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Naked Characters

Might need to explain what I mean. This is a list for characters which have no problem with being nude, whether they walk around nude at home, or are always nude.

I am aware that most are female (if not all are). Blame the creators of the comics, not me.

And yes, this a completely random and unnecessary list.

List items

  • A not-so-popular Marvel character, Cloud was once a member of The Defenders. She (or sometimes he) tends not to wear clothes, but does have clouds obscuring certain parts.

  • A British DC character who is always nude and she seems to be able to control the placement of several balloons which float around her. Probably meant as a joke.

  • Sandra is a force to be reckoned with. She has been able to defeat enemies with ease and little defence. She normally loses her clothing when she uses her powers, but is unfazed and continues her battle, often beating enemies with ease.

  • Little known fact, but Mystique rarely wears clothing. She can change form, her clothes can't. Movie version seems justified now doesn't it.

  • Poison Ivy loves nature like nobody else, even going so far to rarely wear a lot of clothing. She also sometimes wanders around home completely nude.

  • Occasionally questions why she should wear clothes and has no sense of privacy. She is a formidable fighter and is not embarrassed easily.

    She is probably the only comic character to be shown watching TV in the nude.

  • A little of a weird one. Shulkie sometimes doesn't care about being nude in front of others, but only if they are friends.

  • Completely unpredictable. Sometimes is fine with being nude, other times she is not.

  • An alternate universe version of Tesla Strong from a universe where nudity is the norm.

  • When not in human form, Lodestone will be naked.

  • Often swims in the nude. Doesn't have a problem with nudity or being seen nude, unless it's Grunge being immature, again.