I was introduced to Carol as Ms Marvel so that will always have a primary place for her for me. But I’ve liked her…

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How I Would Pen: Black Panther

I’ve been wanting to do this one for awhile. Questioned doing it with a new series coming out but I thought hey it would be fun to share my ideas on how I would pen one of my favorite characters. Potentially being what could be a reimagined 1610 T’Challa and yes for Black Panther I meant T’Challa the debut Black Panther. Like the rest of the “How I Would Pen” series Id take stuff from the lore and either work with it or expand on it.

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The Character:

What makes Black Panther, Black Panther. What makes T’Challa the character he is. I think whenever your penning a character that’s definitely the first step you need to take when looking at the character your writing.

The Black Panther:

When I think Black Panther I think warrior, I think king, I think about Wakanda.

The main takeaways being the Black Panther serves as the protector of Wakanda and as a warrior for Bast. I feel like as long as you keep the notion of Black Panther serving in order to protect the interest of Wakanda then your staying true to what the character represents.

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What about T’Challa though? I think this is what makes every Black Panther different despite having knowledge and information of previous Black Panthers they are each their own character, and who is T’Challa?

I think one of favorite attributes of T’Challa is he’s the guy who thinks 20 steps ahead. He doesn’t have to be the smartest, he doesn’t have to always win but theres always a plan, and in his head scenarios that played out leading to whatever action takes place. He‘s the most dangerous man alive. One of the smartest men on the planet, and if he loses there’s a calculated comeback no matter who he’s facing

The Lore:

I said the focus of the Black Panther mythology is T’Challa. I do stand by that since he is the debut Black Panther, but I definitely if penned the title would write stories of past Black Panthers. When dealing with a legacy and history that the Black Panther has I think it’s a missed opportunity to not dive into the past or future and tell stories about the Black Panther lore in its entirety. If you want to tell a story about a king or even queen who failed their people for the love of god you don’t have to use T’Challa all the time to do it lol. There’s been Panthers throughout the history of the Marvel Earth. Honestly thinking there could be setups of sins of the past coming back to haunt the present day Black Panther, or creations of the future. Not everything has to be a present day screwup.

The Supporting Cast:

Honestly even expanding on this I’d love to see more of the supporting cast get time to shine in their own stories whether it be a backup which is probably I’d do it in the main series or taking parts of the pages in the book and potentially all coming together. Honestly feel like we get often way to many outside of the mythos characters involved in the affairs of Wakanda. I don’t mind it if it makes sense but I don’t need to see Sam Wilson or Luke Cage in Wakanda helping out just because they’re black. Showcase characters that exist primarily because of T’Challas mythos. If you want Luke Cage to pop up in a story have T’Challa visiting the states.

Give me Kasper Cole helping out with Wakandan affairs, give me the Dora Milaje, give me the dogs of war and yes I’m a fan of Shuri and T’Challa both running around as Panthers. Overall make the stories make sense. Why is T’Challa calling street level characters to assist in power struggles.

The Villains:

Honestly this is going to be a pretty short one but I’ve loved what the movie did for Killmonger and Klaw. Furthermore Symbiote Killmonger was awesome and I’d definitely personally would use more of him as well as batshit crazy Klaw.

Both having looks to their MCU actors as well respectively. Type of reinventions to classic villains I like to see.

The Cosmology:

I think one of the most interesting things of the Black Panther mythos is Bast, Id love to learn more and see more of Bast as well as other Gods who have similarly granted power to their avatars on Marvel Earth. Seeing T’Challa interact with The Tiger God was interesting and I’d love to see T’Challa have that similar exposure to the other deities and Avatars.


I think my last point would be giving T’Challa epic moments like becoming the embodiment of combat/fear, becoming the herald of Eternity, finding on the spot ways to take out Thanos. Characters getting moments like that is what generates hype and Black Panther is definitely a hype character. Id also build on things like Shadow Physics and show him encountering characters of magic and using his science to overcome them. Potentially a Baron Mordo vs Black Panther fight or even Black Panther taking on someone like Ghost Rider with Shadow Physics. Overall that’s how I’d tackle the character of Black Panther.

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How I Would Pen: Black Bolt

I guess this would be my second installment of my “How I Would Pen” series. I was debating on writing “How I Would Pen: The Inhumans“ which this basically will be. A lot of my ideas for them due tend to alter the mythos a bit in a way I think would be entertaining unlike the first installment of this series. At the same time I will also Ofcourse draw stuff from the mythos and what writers have already established to pen my interpretation of Black Bolt and The Inhumans. Think of this as potentially my reimagining of the characters on a potentially different universe. Using their lore and adding my own twist.

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The Character:

I think the most important thing you can do is establish who a character is deep down. Their motives, what makes them tick and they’re resolves. I think the direction Id start with Black Bolt is he’s a reluctant king. Think about it. He’s not Victor Von Doom or Namor who finds pleasure in ruling and feeling a superiority out of it. He’s not T’Challa who had a loving family in the sense T’Chaka was a loving father, Ramonda was a loving mother. In Black Bolt’s case his parents experimented on him as a baby resulting in him having to spend his adolescence locked up and isolated from his family.

His dad legitimately made him what he is and then locked him away for it, saying hey get it together because you’re going to be king one day. Honestly Black Bolt should hate Terrigen, Id imagine he’d likely not feel to closely to his parents and have little to no interest in ruling Attilan and that’s how I‘d play his story out. His time locked away in a box in Attilan he’d be studying and learning about the outside world. This would lead him to once being freed leaving Attilan first chance he gets on a journey of self discovery.

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Black Bolt maybe stopping the Kree invasion still resulting him in his parents being killed, which due to the distance between him and his parents it didn't hurt the cold hearted prince as much as it did his brother who was shown a lot more affection from their parents then Black Bolt ever got.

I think in this direction I’d have the young Blackagar study abroad similar to how T’Challa did. I’d probably give him some type of the various devices shown in comics to allow him to speak while he’s studying somewhere in Europe or America. Going by the name ”Blake Bolton“. I think this could be fun because we could see him interact with a young T’Challa or even Victor Von Doom. Or even with both kind of giving Blackagar an idea of what a ruler should be from two different perspectives.

I think with Blackagar traveling abroad it will increase his perspective on how if he does decide to become the ruler of Attilan how he would change the system that he despises for his upbringing or maybe even still be reluctant to return to Attilan we meet an older Blake Bolton at this point who rejected his heritage and has opened up a bar. Medusa is the ruler at this point who has had her run ins with Maximus scheming time and time again, or maybe Attilan is in civil war one side siding with Maximus and the other with Medusa.

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The Royals:

Under the established premise the big change I think that in my opinion is logical. Is Black Bolt would spend his teenage and young adult years away from Attilan. Maybe traveling the world, finding other inhuman cities on the planet and eventually opening a bar in New York the home of superheroes. Where would this leave the other Royal Inhumans? Medusa and Maximus are fighting for control of Attilan. Maximus using his powers to enslave the Alpha Primitives who are physically much tougher then your avg inhuman but also mentally easy to subdue. The past king has been exiled or disposed of by Maximus and now Medusa has sent for word to see if they could get Blackagar to claim his birthright and stop Maximus madness.

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I did say I would be changing a lot so I think when it does come to change I think the biggest outside my idea on Black Bolt and his adventures, would be how I handle Maximus and Medusa. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the Living Hair ability Medusa has and it fits with her name so I would have her keep it but I’d also give her the abilities of the mutant Dazzler which I think would heavily emphasize the fact her and Black Bolt were meant to be. I don’t know if I’d make Medusa a mutant Inhuman or have a second exposure to a form of terrigen be the cause but Id have it happen somehow.

So Medusa would have two abilities one to absorb and redirect sound and the ability of her living hair. Whereas Maximus might have two? Or maybe the one ability of mental control that extend to.

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Yeah if you guessed it. I’d make Maximus a technopath. He’d be able to talk and understand machines better then he does people and it would explain a lot of his crazy inventions. It also makes him more of a threat given Attilan is a futuristic flying city.

Maximus Master of Machines

1.) Makes him a greater threat

2.) Explains his inventive mind

3.) It in a way parallels his brother Black Bolt‘s ability.

Think about it Black Bolt can control electrons. His voice is the result of electrons violently crashing together causing destruction. With this newfound ability Maximus would be able to control “electron”ics. Whereas Black Bolt’s powers are destructive, Maximus powers would be creative. This would also play into the fact my version of Black Bolt would have the collar to suppress his voice. Technology Maximus could manipulate.

In terms of the other Royals. I guess Gorgon and Medusa would be close as well as Medusa and her younger sister Crystal. Karnak and his brother Triton would be close. With my reimagining I think I’d obviously have Black Bolt close to Medusa because she’s the one person his powers wouldn’t harm with me giving her Dazzler’s abilities. I’d also have Black Bolt close to Triton.

The Nuhumans:

I think under this premise I wouldn’t have Black Bolt activate the Terrigen bomb. Because Terrigen being something that was forced onto him he wouldn’t want to rob others of that decision. I think it would be easier to have Maximus be the one who did it. Being someone who basically takes after his father’s footsteps with experiments. In his battle with Black Bolt maybe this Terrigen bomb going off and spreading around the world creating the Nuhumans.

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I think with Black Bolt being not to fond with Terrigen and the whole getting a random ability that might end up being a curse. He’d feel for alot the Nuhumans and it would create a dynamic between the cast of them and him that would be pretty strong. Inferno for example maybe having burned someone he cares for.

The Villains:

I think Maximus is obviously a number one contender for an antagonist. Id probably go back to the v1 run and other runs to get an idea for other potential villains. if you’re wanting to do stories involving mind control though and given I made Maximus a Technopath. I’d simply use Sterilon.

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Characters like Lash, The Unspoken, Randac, Ronan could be amazing for powerhouse threats as well. I had a few ideas on OC villains I thought would be cool for the Inhumans and Black Bolt to face as well. I also really enjoyed Vox and would love to see Vox Supreme return and mess with Black Bolt and crew.

The Lore:

I think an interesting thing also is that Attilan is a city that can move. To keep it hidden though but also explain Blackagar going off on his own at a young age I’d have Attilan on conception start off hovering above the Himalayan mountains maybe later shifting it to the moon explanation being the Midnight kings regret on not stopping the Terrigen bomb. I like the idea of most Inhuman nations being on top of some mountain like Utolan.

The idea you got a whole nation of practically African Inhumans is awesome to me being African myself. I’d love to know Black Bolt spent some time their and learned more about their culture. I think the Kree should also obviously play a big role given they do play a big role in the origin of The Inhumans.

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Honestly with this in mind I’d love to see interactions between characters like Black Bolt and Medusa with characters like Hulkling, and Carol Danvers. Also characters like Doctor Minn-Erva would probably take interest in the Inhumans. This version of Black Bolt would not be okay with the Alpha Primitive situation. His studies abroad and education would have that be one of the many things he dislikes about Attilan society.

The Drip:

I think my last point would be simply don’t just have them doing different stuff but also change out their looks here and there which I think makes a comic feel more fresh and less stale. Put the cast in casuals here and there. Have Blackagar go for a morning jog in joggers and black hoodie. Sounds like his style. Overall that’s how Id pen Black Bolt and The Inhumans.

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How I would pen: Aquaman

Thought it would be cool to start a series on what I’d like to see for certain characters and the direction I would take them. Provided of course I wouldn’t disrespect or disregard already established elements to their mythos and every direction I’d take would be in line with stuff that was already established.

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I think the first thing I would do to a Aquaman series is

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Shift The Focus:

I think the most important thing is to keep a title running regardless if every story focuses on Aquaman or a Aquaman. Personally I think having stories that focus on several members of the Aquaman mythos could make the book feel larger than life and create stronger fanbases for characters like Lagoon Boy or Arion. Imagine a story where we see what it’s like for Lagoon Boy to grow up in Atlantis as a Taint-Blood up to the point Arthur takes him in and adventures with him. Imagine going back into the past and seeing stories of Arion someone who has been referred to as a God among Atlanteans. We could have a healthy mix of laid back heartfelt stories Lorena Marquez going to school while fighting crime with her sea based abilities and epics like Atlan uniting the seven kingdoms in his time. My idea is either split the book into two continuous stories maybe one with the titular character and then have a backup story growing the supporting cast giving us stories with The Drift, Garth and Tula, The Sea Devils, The Others, Lagoon Boy, Jackson, and Lorena. Future stories of Arthur and Mera’s children.

Like give me stories with Aquaman and Black Adam, Mera and Poison Ivy, Lagoon Boy and Red Hood. Show them interacting with the greater DCU.

Shift The Focus Part 2:

This is just to say we don’t need to see Black Manta have a redemption arc he’s iconic for being a villain and being potentially the most iconic black villain. It’s why he does have a fan base. Instead give us stories where he’s the protagonist but still not a hero. Have him being a pirate of the sea. Stealing and sinking ships. Have horror stories potentially where he’s stealing from the wrong person possibly having him go against characters like The Thirst or Fisherman where they act as antagonist to what very much is still the villain her protagonist Black Manta. We could see other villains/antagonist getting stories as well Aquamarines doing missions for the Govt. maybe even opposing Black Manta. The Abyssal Dark conspiring for eons, Kordax time growing up and becoming who he is. Ocean Master is treat as someone redeemable he would be a character similar to Marvel’s Namor where he operates off his pride and hubris and does what he thinks is best consequences be damned. Heck give me stories on Earth-3 with Sea King or Ocean Master having got stuck on Earth-3 and running into Sea-King. Or even Jackson Hyde going to Earth-3 and meeting a heroic version of his father who battles against Sea-King. Stories are endless with potential. We can even have Garth or Orm go back in the past and aid Arion.

Modern Day Twist On Classic Elements While Respecting The Lore:

This is an edited in post but the other day I was just thinking it’s really cool when writers take concepts from the original series or past series and then modernize it to work in current stories. Sometimes this honestly goes unnoticed which is fine but I like the idea of writers looking at other peoples work and showing they’re done they’re research. If I was penning the title I’d probably go back to past runs like the original 60s run and use that to give me an idea on how tell a story that would be appealing and provide an entertaining read with less of the campiness probably of the time and that fits in with where the character and mythology around the character is today. An example

The Lore:

Overall I believe Aquaman’s lore is just way too interesting to be struggling to keep a book on the shelf. You have a mythology that debatably has as much science fiction as Star Trek and Star Wars, has as much magic as Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings, deals with mythic gods just the same as Wonder Woman. Poseidon playing a big role in Atlantis lore. As well as dealing with horror, stuff like The Night Gods, The Trench, Lovecraftian horrors and not to forget the whole eco warrior theme that goes with the character in protecting and respecting the sea. Honestly given how the Greek gods acted im surprised Poseidon didn’t bed some Atlantean woman and we don’t have some Atlantean Demi-God running around.


We should get more with Atlantis being the birthplace of magic on Earth.

JLA: Seven Caskets
JLA: Seven Caskets

The idea that Aquaman acts as a guardian, first line of defense between horrors noone knows about and the Earth is an interesting one as well and it could play in with the whole legacy of Atlantis and past rulers or heroes of Atlantis having to take on a similar role.

Brave and The Bold: Night Gods
Brave and The Bold: Night Gods

Maybe even bring in other characters like Etrigan and suggest Arthur isnt the first Atlantean Royal he’s teamed up with over the centuries. Speaking of royalty. Quit messing with the fact Aquaman is a king. I think the fact that I’d pen the title as a revolving cast of characters would give Arthur and Mera the ability to rule Atlantis.

