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@risingbean: Well to be honest, YOU enlisted, meaning YOU knew what you were getting yourself into. I don't plan on having a family of my own for a while, I'm 21 years old. Sure you've had close encounters with death, and I'm aware that when I get deployed I may die, but its really no different when you wake up every morning. I know what I'm going to sign up for, I couldn't care less about missing some blockbuster movies. I might even miss The Justice League, miss my favourite Halo reclaimer trilogy, but the military is a decision of a life time. Either if you serve 1 year or 10 years.

This guy is 19 years old, he doesn't (shouldn't) have a family of his own. You were an infantryman, that doesn't equate to being a cop. If you want to be a cop you should have applied for the military police position. You could have been a close protection agent. Serving with the defence force will always look impressive on your resume if you're in the right field. You can't be a MP in the army and try and get a job as a doctor in the civil world. I'm not blindly leading this guy. Like I've mentioned before, I've been through enough sessions and interviews to know what I'm signing up for. I've spoken with recruiters to officers. I'm enlisting and I want to be knowledgeable so I know just as much as you.

Silkballfro94... while I don't think I have to point it out, I'm going to anyway... Think about the difference between the positions monsterstomp and risingbean is in. Monsterstomp is saying "you know what you were getting your self into" and "going to sign up for" and "when i am deployed"... Risingbean has been there, done that. The first thing is proved wrong by the fact that their opinions are so different. Monsterstomp, just like you, does not know what you are getting into. Risingbean does. Monsterstomp, just like you, hasn't signed up yet. Risingbean has already served. Monsterstomp thinks he knows what it is going to be like when is deployed...and thinks he is going to be deployed and has no doubts about whether he even makes the cut. Risingbean, was deployed, knows what it's like to be deployed, and has made the cut.

You would be an idiot to listen to someone like Monsterstomp over Risingbean, not only due to experience difference in the pertinent area, but in his attitude towards it in general. He has the personality of that guy you see in all those movies that thinks he's the shit, but when it's game time he wets himself and huddles up in a corner, or gets shot in the head and never sees home again. I would never take life advice from that guy.

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@silkyballfro94 said:

@durakken: dude but women are not treated equally in the first place over there. They can't do anything over there.

That's more or less a lie. It's our (the west's) interference that is largely responsible for the regressive nature of some law that they are passing now, like women can't go to school... news flash, if they're passing it NOW, it wasn't that way before. Well then why didn't women go to school, the same reason why they "didn't go to school" in the west. It's not a matter of going to school or not going to school. it's a matter of practicality and using your resources appropriately. We're blinded by our modern situation and our technology that we don't realize that it is utterly a waste of time for women to be "educated" when education has been directed towards things that you need to know if you are going to do this is or that job that are naturally uninteresting to women or that women could do but no civ at that level is stupid enough to have them do and further the house still needs someone to look after it.

You have to understand that we live in different eras and those different eras require different things. We sit here in our cozy clean homes and clean clothes and fast food and all that and don't realize the reason that women can go get a job outside of the home is because it no longer takes a DAY to clean clothes. It takes 10 minutes to gather up drop in a machine add powder and press a button. It doesn't take an 3 or 4 hours to cook. It takes 1-5 minutes to order something or maybe an hour. It doesn't take several hours to clean a house, the vacuum and dustbuster and all those other tools make it so much quicker.

It's a completely different world we find ourselves in because of the technology we have. So how does this tie into abuse and equality?

You've been brainwashed to think of housework as menial and beneath a person. That's because noone actually DOES housework any more in our culture. Our technology takes care of it mostly for us. House work and raising kids in their world is actually a full time job because they don't have our tech and or the public school system. Without this housework the "real work" doesn't get done and if the "real work" doesn't get done then the house doesn't exist. It's an equal partnership.

What abuse? Again, like in western culture and as pointed out, abuse isn't allowed... at least what they would consider abuse... of women by men. You do that you will get the crap kicked out of you. It's not just wives or daughters or women of their culture or "abuse" it's disrespect of a woman...any woman that will get you messed up.(That's not a good thing by the way. It shows that men and women are different classes and women are higher) So why can a man hit a woman in these cultures? To explain that you have to understand the system...

