Keep Buying Monthly Comics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do get very selective in tough economic times (whether globaly or personally). I pick up books that I have complete series of and any that I just enjoy reading. What hurts me is seeing posts where people have gone the trade route, instead of the monthly route. This hurts the industry....there are great books out there that don't survive because people are waiting on the trades. I am speaking mainly of small press and Vertigo titles. Trades are a great way to catch up on a series....The other day my friend read my first 6 ssues of Fables, he wanted them bad. Now he can sign up for a subscription to the book monthly and pick up all of the trades to complete his collection without breaking the bank on back issues. Trades are also a great way to try a series, but trades will eventually make the monthlys go the way of the dodo if enough people stop buying the monthly comics.

My pull list as of right now (after cutting the fat)

House of Mystery
Madame Xanadu
Jack of Fables
The Unwritten (when it starts)
Detective Comics
All related and new Bat-Books that will start in June (Gotham City Sirens, Gotham City Streets, Batman and Robin, Red Robin, Batgirl)
The Outsiders
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Flash Rebirth (and eventually the next Flash series)
The Warlord (when it starts)
The Muppet Show

This is around $60-65 dollars before tax give or take a few dollars because of mini-series. I used to spend double, so I have cut back and left room for new series, but my limit is $100 a month.

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What's on your pull list?

I was wondering what is on everyone's pull list right now, at least the top 10 on their pull list. Mine is DC heavy, but does have a few Marvel Comics on there. Well anywho here it is:
Batman                                             Detective Comics
Action Comics                                 Superman
Supergirl                                           Green Lantern
Wonder Woman                              Warlord (coming soon)
House of Mystery                             Madame Xanadu
New Avengers                                  Ms. Marvel
Wonderful Wizard of Oz                  Muppet Show (both of these for the kids)
All of the new Bat-titles coming out in the wake of Battle for the Cowl.

There's mine.  What about yours?

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Favorite Comics Right Now

I would have to go with two Vertigo titles. I read a lot of comics and keep up with all of the superhero fare, but these two Vertigo books are the most consistent of what I collect and they go to the top of the read pile when new comic day arrives.

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Issue Numbering

I am coming at this from a totally different angle. I run a comics store and I wish they would just have one series. There are series that have stopped and started so many times that we are on volume six or so. I think if they cancel a title and want to relaunch it they just bring it back with the same numbering as before. I do no consider this cheating to gain more issues, it makes it easier on the fans to buy back issues because they are looking for one series of one book, it makes it great on shops to make their back issue bins more organized and easier to sort through.

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