Outside Atlantis:

This is basically saying outside of exploring different time periods of Atlantis. I think it’s important to visit different cities occupied by Atlanteans. We’ve been told there’s seven kingdoms and we know little to nothing about them. We hardly know anything about Xebel. What ever happened to the people of Thule? Lazarus planet does have me intrigued about the Trench and how they are devolving or more likely becoming more human again. I want to see Atlantis treated as something bigger then just the city, country, continent itself. Show me Atlanteans all around the globe.

The Powers & Upgrades:

I think under a premise like the story always shifting focus on a different character it would provide writers with the opportunity of telling stories where Aquaman doesn’t have to be nerfed. He should be a full on telepath with a trident that gives him the powers of Poseidon. Ocean Master should get his magic back and leave Black Manta as the strategic menacing leader of N.E.M.O. Again on shifting the focus we can get stories where Manta is a threat because he is the leader to some organization as dangerous as N.E.M.O who are hard to find.

I think one of my biggest issues with Aquaman comics is we continuously get stuff introduced in the mythos thats left vague and we never learn anything about. The Clear, The Blue, The Life Force. Writers should expand on stuff like this and not ignore it even if another writer introduced something it should be either be adapted to fit in how the next writer sees fit to use it or reach out the the writer and get an explanation on the thought process. I think the idea that Arthur has this primordial connection the beginning/font of life is an interesting one and it’s been penned in descriptively cool ways as well that I’d love to actually see more from it.

A cool idea on adapting the Life Force in future comics

Breaking the Norm:

At the same time I think consistency is important to follow but I also think it’s important to not be afraid and change some things up. Like I mean give us the characters getting new suits here and there, have stories tackling different aspects of the lore we can have Environmental stories and Horror stories. Stories that showcase Atlantean technology and stories that showcase the magic which I’d have The Drift, Tula in particular operate using Atlantis technology and Garth ofcourse on the magical side of it. But regardless we should have characters having different looks as well as exploring the Aquaman universe as a whole. I think it’s what makes characters like Superman and Spider-Man I look at the Deep Dives series and the 80th 100 page spectacular and that’s pretty close to how I’d love a Aquaman series penned.

this sea camo design from the Deep Dives series has to be my favorite adaption of it. I think it captures the whole hero of the sea thing well. You get lighter shades for the torso and it darkens as is goes lower which is pretty similar to the sea itself. a shade of blue at the surface and darker at lower levels.

Regardless a more in depth post about this topic.


The Boss of Space: Carol Danvers Respect Thread

Carol Danvers is a Kree/Human hybrid who made her superhero debut in 1977 as Ms Marvel. She’s went through a lot power wise her powers having grown exponentially and have as well waned through the ages. She became an energy being due to experimentation done by the Brood an alien race of monsters and due to her strange physiology she’s been suggested as what Kree could become at their very utmost potential as her very own potential continuous grows.

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Carol Danvers latent potential and destiny due to hybrid nature (Ms Marvel v1 Issue 19)


Carol Danvers is a Kree/Human hybrid due to her strange physiology and later genetic experimentation, her strength has grown throughout the years. Her strength is factored by how much energy she has stored within herself. Which showcases how her strength can vary on appearance. She’s also always passively absorbing ambient energy from the world around her.

Carol Danvers breaks out of a Adamantium/Vibranium restraint while sedated (Ms Marvel Issue 44)

Little Avalanche Starter (Ms Marvel Iss 49)

Throws a meteor back into space (Captain Marvel v9 Iss 1)

Restrains a hacked Iron Man (Tony Stark: Iron Man Issue 14)

Tosses Black Swan (Star Issue 4)

Grapples with Thor (Captain Marvel Iss 12)

Holds Thor in a chokehold (All-Out Avengers Iss 1)

Rips the moonstone out of Moonstone (Ms Marvel v2 Iss 46)

Striking Power:

Due to having Superhuman strength Carol can also punch with an insurmountable amount of force. Her striking power is also influenced by energy she contains but she can also amplify her striking power by coating her fist with energy.

One shots Black Dwarf removing him from the battlefield (Star Issue 4)

Oneshots The Rhino (Captain Marvel Issue 15)

Knocks out Blastaar (Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel)

Punches BCE Starbrand through 2 mountains (Avengers Assemble Alpha Issue 1)

Captain Marvel breaking apart the Marvelbuster armor with energy punches(Civil War II Iss 7&8)

Hurts Magus with her strikes (Avengers Back to Basics Issue 4)

Hurts and makes Super Adaptoid bleed with a punch (New Avengers Annual 1)

Makes Thor bleed with a punch (All-Out Avengers Iss 1)

Oneshots then beats on Superia (New Avengers Iss 23)


Thanks to superhuman and energy physiology Carol can take insurmountable amounts of damage.

Is Bulletproof (Avengers/Invaders Iss 2)

Takes a punch from a soul stone enhanced Gamora Infinity Wars Issue 2)

Takes a hit from Rulk (Hulk Smash Avengers Issue 5)

Takes a hit from Thor thinking she’s a villain (Captain Marvel Iss 12)

Takes a punch from Count Nefaria (New Avengers Finale)

Tanks an attack from Ghost Rider (Avengers Iss 15)

Half Drained takes a beating from Ove (Captain Marvel v10 Iss 30)

Takes a hit from an enraged Savage She-Hulk (Captain Marvel v10 issue 14)


Healing Factor & Energy Physiology:

Even if Carol isn’t able to withstand an initial attack or straight up tank an attack her energy physiology gives her an incredible healing factor it also allows her to survive in places that would be inhabitable to most.

