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Wtf are you babbling about? 
DCUO has not been pushed back repeatedly. 
1st Quarter (Winter 2011) = October - December... You know November, like when they said it was coming out. .. THE ONLY DATE THEY EVER GAVE. At worst it's a month later.
 The game is DC "Universe" online. Not "Play as Batman Online" I love Batman, but I don't want to play an MMO where everyone is Batman and anyone who does is an idiot. Same thing with anyone wanting to play any non-custom character in any MMO.
If we're going to say that it's similar to another MMO then it's not worth then most of the games that are considered the best games ever should never have been made. Chrono Trigger is just Final Fantasy 1 after all and WoW is EverQuest which is just Ultima which is just a MUD.  
It sounds like to me you are just poopooing the title, not only without reason, but rather you are straight up making shit up that isn't factual. 
Oh, and saying the trailer has nothing to do with the game. IT'S THE BACK STORY. You are a comic fan apparently and don't have an appreciation of story? It's no wonder why we have things like OMiT with fans like you v.v