms of Carol’s retconned origin that happened in “Life of Captain Marvel” but I personally love it. I think it brings in potential stories tying Carol closer to Hala, The Stars and Kree race. Which we’ve seen stuff already implemented with stuff like the introduction of Lauri-Ell, and the whole Kree Accuser role Carol got to play in Empyre. I want more stuff built on the foundation of Carol being born between the union of a human father and Kree mother.

Carol Danvers latent potential and destiny due to hybrid nature (Ms Marvel v1 Issue 19)

Like for example I’d love to see this explored the latent potential The Supreme Intelligence spoke of all the way back in her original Ms Marvel run should still apply given she’s a hybrid due to the genetics she’s born with on top of genetic manipulation by the Kree device and Brood respectively.

Insert: Planet Marvel

Captain Marvel v10 Issue 49
Captain Marvel v10 Issue 49

I think with the reintroduction of this planet would make it a perfect place for Carol to unironically become the “mother“ of a new race of Kree. To the extent this motherhood is done would completely be up to whoever pens it, given it is Ofcourse done, but I think with the whole prophecy element in her very first run. That it would definitely be a fun and cool reference.

The Life of Captain Marvel Iss 4
The Life of Captain Marvel Iss 4

I think even going further with this you could even explore past day stories with Carol’s mother, heck you could even go further in time and show characters that are part of Carol’s family tree that date way back in time. Overall I think the parallels that could be created between both Carol and her mother would be cool to see on the pages of a book.

Imagine there being a universe somewhere, where Carol‘s mom became Ms Marvel or Captain Marvel. I think that would be an interesting direction especially if we follow her story from Hala to Earth.

The Connections:

I think in terms of lore, connections are really important with building a story. I think Thompsons run has done a good job with that and I enjoyed seeing “The Marvels” characters that have all either shared the name or connection appearing side by side together. I’d love to see these characters interact more and making these connections in-universe that just make sense is really cool to me. Which a shout out to Peter David as well with having Carol appear in his Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel series. Issue 2 if anyone wants to check that out.

Speaking of connections though that I believe she should also have I’d love to see her spending some time with the Inhumans. Like keep in mind her protege is an Inhuman, her and the Inhumans both have a connection to the Kree. Carol being half Kree and the Inhumans being created as a result of Kree genetically tampering with humans among other species. Not to mention they share a couple of antagonists. (Supreme Intelligence, Vox, sometimes Ronan). I’ve also always been a fan of Carol and Medusa’s interactions.

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Just think this would be a real cool thing to see and could potentially further connect two smaller fanbases.

I definitely think there’s a story an epic even that has yet to be told that could heavily feature both Carol Danvers and The Inhumans. In my personal opinion Carol should have had a role in War of Kings/Realm of Kings and the Inhumans should of showed up to interfere with Vox Supreme or have been in those suits being controlled by Vox.

The Antagonist:

I think one of the biggest things to do for a character to have them excel in terms of catching a readers interest is having them have villains who capture the readers interest. I think Carol has a list of antagonist that have the potential to do that. A lot of her best rogues(I punned without trying) thought she has shared with the X-Men. Another shoutout to Thompson whose final arc on the Captain Marvel title showcases that with The Brood by the way. Honestly in terms of rogues to I also enjoyed Star aka Ripley Ryan. Who Thompson also written a miniseries for that I’d recommend.

In terms of potential though I want to say Carol has had really awesome villains that could have amazing potential if they‘re reworked or brought back and written in a way that could pose challenges for Carol Danvers. I’d love to see someone like Deathbird again, or Grotesk and especially Dr.Minn-Erva with her whole geneticist thing going on. I think Vox Supreme has a lot of potential to Id be curious to see a story where Vox’s goals are realized. Like how does the Marvel world react to Vox recreating the Kree race and Hala being reborn. What kind of repercussions does that have on someone like Hulkling, Carol Danvers, Lauri-Ell or the Inhumans. How does Minn-Erva play into that? Moonstone has also always been a villain with lots of potential as well, giving her another moonstone legit made her able to throw down with an entire team of Avengers. Overall I’d love to see new villains get introduced into the mythos like Star and old villains make a return as well like Minn-Erva and Deathbird. I’d like to see Carol get challenged not only in a power situation but also challenging her resolve. I think also using issue time to not just focus on Carol or supporting characters but give the villains a chance to do stuff could be beneficial as well in terms of fleshing the characters out. Speaking of connections I’d also love to see Carol somewhere in some universe, some story on page fighting Zarda who is the parody of Wonder Woman. I need more interactions between Carol and Zarda at the very least.

The Powers:

Not necessarily saying more powerhouse fights which I do love to see. But my main interest is seeing her using her powers in more interesting ways. Which is another thing I want to give Kelly Thompson a round of applause for. In Thompson’s run we’ve got powerhouse fights with Thor and Savage She Hulk. We’ve seen Carol do stuff like create an energy double, generate forcefields, siphon energy, disperse energy outside her body and eyes, she’s also bolstered an impressive healing factor showcased given she’s a being of pure energy she doesn’t need to breathe in water/space nor does she age which we saw in Captain Marvel: The End. Not saying showcases of more power make a character more interesting but seeing the versatility from a character that’s suppose to be able to generate, control and manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum is ideal then routinely seeing the character being limited to her physicals and photon blast. I think my main hope is to continue to see Carol use her abilities in versatile and strategic ways. Seeing her generating light to blind someone for a needed getaway is more interesting then her shooting photon blast. Her creating an energy double to aid her in a fight is also an interesting way of using her powers. Her siphoning energy from someone given she’s an energy absorber is far more interesting then shooting blast out of her hands. All of this is within reason to given the nature of her abilities.

Also for the love of it, if Carol could be reconnected with her Binary powers and they not be separated from her that would be ideal for me atleast lol. As well as seeing her cosmic awareness being used more again.

The Characterization:

I think my last point would be characterization. I think Carol has been a victim of poor characterization in the past and her personality and ideals has been shifted to fit narratives of whatever story she is in. Overall the thing that typically sticks is she’s headstrong, a bit arrogant and cocky. Which regardless if people like that or not. I enjoy it. I want Carol to pop in a room and be bold enough to take the lead, I want her confident enough in her abilities to go in swinging against threats like Thanos. Carol should be willing to make the heroic sacrifices because she’s a hero but I like the idea of her being a little twisted in the sense of her taking pleasure in beating a villain to a pulp if it’s justifiable ofcourse. I think that’s what makes her character unique.

Overall I’m hoping for more great stories in Carol’s future and that her continuous prominence in the Marvel Universe ends up making her a standout star.

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