Can survive underwater with no breathing apparatus due to being living energy (Captain Marvel Vol 10 issue 29)

Can survive in space with no breathing apparatus due to being living energy (Captain Marvel Vol 8 issue 6)

Wolverine style healing (Captain Marvel 40)

Healing factor can repair her brain tissue (Captain Marvel v7 Iss 11)

Being an energy being Carol no longer ages (Captain Marvel: The End)


Though Carol is a character who doesn’t highlight it as much she has the ability to travel, and react at superhuman speeds, she’s shown this speed in combat blitzing enemies as well as out-reacting and fighting at superhuman speed.

Showcases superspeed running towards a truck (The Life of Captain Marvel Iss 3)

Out-reacts Ronan’s Universal Weapon (Ms Marvel v1 Iss 19)

Depowered: Pulls a gun on Spider-Man (Ms Marvel v2 Iss 34)

Depowered: Dodges Moonstone (Ms Marvel v2 Iss 44 & 45)

Races against someone with the same powers (Captain Marvel v7 Iss 6)

Travels a few solar systems in under 24 hours (Avengers 27)

Energy Projection:

Carol is able to emit various forms of energy from her body most commonly photon blast which she typically shoots from her hands, she’s also been shown capable of emitting energy from her eyes, body and creating energy duplicates and constructs such as swords.

Emits light energy from her body blinding some S.H.I.E.L.D soldiers (New Avengers Iss 32)

Fractures a part of Iron Man’s armor with a photon blast (Civil War II Iss 5)

Overloads Blaastar (Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel)

Energy Blast knocks out Enchantress (Captain Marvel v10 issue 30)

Creates an energy projection warning her split half (Ms Marvel v2 Iss 44)

Creates an Energy duplicate to free her from a cage tuned to her energies (Captain Marvel v10 Iss 33 & 34)

Creates a photon sword and hurls it through a dragon (Captain Marvel v10 Iss 41)

Creates an energy field to contain a building energy blast from a ship (Captain Marvel v7 Issue 4)

Energy Equivalent of a Star (Uncanny X-Men Iss 164)

Binary: Energy Projection knocks out Monica Rambeau (Starblast Iss 1)

Binary: Energy blast knocks out Thor (Captain Marvel Issue 12)


Energy Manipulation & Absorption:

Carol can manipulate and absorb various forms of energy some which include light, heat/thermal, sound, magic, kinetic, energies existing in the EM spectrum and more. She can also convert one type of energy into another.

Absorbs the electricity out of She-Hulk’s synapses (Captain Marvel Issue 15)

Absorbs and Redirects Count Nefaria’s energy blast (New Avengers Finale)

Absorbs Count Nefaria’s awesomeness (New Avengers Finale)

Absorbs a Blast big enough to put a hole in Seattle (Ms Marvel Issue 50)

Absorbs the thermal/heat energy off female Ultron’s body (The Mighty Avengers Issue 2 & 3)

Absorbs and redirects thermal energy (Avengers: Edge of Infinity)

Absorbs energy from a underground lava flow (Captain Marvel v10 issue 29)

Absorbs and manipulates sound energy (The New Avengers Issue 15)

Absorbs a Blast from Ego the living planet (Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic #48)

Can Manipulate and Push around Black Holes, Uses gravity manipulation to draw her teammates closer to her (Captain Marvel v7 Iss 16)

Converts Gravitons into Gamma energy (Avengers Unlimited: Infinity Issue 3)


Carol has been a member of the C.I.A, has served the USAF as well as has the memories of the original Mar-Vell up until the accident that made her Ms Marvel giving her knowledge of Hala and Kree customs on top of the education and training she received on Earth

Depowered: Takes on multiple guards (Ms Marvel Iss 45)

Genetically Programmed Combat Skills (Avengers Issue 47)

Proficient in Judo (Ms Marvel v1 Issue 8)

Outskills and floors Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy Iss 13)

Going back and forth with T’Challa (Captain Marvel v10 Iss 14)


Various other showings, Statements of Carol Danvers.

S.H.I.E.L.D doesn’t have a countermeasure for Carol or Squirrel Girl (Secret Invasion Iss2)

The Power of a White Hole (Captain Marvel v10 Iss 49)

Carol’s Energy is like a * (Captain Marvel v10 Iss 49)

Star statement “Let’s see which of us flinches first” (Avengers Issue 6)


The Stuff I’d Like To See Done With Carol Danvers

I’ve created this thread before but given things happening for the content of the last thread being erased and the current run by Kelly Thompson sadly coming to an end soon. I decided I should revisit this topic and explore some things I’d love to see for Carol in the future.

The Lore:

It seems decisive for some in terms of Carol’s retconned origin that happened in “Life of Captain Marvel” but I personally love it. I think it brings in potential stories tying Carol closer to Hala, The Stars and Kree race. Which we’ve seen stuff already implemented with stuff like the introduction of Lauri-Ell, and the whole Kree Accuser role Carol got to play in Empyre. I want more stuff built on the foundation of Carol being born between the union of a human father and Kree mother.

Carol Danvers latent potential and destiny due to hybrid nature (Ms Marvel v1 Issue 19)

Like for example I’d love to see this explored the latent potential The Supreme Intelligence spoke of all the way back in her original Ms Marvel run should still apply given she’s a hybrid due to the genetics she’s born with on top of genetic manipulation by the Kree device and Brood respectively.

