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  • vol2

  • mini-series

  • continues from incredible hulk 112

  • mini-series

  • MTU

  • amazing spider-man

  • Vol1

    A series mainly featuring Spider-Man teaming up with other heroes.

  • Vol1

    One of the classic, popular Spider-Man series, next to Spectacular and Amazing. This series lasted for 10 years. Volume 2 started in december 2009

  • The second volume of Web of Spider-man, sort of a 'companion' title to the Amazing Spider-man title, witch at the time was published 3 times a month. The series was a replacement of the Amazing Spider-man Family title.

  • Starting with issue 75, the cover becomes "Peter Parker: Spider-Man". Despite the change to the cover, the interior copyright page still shows this volume as being named "Spider-Man", as do succeeding issues in this volume.

  • The series same to a close with Spider-Girl #100 and the return of the original Hobgoblin and he quickly establishes himself as May's most dangerous and formidable foe.

    The series was then relaunched under the title The Amazing Spider-Girl.

  • This series lasted 30 isssues and was continued in Digital Comics Spectacular Spider-Girl. Also in print version of first the amazing spider-man family in issues 1-8. Then it went into print in web of spider-man in issues 1-7. Now she will be in her printed version comic Spectacular Spider-Girl and this will have the continueing Spider-Girl digital comic issues.

  • An All-Ages Spider-man comics with single issue contained stories.

  • No longer Spectacular, Marvel brings us the continuing adventures of Peter Parker. Given spider-like powers by the bite of a radioactive spider, Peter uses his abilities to protect the people of New York (and sometimes the world) from everything from muggers to super-villians. Because with great power comes great responsibility.

  • This series continues as the second volume of The Sensational Spider-Man with issue 23.

  • Quarterly double-sized Spider-Man series that ran from 1993-1998.

  • Welcome to the Marvel Age, a new imprint of "All Ages" titles created especially for new and young readers featuring some of the best Marvel stories of the last few years, as well as new, contemporary versions of some of the greatest stories from Marvel mythology. The Marvel Age begins this month with Marvel Age: Spider-Man #1, revisiting a classic Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Spider-Man story, infused with stunning new artwork featuring today's highest production values and updated scripts!

  • The All-Ages Spider-Man returns in this latest volume of Marvel Adventures Spider-Man!

  • Mary Jane Watson has it all- the looks, the friends and a cheerful demeanor that everyone loves! Deep down, though, she's got the same doubts as all of us -- she's just better at hiding them.

  • Marvel Digital Comics Exclusive

  • From the perilous first battle between Spidey and the Sinister Six and other rogues, to weddings and discoveries ... these are the (mostly) annual adventures of Spider-Man. The year 1995 did not have an annual, but a replacement named Amazing Spider-Man Super Special.

  • Comic series that is set in the past of Spider-man, it is counted in regular continuity since characters such as Batwing and Scorcher make their first appearances in this series.

  • A successor of one of the most popular comic book series: Ultimate Spider-Man

    Almost ten years ago, Ultimate Spider-Man launched the Ultimate line, a reinvention of the Marvel Universe that defied the odds and every expectation. Today, it happens again: This new chapter in the life of the teenaged webslinger picks up in the aftermath of Ultimatum and completely redefines the status quo of Spider-Man for the next generation! With a new supporting cast, new villians and maybe even a new Spider-Man, this new chapter will keep you guessing month after month. You have never seen a Spider-Man like this before!

  • A new beginning for Spider-man started in the popular Ultimate Spider-man comic-series. Re-imagined for the new century! The series lasted for 133 issues until it revamped to Ultimate Comics Spider-Man with a new number 1.

  • A new Spider-Man series that Marvel started in the mid 1990's. The book was introduced as a replacement for Web of Spider-Man.

  • Published by Marvel that started in 1977

  • What If? is a series of books (mostly one-shots) that show alternate realities of current Earth-616. It's mostly hosted by Uatu the Watcher.

    Volume 2.

  • The second volume of the Fantastic Four, this series takes place in the "Heroes Reborn" Universe created by Franklin Richards after the Onslaught story arc.

  • The second volume of the Fantastic Four, this series takes place in the "Heroes Reborn" Universe created by Franklin Richards after the Onslaught story arc.

  • Launched by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting, FF immediately followed the end of the Fantastic Four series after the Three story arc. Rather than the Fantastic Four, the series focused on the new Future Foundation created by Reed Richards.

    The first 11 issues are under the 'cape' of Fantastic Four. After issue 11, the series returned to it's original name; Fantastic Four.

    However this series continued as well, and stands on it's own from issue 12 and on.

  • One of the best series ever, if you don't mind a butt load of X-Men people in a book. Imagine the show Sliders and What If put together. Some of the worlds are from earlier books, some are brand new, but the series really broke new ground, as well as visited the Marvel Universe (Earth 616). The members may have changed, but the fun is still there. The Exiles are a group of heroes who have been 'unhinged; from time and the only way that they can go home is by fixing realities that had gone haywire.

    The series continues for some time as "New Exiles".

  • The next chapter in the Exiles' adventures.

    This series is a continuation of the Exiles vol.1 series witch lasted 100 issues. This second volume lasted for 20 issues, after it returned to the former title with a new number one in Exiles (2009).

  • Heroes are being pulled out of the worlds they know- The Beast. The Witch. Panther. Forge. Polaris, Blink. All find themselves in a place out of time with a new mission in life. But something seems to have shifted in the mechanics of the universe, things may not be quite what we remember...

    This series was a continuation of the first Exiles series and the second one, named New Exiles. Although this series returned to the basic concept of Exiles, many fans where still unsure to buy this after the less popular New Exiles series drove many fans away, Due to this reason, this version of Exiles unfortunately ran for only 6 issues after witch the series was canceled.

  • Story Arc

  • A spin-off from the original Marvel's "1602" limited series, featuring the counterparts of Earth-616 Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom.