Complete Monsters

A rather controversial topic, the complete monster is a villain with no good qualities (or legit ones anyway), above average heinousness, and is irredeemable. Here's who I think qualifies.

List items

  • Do I really have to explain this one?!

  • In the child timeline, where his good traits from WW don't exist. Based on what Hyrule is like under his rule, we know he ain't pretty.


  • basically the new Tarkin so far.

  • in the Guardians movie

  • in Iron Man 3

  • steals all the magic from all the ponies, leaving them helpless to help the land prosper. Also betrays Discord and steals his magic, threatened to kill Twilight's friends, and planned on using all that magic for random destruction

  • Now, when first met you'd be forgiven for thinking he's a well-intentioned extremist. But subsequent appearances show he's anything but. After falling out with Cound Dooku him and his Death Watch take over a village full of innocent people and take all of it's women for themselves (which has a dark implication on it's own). Then, when the village leaders demand that their women be returned to them Pre-Vizsla seems to agree...only to then personally murder the village leader's teenage daughter right in front of him and then order his men to torch the whole village. Why does he do this? Because he doesn't believe in letting "weaker" people tell him what to do. Later, when pursuing an alliance with the Dathomir Brothers (Maul and Savage) he plans to betray them (which is considered disgraceful in Mandalorian culture, thus making him a hypocrite), and is fine with a plan that endangers the lives of Mandalorian citizens in the name of making himself look like a hero and a savior, and before that ordered terrorist actions that endangered and ended civilian lives. To further show that he does not care about his own people, his ultimate goal is to get Mandalore into the Clone Wars, which would cost the lives of countless Mandalorians. And in case you were thinking he maybe cared about his men, he casually shoots one in the face for failing him in his first appearance, and when Darth Maul force-chokes Bo-Katan he has no problem letting it happen, if anything being impressed by Maul's viciousness. All in all, he's a bad dude, and you really don't feel bad for him when Darth Maul decapitates him.

    Credit for this entry goes to shroudofsorrow.

  • wants to wipe out all life on Termina for fun

  • murdered Samus's parents when she was a toddler (and then tried to off her too!) And later worked to commit genocide on the Chozo

  • in the anime

  • in Mystery Dungeon

  • What kind of person would take in an orphan child that he allegedly found living in the woods among wild Pokémon, treat him with neglect, emotional manipulation, and mental abuse, and let him be raised in confinement from the outside world alongside Pokémon that he'd had his minions abuse just so the child could be a pawn in his plan to take over the world? Ghetsis would, and he did. And he tries to kill you. And rejected redemption.

  • in Sonic SatAM

  • the Kid Icarus version

  • tried to kill her stepdaughter just for being better looking than her, and relished the idea of her being buried alive

  • the original version, as well as Sykes, the Disney version

  • and don't try to save him with that mother promise!

  • say it with me: I AM THE DEVIL!

  • in the X series

  • most, anyway