Insert: Planet Marvel

Captain Marvel v10 Issue 49
Captain Marvel v10 Issue 49

I think with the reintroduction of this planet would make it a perfect place for Carol to unironically become the “mother“ of a new race of Kree. To the extent this motherhood is done would completely be up to whoever pens it, given it is Ofcourse done, but I think with the whole prophecy element in her very first run. That it would definitely be a fun and cool reference.

The Life of Captain Marvel Iss 4
The Life of Captain Marvel Iss 4

I think even going further with this you could even explore past day stories with Carol’s mother, heck you could even go further in time and show characters that are part of Carol’s family tree that date way back in time. Overall I think the parallels that could be created between both Carol and her mother would be cool to see on the pages of a book.

Imagine there being a universe somewhere, where Carol‘s mom became Ms Marvel or Captain Marvel. I think that would be an interesting direction especially if we follow her story from Hala to Earth.

The Connections:

I think in terms of lore, connections are really important with building a story. I think Thompsons run has done a good job with that and I enjoyed seeing “The Marvels” characters that have all either shared the name or connection appearing side by side together. I’d love to see these characters interact more and making these connections in-universe that just make sense is really cool to me. Which a shout out to Peter David as well with having Carol appear in his Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel series. Issue 2 if anyone wants to check that out.

Speaking of connections though that I believe she should also have I’d love to see her spending some time with the Inhumans. Like keep in mind her protege is an Inhuman, her and the Inhumans both have a connection to the Kree. Carol being half Kree and the Inhumans being created as a result of Kree genetically tampering with humans among other species. Not to mention they share a couple of antagonists. (Supreme Intelligence, Vox, sometimes Ronan). I’ve also always been a fan of Carol and Medusa’s interactions.

No Caption Provided

Just think this would be a real cool thing to see and could potentially further connect two smaller fanbases.

I definitely think there’s a story an epic even that has yet to be told that could heavily feature both Carol Danvers and The Inhumans. In my personal opinion Carol should have had a role in War of Kings/Realm of Kings and the Inhumans should of showed up to interfere with Vox Supreme or have been in those suits being controlled by Vox.

The Antagonist:

I think one of the biggest things to do for a character to have them excel in terms of catching a readers interest is having them have villains who capture the readers interest. I think Carol has a list of antagonist that have the potential to do that. A lot of her best rogues(I punned without trying) thought she has shared with the X-Men. Another shoutout to Thompson whose final arc on the Captain Marvel title showcases that with The Brood by the way. Honestly in terms of rogues to I also enjoyed Star aka Ripley Ryan. Who Thompson also written a miniseries for that I’d recommend.

In terms of potential though I want to say Carol has had really awesome villains that could have amazing potential if they‘re reworked or brought back and written in a way that could pose challenges for Carol Danvers. I’d love to see someone like Deathbird again, or Grotesk and especially Dr.Minn-Erva with her whole geneticist thing going on. I think Vox Supreme has a lot of potential to Id be curious to see a story where Vox’s goals are realized. Like how does the Marvel world react to Vox recreating the Kree race and Hala being reborn. What kind of repercussions does that have on someone like Hulkling, Carol Danvers, Lauri-Ell or the Inhumans. How does Minn-Erva play into that? Moonstone has also always been a villain with lots of potential as well, giving her another moonstone legit made her able to throw down with an entire team of Avengers. Overall I’d love to see new villains get introduced into the mythos like Star and old villains make a return as well like Minn-Erva and Deathbird. I’d like to see Carol get challenged not only in a power situation but also challenging her resolve. I think also using issue time to not just focus on Carol or supporting characters but give the villains a chance to do stuff could be beneficial as well in terms of fleshing the characters out. Speaking of connections I’d also love to see Carol somewhere in some universe, some story on page fighting Zarda who is the parody of Wonder Woman. I need more interactions between Carol and Zarda at the very least.

The Powers:

Not necessarily saying more powerhouse fights which I do love to see. But my main interest is seeing her using her powers in more interesting ways. Which is another thing I want to give Kelly Thompson a round of applause for. In Thompson’s run we’ve got powerhouse fights with Thor and Savage She Hulk. We’ve seen Carol do stuff like create an energy double, generate forcefields, siphon energy, disperse energy outside her body and eyes, she’s also bolstered an impressive healing factor showcased given she’s a being of pure energy she doesn’t need to breathe in water/space nor does she age which we saw in Captain Marvel: The End. Not saying showcases of more power make a character more interesting but seeing the versatility from a character that’s suppose to be able to generate, control and manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum is ideal then routinely seeing the character being limited to her physicals and photon blast. I think my main hope is to continue to see Carol use her abilities in versatile and strategic ways. Seeing her generating light to blind someone for a needed getaway is more interesting then her shooting photon blast. Her creating an energy double to aid her in a fight is also an interesting way of using her powers. Her siphoning energy from someone given she’s an energy absorber is far more interesting then shooting blast out of her hands. All of this is within reason to given the nature of her abilities.

Also for the love of it, if Carol could be reconnected with her Binary powers and they not be separated from her that would be ideal for me atleast lol. As well as seeing her cosmic awareness being used more again.

