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@willpayton said:

No, I'm pretty sure it's just a normal block of wood. It's exactly what it seems to be. The bullet shoots up into the block and stops inside. All of the kinetic energy of the bullet is transferred to the block (with some going off as sound).

I'm curious to see if other people reply with their opinions before I give my take on it. But, there's a good explanation why both cases behave like they do, and both blocks go up to the same height.

I'm saying there is "something" off... not so much that it is the block of wood.

The spin explains why it went straight up, but I don't see how they got a block of wood to spin like that... It has to go fast enough to continue the spin but not enough to keep over coming gravity. And I'd think with that speed is too low to launch the block as high as it went. I'd say 2 to 3 times greater than what i'd think. But I dunno. Maybe it's the combination of several elements together that gives an unexpected results.

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That's an unfortunate positioning of Batman's hand in the very last panel

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@xlr87t3 said:

@durakken: You don't know what an Atronach is?! Why, I don't know what to say...http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Atronach

>.> I has picture of them

@xlr87t3 said:

@durakken: Also, how is the armor issue? If I'm wearing Daedric Armor and you hit me with an iron axe, will I get hurt? And how do you do alchemy or enchanting if you don't have a house?

There is something about Daedric something or other in the lore stuff no idea what it's about

The voice accents are what you would expect of the races I'd imagine... they do have racial accents

I'm pretty sure the areas you guys asked about is well outside of what i can get to

The tutorial island takes about 2 hours to do >.>

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@willpayton: I don't think that's the case that they should go up the same height.

The block shouldn't rotate. The bullet is travelling upward at speed fast enough to lift the block straight up. For the block to start spinning it means that the bullet's upward momentum has been somehow converted to downward movement.

What we should see is the block's trajectory rotate a small bit going off to the side, not spin. Just imagine what is happening to the bullet, ignore the block. The bullet has enough force to penetrate the block, but then it stops. That's weird in itself for what appears to be a block of wood. The bullet itself should travel a straight path in the block of would though. That means that in the center aimed block you would say a perpendicular hole to the entry surface where as in the off center one you should see a hole slanted toward the nearest parallel surface to if the bullet was travelling straight ^.^ And while the bullet should travel mostly straight, if the bullet were to keep going it should exit at an angle to the left, from our viewpoint, of the gun

But that's not what happens. The bullet goes in and then travels in a circle while the block itself goes straight up.

There is something fishy going on imo. A Rifle bullet should easily go through that block of wood from a distance, let alone point blank like that. The person was very confident it wouldn't. There is something we are missing about the experiment and it's not the "physics" imo. I would guess that would might be dealing with something like a modified bb gun or something like that where the shot is just strong enough to enter but not enough to exit, but the shot keeps it going up, and that perhaps the muzzle blast causes it to spin.

If this is the case then the round should still do what what I said, but not quite as extreme and it would explain why the bullet doesn't exit...It would then also explain the spin and why we see it go straight up rather than to the side...A bullet would make it arc, but a spin keeps it from arcing and thus all the force of the round continues to go forward...and the reason there isn't any spin on the first shot is the force of the blast is equally distributed and doesn't really do much.

That would be my best guess... wonkey materials and taking into account the muzzle flash.

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@ramsillustrations: looks better than my first attempt at messing with stuff in Maya

@armiv2: I know it looks like a lot but, as I said, it's not really a rush thing, and a lot of it should be modular so should be far easier, as specially as time goes on. For example, a mech might consist of head, torso, legs, upper arms, lower arms, upper legs, lower legs, and control pod... and that sounds like a lot of work, but hypothetically you take a few overall designs, break them down into those parts and then you have however starting designs to the power of 7 so if you have 3 for example you really have 3x3x3x3x3x3x3. And again... Everything is not "immediate" While I want customization of clothes, we start with non-customizable and later switch to customizable due to the episodic nature of what I want to do.

