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My Favourite Female Characters

My favourite female characters in no particular order. There is no limit to the list, so I may add to it, but as for now, these deserve to be spoken about.

List items

  • A formidable fighter, and probably the only one who could replace Logan, and so she did. She's also one of the few to beat Taskmaster, and that is not an easy task (slight pun).

  • A tough, strong, independent warrior who could give any challenger a run for their money. She's rarely beaten in battle and never backs down a challenge.

  • A fearless and wise leader. She is capable of taking care of not only herself, but of those she must protect. Despite having immense power, she has not gone power mad and carried out her own agenda, but she is strong willed and will fight for what's right.

  • Despite being a princess, she is more than a capable warrior, often helping her husband out in his adventures. She is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and is a generally well-behaved woman who tends to know right from wrong. She is also loyal to her husband and her people, protecting them in anyway she deems necessary.

    Personally one of my favourites as she is not an overly sexualised character, and despite being a damsel in distress in some cases, she can take care of herself, which isn't done as much as it should.

  • Not a well known character, and actually rather a recent creation, but I like the character. She is determined to do the right thing, and single handedly stopped Kite-Man, Colonel Blimp and Captain Stingaree (who were probably easy to defeat though). Despite suffering a mental breakdown after her brothers' death, she is still a somewhat strong character, and not just physically, because her strong will is seemingly everlasting.

  • She can be both a fierce predator and a caring mother at the same time, but mostly the former. One of the West Coast Avengers who has seemingly slip through the cracks and isn't as popular as she once was, but she is still a great character, and is certainly a great leader of any team she's a part of.

  • She can beat Spider-Man in a fight and you know it!

    Despite being raised by HYDRA, she now has a somewhat decent sense of right and wrong and her skills aren't just limited to combat, but she has proven to be quite the detective.