The Characterization:

I think my last point would be characterization. I think Carol has been a victim of poor characterization in the past and her personality and ideals has been shifted to fit narratives of whatever story she is in. Overall the thing that typically sticks is she’s headstrong, a bit arrogant and cocky. Which regardless if people like that or not. I enjoy it. I want Carol to pop in a room and be bold enough to take the lead, I want her confident enough in her abilities to go in swinging against threats like Thanos. Carol should be willing to make the heroic sacrifices because she’s a hero but I like the idea of her being a little twisted in the sense of her taking pleasure in beating a villain to a pulp if it’s justifiable ofcourse. I think that’s what makes her character unique.

Overall I’m hoping for more great stories in Carol’s future and that her continuous prominence in the Marvel Universe ends up making her a standout star.

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The King of The Seas: Composite Respect Thread

Arthur Curry is a character that goes by the superhero name Aquaman. An Atlantean/Human hybrid from a magical bloodline. A founding member of the Justice League. This is a thread highlighting Aquaman through the various years, his power level, strength and what he’s shown capable of in and outside the DC Universe.

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Arthur Curry isn’t just strong because he’s adapted to living to the pressure of the deep ocean but also is apart of a bloodline of Atlanteans that are just physically superior to your standard Atlantean. This bloodline allows him to lift an excess of over 100 tons.

The strongest people on Earth (Justice League of America v3 Issue 8)

Throws a submarine from the ocean floor to several feet above the ocean surface (Aquaman vol 7 issue 21)

Lifts a city street thats submerged underwater (Aquaman v6 issue 17)

Pushes a tectonic/oceanic plate to seal the trench (Aquaman Vol 7 Issue 4)

Restrains Hercules in a chokehold having him gushing out blood (Aquaman Vol 7 Issue 30)

Breaks out of Wonder Woman’s headlock (Aquaman Annual 2)

Aquaman physically drags Brutus underwater (Justice League v4 Issue 59)

Brutus is strong enough to physically overpower Black Adam (Justice League v4 Issue 59)

One of the four heroes used to anchor Superman, Superman ends up losing hold of the lasso. The lasso being pulled out of the singularity/black hole. (Superman: Lost Iss 1)

Overpowers several Atlanteans trying to restrain him (Justice League of America V4 Issue 6)


Striking Power

A long with great lifting strength Arthur Curry of course can punch with an immense amount of force.

Punches Hercules over an island (Aquaman Vol 7 Issue 30)

Punches Despero from Sub-Diego (Ocean Floor) to out of the water (JLA Issue 118)

Showcases some impressive striking power and speed punching Superman (Justice League v2 issue 16)

Floors Poseidon with a punch (Drowned Earth TPB)

Two shots Olympian (JLA: Classified Iss 3)


On top of being super strong, Arthur is also very durable. Able to not just deliver impactful blows but also take them as well.

Can Survive the Pressure and Heat of The Earth‘s Core (Aquaman Issue 66)

Tanks a prolonged blast from Starro after Orion angered Starro that ends up knocking out Orion. (JLA Issue 23)

Showcases durability as well as striking power, Aquaman vs Titus (JLA: Classified Issue 53)

I think it’s notable Titus was flying and Aquaman knocked him into the water with his punch.

Titus did this to Superman in one hit (JLA: Classified Issue 51&53) (Writer: Roger Stern)

Stronger version of Titus states Hal was unimpressive when he last was on Earth as he trashes John (JLA: Classified Issue 50) (Roger Stern)




Given Aquaman’s physiology he’s shown great resistance to many things, here are some of them…

Transmutation resistance, Is unaffected by waters with transmutative properties which turns Firestorm into a sea creature (Justice League Issue 10)

Millions effected by the transmutative waters (Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth)

More transmutation (Aquaman Issue 41)

Able to hold a dart laced with paralysis induced venom (Aquaman v6 issue 31)


Being able to move super fast underwater increases his speed when that same water pressure is off. Just like Arthur’s other physical capabilities his speed is also beyond that of any ordinary Atlantean to the point he can outpace Atlantean ships by swimming.

“How can he move so fast” Aquaman vol 7 issue 21

Faster on land with the pressure off (Aquaman Vol 5 Issue 3)


Healing Factor

Arthur’s healing factor has been compared to that of a reptile. He’s repaired from major burns. Having a hole put through his body, to multiple stabs with powerful artifacts.

Gets shot and heals in the next panel (Aquaman Vol 7 Issue47)

Gets stabbed by The Trident of Poseidon and gets up in moments (Justice League v4 Issue 11 & 12)


Arthur Curry’s most iconic ability is his power to control, urge, and over all get sea life to aid him. His Aquatelepathy seems to not just give him a closer bond to what resides in the ocean but the ocean itself.

“What Atlantean Rulers Inherit” (Aquaman Vol 7 Issue 40)

Ocean Empathy (JLA Vol 1 Issue 6)

A Living Network (Aquaman V6 Issue 18)

“Even before the power of a God” (Aquaman Vol 7 Issue 43)

“Him you can Eat” (Aquaman Vol 7 Iss 47)

“A Distraction” (Aquaman Vol 7 Iss 48)

“Make Him Bleed” (JLA Iss 118)

Summons an army of sea life to fight the Night Gods (Brave and The Bold: Night Gods)


Arthur Curry’s telepathic potential has been suggested to be great. He’s not only able to use his psychic abilities on sea life but has been suggested capable of using his abilities on all life. He’s been shown able to connect or use his telepathy on Gods, Humans, Aliens, Artificial Intelligence. His telepathy has been presented as a higher dimensional connection has been referred to as The Clear as well as The Life Force.