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PS3 and and the PSVita are now $200 each at Gamestop

WiiU has had a $50 price reduction as of September 20th

2DS is coming out at a much cheaper price than the 3DS. It's a 3DS XL that has had the 3D components scrapped and the clamshell design tossed out. IT still plays 3DS and DS games though...just not in 3D >.>

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So the question is, why do the two blocks go up the same height even though one is spinning?

I already answered that. The reason we don't see much of a difference or any at all is because the scale.

But the answer stems from the question... If the energy of the bullet is going up how is it turned to go down and then back up again.

Assuming you have a force going up enough to beat gravity for a short while why is it that the bullet's energy can be completely stopped and rotated back down only to be rotated back up again. The question for me lies not in the why it gets to the same height but why is the block, with the bullet spinning.

That being the case that the bullet is already acting funny means that there is something funny going on to begin with and anything that we imagine is going to be wrong unless you can answer what is stopping the bullet and get that reaction, let alone why they go the same height. Why they go the same height should be answered by that question. Since I don't know what would stop that bullet i could possibly answer the question lol, nor could anyone else less they know enough about the materials involved or had a good guess about them.

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@xlr87t3: What armor issue? Daedric armor, by that I would guess you mean armor that is magiced in some way? I haven't come across it yet. Haven't come across crafting yet either... I'll look for it, during the stress test I was just running to complete all the stuff in the first area... takes about 2-3 hours to do.

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@pooty: I dunno...probably. I had just woke up lol

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@armiv2 said:

@durakken: And you'd want me to be doing some models for the characters and the ships/objects or just the characters?

All the stuff that isn't nailed down (characters, weapons, outfits, ships...internal and external) in the world pretty much. I'm not in a rush, in fact this is meant to be released slowly with only a few hours of content released each week over a long period of time... like a tv series.

As to the ship design...as I mentioned the "station/city" is a colony ship. So that would be both one of the nailed down things as well as not. If you'd like to design that as well it'd be great (since the ships would also have the same design schema) Or if you know someone that would work with us that that is interested in level design would be great to. If not, until I can figure something out can always work with basic stuff...

Levels like that aren't generally one model to begin with. The problem is that I suck at mapping things realistically as I don't get out much and so don't have a good sense of where things go, no matter what the setting is ^.^ Basically I want to have maps where if you can go in a ship and there is no reason why it's locked off you should be able to go there... which is a lot of copy paste for some things, but that's what I want. A lot of the ships and cities will be more or less reused, but modified a little, anyways as the game expands since the civilization building these things is pretty much manufacturing to the max which means a lot of interchangeable parts so you can quick fix or quick build things...

In that scenario above...here's the things that need modeled...

  1. Protag 1
  2. Protag 1 Personal Humanoid Computer
  3. Protag 2
  4. Protag 3
  5. Starter ship Internal
  6. Starter ship external
  7. Protag 2's mecha
  8. Drone
  9. Enemy Ship external
  10. Space Station elevator external
  11. part of the space Station elevator internal
  12. Doctor

That's the basics... The Protags should all have customizable clothes (meaning they should be naked and then clothes and weapons are a different model) and mechs should all be customizable too. The Space Elevator would be much better if it was fully designed, and modeled... which includes hospital beds and such. NPCs that walk around the station.

I don't know how fast you or anyone could do this... I know it sounds like a lot of work. Especially with me saying multiple planets and having realistic cities... I've also been quick to point out re-using things because there should be a lot of reusing of elements. A city may be a lot of work but 2 that use basically the same layout with slight difference is not twice the work, if you get what I'm saying...

I think you'd be able to handle it in terms of being able to do it. I'm not so much sure on the time issue art school stuff can be a pain and I know modeling can take a long time depending on your competency and what is being asked. The style I think that would suit what I am thinking of best is a simpler one, like I said, more anime like, which may mean less time than you're thinking, but again I don't know. I won't hold it against you if you decline and/or think I'm nuts lol ^.^

I hope I answered your question...not sure...