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A Discussion About Nudity and Sex on Comic Vine

Something I've noticed a lot (not just on Comic Vine), is that people can't tell the difference between nudity, and sex. The thing is, they aren't remotely the same. Anyway, I have noticed that people have said that nudity isn't allowed on Comic Vine because children might view it, but the fact is, it doesn't matter if children view nudity, because it has more positive effects on them as according to science.

Sex however, I have seen a lot of explicit imagery on Comic Vine (mainly related to The Boys or Jungle Fantasy), and that would most certainly would have negative effects on children, and adults.

Sex and nudity are different. For example, someone bathing is not deemed as sexual. Also, I think Comic Vine should allow images which contain non-sexual nudity (an image where a character is naked, but in an everyday situation not associated with sex).

I also think we should probably not use Western standards, bearing in mind that Britain and the US seem to be the only countries which can't differentiate between nudity and sex. I mean, we need to consider that most African, European and South American countries are fine with nudity, and see as natural (which it is). Plus, Comic Vine is meant to be global, so holding it to Western ideals seems stupid in my opinion.

I know, I know, you probably disagree. But think of it this way. Nudity causes more positive and less negative effects on people than blood/gore, profanity, sexual content and violence. So if violence and gore are allowed, then nudity should certainly be allowed.

To recap, there is nothing wrong with nudity, nudity does not equal sex, and someone should probably remove the sexually explicit content from the site.

Sincerely, J.