Offense: The Celestial Isthmus (Aquaman: Deep DIves Issue 7)

Offense: Induces fear into Kordax, resulting in Kordax slaying himself (Aquaman Iss 25)

Offense: Basal Ganglia, triggering a seizure in a white Martian (JLA: Iss 4)

Offense: Puts a man to sleep using his telepathy (Brave and The Bold: Night Gods)

Offense: Telepathic Assault puts down the Tangent Universes Secret Six (Convergence: Justice League of America Iss 2)

Offense: Telepathically Dominates Tiamat and makes her will his own (Aquaman Iss 25)

Offense: Failed Telepathic assault with J’onn on Despero (JLA Iss 118)

Offense: Gets a Demon to submit to his will (Brave and The Bold: Night Gods)

Scope/Range: Telepathically warns Atlanteans in an Atlantean outpost of a approaching threat (Aquaman Deep Dives Issue 6)

Scope/Range: Aware of his surroundings through “The Clear” (Aquaman Issue 35)

Scope/Range: Reaches out to Mera from another dimension using the Life Force (Aquaman/Justice League: Drowned Earth)

Scope/Range: Scans through an Entire city with Martian Manhunter after just getting their telepathy back (Convergence: Justice League of America)

Resistance: Resist Starro’s infilitration “I rule the seas” (JLA Iss 23)

Resistance: This version of Starro effected an entire continent minus one city (JLA Iss 22) Described as a Parasitical Machine (JLA Iss23)

Resistance: Realizes and is unaffected by Titus trying to initially control the League (JLA: Classified 51)

Resistance: Resist the Voidsong (Aquaman and The Flash Voidsong Iss3)

The Voidsong took over the entire planet (Aquaman and The Flash Voidsong Iss1)

Resistance: Resist the Trans while giving J’onn the telepathic push he needed to break the link with Spectre (JLA Spectre: Soul War)


Trident has been a mainstay in modern years for Aquaman typically switching between The Trident of The Dead King and The Trident of Poseidon. Both artifacts being considered one of the most powerful weapons in the DC Universe. Capable of absorbing, redirecting and deflecting energy, summoning storms, controlling water, shooting lightning and Eldritch blast, Flight, Teleportation and Cytokinesis and Earth control.


Trident of Poseidon: Uses the trident to generate ice freezing some Thule warriors (Aquaman Vol 7 Issue 41)

Trident of Poseidon: Electric blast is used to turn what was a frozen building into ash (Aquaman Vol 7 Issue 41)

Trident of Poseidon: Showcasing Earth Control (Aquaman Vol 7 Issue 42)

Trident of Poseidon: Control over the storm (Aquaman Vol 7 Issue 43)

Trident of Poseidon: Capable of wiping Gods from existence (Justice League v4 Issue 12)

Trident of Poseidon: Capable of stabbing through a amped Kryptonian (Justice League of America V4 Issues 8)

Trident of Poseidon: Tidal wave takes out a bunch of ancient Kryptonians (Justice League of America V4 Issue 10)

Trident of Poseidon: Takes down two planes with hydrokinesis (Deep Target 2)

Trident of Poseidon: The trident counters magic from Viviane a sorceress from Arthurian Legend (Aquaman 80th Anniversary)

Viviane overpowers Garth’s magic in the same story (Aquaman 80th Anniversary)

Trident of Poseidon: Turns Ionic Energy into lightning to attack The Voidsong (Aquaman and The Flash Voidsong Iss 1)

Trident of Poseidon: Claims it wields the power of every current on Earth (Aquaman and The Flash Voidsong Iss 2)

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Trident of Poseidon: The speed force is channeled through the trident to destroy the Voidsong (Aquaman and The Flash Voidsong Iss3)

Trident of Atlan: Takes down The Crown of Thorns (Aquaman v8 Issue 33)



Arthur was trained as a teenager in combat, a showcase of what he’s shown capable of in a fight


Some insight on where Aquaman stands in the DC universe

Atlanteans Are the guardians of the planet (JLA Seven Caskets)

Arthur has Bruce on speed dial (Aquaman v6 Issue 22)

Batman calls Arthur over to hangout because he was feeling lonely (Gotham Knights Iss 18)

Arthur sticks up for Bruce (Batman 1029)

That time Aquaman added The Joker to his rogues gallery (Legends of The DC Universe Iss 27)

Hanging out at a Pizza joint with Barry Allen (Aquaman and The Flash Voidsong Iss3)

Has a pact with Etrigan to teamup every year to protect the Earth from Lovecraftian horrors (Brave and The Bold: Night Gods)

Arthur and Mera double date with Clark and Diana (Superman/Wonder Woman Annual 2)

Aquaman/Superman the art of picking out gifts (Adventure of Superman Iss 50)

Aquaman comforts Wonder Woman after her loss (Wonder Woman Iss 163)

Aquaman gives Wonder Woman advice (Wonder Woman Iss 36)

Aquaman comforts Wonder Woman, with Superman thought to be dead (Justice League of America Iss 9)

Wonder Woman with her memory loss remembers how attractive Aquaman is, also his stench (Wonder Woman Vol 5 Iss 772)

Aquaman welcomes Martian Manhunter to Atlantis (Aquaman Iss 36)