If a woman does wrong...who's responsible? Her husband, father, or even son. She commits a crime he is punished. She might be punished as well, but he is definitely getting punished. What these people are calling abuse is actually disciplining a woman/children. What law is outlawing is something that to them doesn't happen and has always been a "law". Is this right? No absolutely not, but this law doesn't change anything except pushes more of the feminist crap and western influence that is messing up the world as it is. The intention of these laws is to pretty much push more of the same female supremacy stuff on people and don't realize in the system when you look at it as a whole there are reasons why this or that is like they are and it's actually fairly equal when you do that. It is not ideal, but what this law does isn't promote equality nor does it change anything but a stepping stone to muddy the waters with the word abuse, and since it leaves out abuse of men and it is shown that abuse is bi-directional most times, it leaves men open to abuse.

From the OP

In April this year, the King Khalid Foundation launched a campaign in Saudi Arabia to raise awareness about violence against women. The campaign's main poster features a woman in veil with bruising around one eye.

When ever you see this crap, ask yourself, isn't violence always bad? So then why are you only saying violence against women is bad? Likewise, it is likely the case, that just like in the western world men suffer more than 50%, I think up near 75 to 80% of all violence, and yet on this poster they use a woman... just like on EVERY victim poster, commercial. Men are always shown as the bad guy. Women are always shown as the victim. It's always "Violence against women is bad" "Haha look at how that guy got beat up he probably deserved it."

While I don't agree with the system in general how it is, what the west is influencing them to do is no better, in fact it is worse. The system they have works and is more or less necessary for where they are. The system being forced on them will tear their culture apart as it is ours. These things seem progressive but without our technology it is not sustainable for them to do this stuff for very long. We've only had to deal with it for close to 50 to 100 years and it's pretty much crashed our world and has sent us reeling more than 200 years in actual human rights and is pretty much collapsing and destroying our world in the literal sense.

Watch the following videos, one after the other. Think about it. Think about how things are phrased in the OP

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Killing obviously

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*sigh* Sorry to break this to you but this is an idiotic law that, we westerners think is good only because we're uneducated about the way things actually work.

Abuse, while "legal" is only such because there isn't a reason to make it illegal.

If a man abuses a woman, and trust me there are different standards of abuse especially with the fuzzy language that abuse has actually become, and other men knew about it, even remotely... that man would be beat the crap out of by a gang of men, without evidence. The same is not true for the reverse by the way and still isn't according to this reporting. Only women, children, and domestic workers. Fuck men. Again. You only need that language when you are being sexist to exclude people. Notice who's excluded? So you need to stop saying it's a human rights thing or you treat all people men and women as humans.

If the man who abused the woman isn't known then there obviously can't be any action taken against the criminal, So the law doesn't actually help anyone because the culture can say something is or is not abuse... People now think spanking is abuse, before they didn't, for example... On the flip side if a woman has injuries she can still legally claim any man do it, get him in trouble with the law now, and have him beat to crap.

You think this is a great leap forward for human rights, but all i see is more female supremacy brought on by feminism using the label but any one should be able to see "Oh abuse is only illegal if it's done to everyone other than men" ie... They're saying it's legal to abuse men.

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@waezi2 said:

@durakken: You mean there partnership as crime-fighters, right? ... Right?... :O

@xwraith: Indeed.

Or Father and Son

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Batman & Robin

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@gor724 said:

Yes, cut it loose and start fresh with a reboot. It needs a reboot bad, half the characters are either dead or sociopaths. I like the sociopath thing, but other people don't. And I can't stand that half the characters are dead. It would also bring in more new readers, which is always a good thing.

The whole point of the Ultimate Universe, that makes it not crap is that the "status Quo" doesn't really exist and it continues progressing and evolving without reboot or status quo.

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@jonny_anonymous said:

@crashbang: the purpose is that pepole read the books so if you cut them off then youv lost readers

I am not a pepole!

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Some people do. Others eat both the same...

There are 5 Arthrapoda types...3 most would consider "insects" colloquially even though they aren't really... 2 aren't, because 1 is extinct and the other they eat lol

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